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    Members must indicate at this stage any items on the agenda in which they must declare an interest.  Members must verbally give notice of their interest at the meeting and complete the form attached with this agenda. 


    Members are also advised to take advice with regard to any matter where there is potential bias or predetermination in any business to be considered at the meeting and whether they should take part in decision making at the meeting.


    Members are reminded that, in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and the Council's adopted Code of Conduct, they must declare the nature of any discloseable pecuniary interest; personal interest and/or prejudicial interest required of them and, in the case of any discloseable pecuniary interest or prejudicial interest, withdraw from the meeting during consideration of the item, unless permitted otherwise within the Code of Conduct.

    Additional documents:


    Further to the Council’s Code of Conduct, Councillor Holly declared a personal and prejudicial interest in respect of the item considered at minute 79, below (Rochdale Township – Section 106 Agreements), as his spouse had applied to be an allotment holder at one of the sites which was detailed in the submitted report. He left the room during the consideration of this matter.


Greater Manchester Police - Update


    Sergeant Clewson (Greater Manchester Police) and M. Reynolds (RMBC – Community Safety) updated the Township Committee on activities and initiatives that were currently being pursued and prioritised by Greater Manchester Police in the Rochdale Township Division. In particular their update focused on burglaries, anti-social behaviour and the policing of Rochdale town centre community events.


    DECIDED – That the report be noted and welcomed.


Open Forum

    Half an hour has been set aside for members of the public to raise any issues relevant to the business of the Committee and the Township.





    The following issues were raised in the Committee’s Open Forum session:


    a.    Kingsway Parking Issues

    The Committee considered a question from Mr Clayton asking if the Council could look into the problem of parking on Kingsway between Moss Avenue and the Kingsway Nissan Garage. A petition in this regard was also submitted. The Highways officer advised that yellow lines could be painted at this site, but would be subject to an application for the appropriate funds from the Rochdale Township Action and Resources Committee.


    b.    Rochdale Environmental Action Group (REAG)

    The Committee considered a question from Mr. Ghulam Rasul Shahzad and Ms. Christine Matthewson on behalf of REAG asking what actions and plans were in place, during 2015, to improve the environment including enforcement in the Milkstone and Deeplish Area. The Director of Economy and Environment advised that the Council’s Environmental Management teams would continue their proactive Borough-wide approach to improving environmental quality in Milkstone and Deeplish, and throughout the Borough. Members of the Committee expressed their gratitude at the work that members of REAG did for the community.


    c.    Township Plan Update

    The Township Committee considered a question from Mrs. Andrews who asked if, in compilation of the Township Plan (agenda item 11), Members and officers had taken note of the imminent temporary closure of Rochdale market.


Presentation - River Roch Reopening

    Director of Economy and Environment to present.


    The Township Committee received a presentation from officers of the Directorate of Economy and Environment and the Environment Agency regarding proposals to develop the River Roch as it flows through Rochdale town centre. The Council had formed a partnership with the Environment Agency, and were planning to re-open the river to reveal an historic medieval masonry bridge and to restore the river’s natural habitat.


    The Physical project involved the removal of three sections of a culvert to reveal the River Roch and the historic bridge dating back to the 13th Century. The Ecological project would see the introduction of river plants to support natural ecological and biodiversity development, including the creation of the River Roch wildlife corridor. In terms of community engagement a programme of activities to create opportunities for local people to get involved in this project would happen including writing workshops, school workshops, heritage trails. A Contractor and consultant would then be appointed to take the project to a RIBA D stage (Developed Design) including proposals for structural design, service systems, site landscape, outline specifications, cost plan and project strategies.


    The aims of the project were to: enhance the town centre; enrich the town’s distinctiveness and increase a sense of pride in place and sense of identity; to reinstate the setting of historic buildings alongside the river; to allow for attractive views to the river and the historic bridge once more; to provide Rochdale with a unique selling point to entice visitors, business and inward investment; and to provide a program of complimentary activities for adults, youth groups and schools.


    The Committee discussed the presentation in detail and enthusiastically supported the proposals to develop this part of the town centre.


    DECIDED – That the presentation be noted and welcomed.


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    To consider the minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 5th November 2014.


    DECIDED – That the Minutes of the meeting of Rochdale Township Committee held on 5th November 2014 be approved as a correct record, subject to references to “Mrs Coates” at Minute 51(c) being amended to “Mr Coates”.


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Investment Estate Rationalisation - Shop Assets pdf icon PDF 494 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Township Committee considered a report of the Director of Economy and Environment Services that sought Members approval in relation to the recommendations for the Council’s remaining shop assets, insofar as they related to the shops located in the Rochdale Township.


    The Committee were informed that the Council’s Asset Strategy sets out the objectives for the Council’s portfolio for the next three years which were split into a number of Work-streams. Work-stream 14 of the Asset Strategy related to the Council’s Investment Portfolio and the Investment Portfolio Rationalisation. The Investment Portfolio comprises assets held for the primary objective of income generation. The assets include industrial estates, shops, minor tenancies (garages, gardens and grazing), general leased-out properties, ground leases, farms and miscellaneous land. In accordance with the Asset Strategy the Investment Portfolio was being reviewed with the aim of improving the overall rental return against the costs of management.


