Agenda and minutes

Venue: Training and Conference Suite, First Floor, Number One Riverside, Smith Street, Rochdale, OL16 1XU

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Appointment of Chair of the Rochdale Township Committee 2015/16


Appointment of Vice-Chair of the Rochdale Township Committee 2015/16


Declarations of Interest pdf icon PDF 32 KB

    Members must indicate at this stage any items on the agenda in which they must declare an interest.  Members must verbally give notice of their interest at the meeting and complete the form attached with this agenda. 


    Members are also advised to take advice with regard to any matter where there is potential bias or predetermination in any business to be considered at the meeting and whether they should take part in decision making at the meeting.


    Members are reminded that, in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and the Council's adopted Code of Conduct, they must declare the nature of any discloseable pecuniary interest; personal interest and/or prejudicial interest required of them and, in the case of any discloseable pecuniary interest or prejudicial interest, withdraw from the meeting during consideration of the item, unless permitted otherwise within the Code of Conduct.

    Additional documents:


    Councillor Sheerin declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in agenda item 16 -Disposal of Land at Molesworth Street/Harriet Street, Rochdale.


Greater Manchester Police update


    Sergeant Howarth and Paul Daffern (Greater Manchester Police) and M. Reynolds (RMBC – Community Safety) updated the Township Committee on activities and initiatives that were currently being pursued and prioritised by Greater Manchester Police in the Rochdale Township Division. In particular their update focused on the reasons for increases in reported crime during the quarter and an analysis of the factors behind the increases.


    The Committee was updated on the Township’s crime figures for the fourth quarter 2014/2015. The report highlighted some notable increases in the overall volumes of reported crime, particularly in Central, Kingsway, and Milkstone and Deeplish Wards.


    DECIDED – That the report be noted


Open Forum

    Half an hour has been set aside for members of the public to raise any issues relevant to the business of the Committee and the Township.





    The following matters were raised during the open forum:


    a)    Gracie Fields Statue

    Dr Hauxwell addressed the Committee informing Members that funds had been secured for the commissioning and placing of a statue of Gracie Fields within Rochdale Town Centre.  The Committee welcomed the announcement.


    b)    Speeding issues on Mizzy Road

    Mr Khan addressed the Committee highlighting specific concerns around speeding vehicles and requesting restrictions be put in place particularly around the junction off Heights Lane.


    DECIDED – That the Highways department be requested to investigate traffic and speeding issues around Mizzy Road.


    c)    Former TBA Site

    Mr Coates addressed the Committee requesting information on the TBA site, specifically on what discussions have taken place between the Council and the owners of the TBA site, if Members had attended any meetings and if the Council held a view as to what their desirable use for the site would be.


    The Leader of the Council and Lead Member for Regeneration informed the Committee that he had written to the relevant Secretary of State early in 2015 requesting assistance in surveying the site with a view to establishing the full extent of the asbestos problem on the site.  Having not received a response this was followed up and the department had refused to even meet to discuss the problem.  Following the General Election and the appointment of a new Secretary of State, the Leader would again be writing to seek assistance in finding a solution to what is a national problem rather than solely a Rochdale issue.


    d)    CVS Rochdale

    The Township Committee was addressed by Mr Stewart Dobson (Learning and Development Officer, CVS Rochdale), who introduced himself and provided an overview the work currently being carried out by CVS Rochdale.


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    To consider the minutes of the meeting of the Rochdale Township Committee held on 4th March 2015.


    Further to the minute 83 (a) of the meeting held on 4th March 2015, the Ward should read Bamford Ward rather than Norden as recorded. 


    The Chair indicated the meetings requested in minutes 83 (b) and (c) be arranged prior to the next meeting of the Township Committee.


    DECIDED -   That with the amendment to minute 83 (a), the minutes of the meeting held on 4th March 2015 be approved as a correct record.


Rochdale Township Action & Resources Sub-Committee pdf icon PDF 81 KB


Rochdale Township Planning Sub-Committee pdf icon PDF 58 KB


Partnership House pdf icon PDF 600 KB


    The Committee considered a report of the Director for Economy and Environment recommending the disposal of Partnership House as it was considered to be surplus to operational requirements.  Members were requested to approve the disposal of the site and determine whether this should be by way of a freehold sale, which will probably secure a maximum capital receipt, but will mean Council loss of control, or a long leasehold, which would reduce the amount of capital receipt payable, but would enable the Council to retain an element of control over the use and condition of the premises.


    Alternatives considered: Options for use by Council Services and partner organisations had been explored but considered inappropriate on grounds of costs of the works required to make the property fit for purpose.


    Members of the Committee sought information relating the restrictive covenant on the site and work undertaken to negotiate the release of the covenant prior to disposal of the property.