    The Investment Portfolio, insofar as it related to Rochdale Township contained one shop, which was detailed on the map at Appendix to the submitted report, namely: 20 St Mary’s Gate, Rochdale


    The report described 20 St Mary’s Gate as a traditional retail property located on the edge of the main shopping area of Rochdale town centre in the Milkstone and Deeplish Ward. It had a fully glazed shop front and extends over three floors plus a basement. 20 St Mary’s Gate was in a poor condition and had been vacant since the previous tenant had ceased to trade and terminated the tenancy a number of years ago. However, more recently 20 St Mary’s Gate has been let to a community based organisation. They were in the process of undertaking substantial repairs to the premises, at their own expense, with a view to opening a restaurant/training centre. Whilst a rent free period has been given to reflect the works that the tenant is carrying out to the property, at the end of the rent free period the tenant will be charged a market rent.


    DECIDED - That 20 St Mary’s Gate, Rochdale be retained by the Council as part of the Investment Portfolio.

    Eligible for Call-in: No.



Non-Regulated Council Car Parks - Rochdale pdf icon PDF 485 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Township Committee considered a report of the Director of Economy and Environment which provided additional information in respect of the Council’s free public car parks being devolved to the Township Committees.


    There were 35 non-regulated surface car parks in the Rochdale Township, all of varying sizes. The general maintenance of the car parks consists of pothole repairs, litter sweeps and tree pruning. Responsive action is also required in respect of fly tipping, abandoned vehicles, and accident claims


    Members were advised that the finance available for car parks across the Borough had been cut from £77,000 in 2013/2014 to £49,000 in 2014/2015.


    DECIDED – that the report be noted.

    Eligible for Call-in: No.


Sites of Biological Importance (SBIs) - update pdf icon PDF 809 KB


    The Township Committee considered a report of the Director of Economy and Environment which informed Members of proposed changes to sites of Biological Importance (SBIs), arising from the 2013 SBI review carried out by the Greater Manchester Ecology Unit (GMEU).


    Members were informed that the changes would affect Sudden Brook (West) - this site has lost a small area, less than 0.1 hectare due to development; Meadowcroft Woods SBI; and the Autumn Crocus Site, Birtle, Heywood (within the Rochdale and Heywood Townships). The report detailed a proposal to upgrade this SBI, in line with the SBI selection criteria, from grade B to grade A. The Committee were advised that this was because the majority of the wood had been identified as Ancient Woodland in the Provisional Inventory of Ancient Woodland (Natural England 2013 and that the site had also changed very slightly in area (-0.1 ha) due to the extension of gardens and factory grounds in to the SBI.


    Members were requested to approve and/or note (as relevant) the changes and the consequent update of the local SBI register for planning purposes.


    DECIDED – that (1) the report be noted;

    (2) the relevant changes/proposals to SBI’s as they relate to the Rochdale Township, as detailed within the submitted report be approved.

    Eligible for call in – yes.


Rochdale Township s.106 pdf icon PDF 494 KB


    The Township Committee considered a report of the Director of Economy and Environment Services that set out the amount of section106 public open space monies accrued within Rochdale Township as of 30th November 2014; and which sought approval for the allocation of funds from the relevant section106 receipts to fund open space improvements in Castleton, Healey and Milkstone & Deeplish Wards.


    The recommendations in the report were presented as issues relating to the setting up of procedures to monitor income and spend from planning agreement had been presented to different Council Committees since 2009. There had been broad support from Members for improvements and greater transparency to be introduced to this process with the intention being that Township Committees would be asked to determine any funding allocation, in accordance with the terms of any legal agreements and/or relevant planning policies and to align the use of any monies with Township priorities. Rochdale Township Members have previously requested that all section106 open space funded schemes be approved by the Township Committee via a report to the appropriate meeting.


    DECIDED - That (1) the Committee approves an allocation of £3,264 to improvements at Castleton Station, to contribute to the cost of site clearance and laying out of car parking spaces;

           (2)The Committee approves an allocation of up to £23,800 to allow the following project in the Healey Ward to be funded: Healey Dell River Erosion Improvements, Tulip Grove Open Space, Wildflower Meadow and Orchard, Allotments and Cronkeyshaw Common;

                (3) the Committee approves an allocation of £40,541 to allow the following projects in the Milkstone and Deeplish Ward to proceed: Pioneer Park Play Area, Hare Street Play Area and Sparth Community Centre.

    Eligible for Call-in: Yes.


Townships Plan Update 2014/15 pdf icon PDF 473 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Committee considered a report of the Deputy Chief Executive which detailed the progress and achievements, thus far in response to the priorities identified in the Township’s Plan 2014/2015. The Townships Plan 2014/2015 was approved by the Council’s Township Committees in March 2014.


    The Committee were requested to note progress achieved thus far in ensuring that the Township Plan continued to focus on local priorities in line with the Council’s four key priorities – People, Place, Prosperity and Public Service Reform.


    In response to a query from a Member the Committee were advised that appropriate staff were liaising with the Portfolio Holder for Corporate Services and Neighbourhoods regarding the development of the Township’s 2015/2016 Plan.


    DECIDED – That the report be noted.

    Eligible for Call-in: No.