    DECIDED – That (1) the disposal of Partnership House be approved via a long leasehold subject to continued negotiation for the release of the covenant prior to disposal of the property;

    (2) the Head of Legal & Governance Reform be authorised to advise appropriate Council Services and to prepare the appropriate legal documents and execute such documents on behalf of the Council.


Rochdale Township Delegation Arrangements 2015/16 pdf icon PDF 483 KB


Rochdale Township Committee Appointments 2015/16 pdf icon PDF 501 KB


    The Township Committee considered a report of the Head of Legal and Governance Reform which requested that the Committee make appointments for the 2015/16 Municipal Year, to the appropriate Township Sub-Committees including their Chairs, Vice Chairs and substitute members; the appointment of “lead” opposition spokespersons; and the appointment to various Working Groups and Other Bodies.


    The appointment of Sub-Committees is required to enable the undertaking of delegated functions and the Council’s Constitution requires the Township Committee to appoint Chairs and Vice Chairs of Sub-Committees.


    DECIDED – that (1) the appointments for the 2015/16 Municipal Year be made as detailed below:-


    Rochdale Township Planning Sub-Committee

    Councillor Brosnan – Chair

    Councillor Shakil Ahmed– Vice Chair

    Councillor Iftikar Ahmed

    Councillor Rashid

    Councillor Linden

    Councillor Sheerin

    Councillor James Gartside

    Councillor Wazir

    Councillor Duckworth


    Substitutes: Councillors O’Neill, Zaheer, Ali Ahmed, Sullivan


    Rochdale Township Action and Resources Sub-Committee

    Councillor Shakil Ahmed (Chair)

    Councillor Sheerin (Vice Chair)

    Councillor Nickson

    Councillor Cecil Biant

    Councillor Sultan Ali

    Councillor Heakin

    Councillor Zaman

    Councillor Jane Gartside

    Councillor Sullivan


    Substitutes: Councillors O’Neill, Winkler, Zaheer, Rashid


    Opposition spokesperson: Councillor Sullivan


    Clean and Green Priority Group

    Councillor Zaheer (Chair)

    Councillor Nickson (Vice Chair)

    Councillor Heakin

    Councillor Brosnan

    Councillor Hornby

    Councillor Cecil Biant

    Councillor Ali Ahmed

    Councillor Duckworth

    Councillor Winkler


    Substitutes: Councillors Shakil Ahmed, Zaman, Meredith and Holly


    Communities and Engagement Priority Group

    Councillor Wazir (Chair)

    Councillor Rashid (Vice Chair)

    Councillor Zaheer

    Councillor Meredith

    Councillor Daalat Ali

    Councillor Cecil Biant

    Councillor Ali Ahmed

    Councillor James Gartside

    Councillor Jane Gartside


    Substitutes: Councillors Linden, Shakil Ahmed, Sheerin, Duckworth


    Regeneration Working Group

    Councillor O’Neill (Chair)

    Councillor Sultan Alil (Vice Chair)

    Councillor Shakil Ahmed

    Councillor Zaman

    Councillor Meredith

    Councillor Sheerin

    Councillor Holly

    Councillor Winkler


    Substitutes: Councillors Zaheer, Hornby, Wazir, Duckworth


    Older Persons Champion – Councillor Sheerin


    (2) any amendments to the appointments be delegated to the Chair and Vice Chair in consultation with Councillor Duckworth.


Rochdale Township Funds 2015/16 pdf icon PDF 476 KB


Crawford Street Footpath-Former Sandfield Renewal Area pdf icon PDF 515 KB


Exclusion of Press and Public

    To consider excluding the press and public from the meeting during consideration of the following item of business in accordance with the provisions of Section 100A (4) of the Local Government Act 1972, as amended.


    DECIDED – That the public be excluded from the meeting during consideration of the following items of business since it is likely, that in view of the nature of the business to be transacted or the nature of the proceedings, that if members of the public were present there would be disclosure to them of exempt information, namely information relating to the business or financial affairs of any person (including the authority holding that information).


Redevelopment of Land at Station Approach


The Committee considered a report of the Director for Economy and Environment updating Members on the progress of redevelopment of land at Station Approach.

DECIDED – That the report be deferred to Cabinet.


Disposal of Land at Molesworth Street/Harriet Street, Rochdale


The Committee considered a report of the Director for Economy and Environment seeking approval for the disposal of land at Molesworth Street/Harriet Street, Rochdale.

DECIDED – That (1) the land is released for disposal;

(2) Legal Services be requested to carry out the legal work in connection     with the disposal;

(3) the Purchaser pays the Council’s legal and surveyor’s costs.