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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


    Introductions were made and all were welcomed to the meeting.  The code of conduct was circulated.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.

    Apologies: Councillor Rashid, Councillor Sheerin, P. Webb, L. Nicholson and S. Whitworth.


Minutes of last meeting/Matters arising/Updates pdf icon PDF 72 KB


    The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

    A one minute’s silence was held in memory of Yvonne Salt, Chair of Castleton Area Forum, who sadly died at the end of last year.

    At the next area forum on Tuesday 22 May 2018, an EGM will be held and a Chair and Vice Chair of the Castleton Area Forum will be appointed.

    Gypsy Lane trees/bushes
    A resident reported overhanging bushes/trees near to the former Woolworth’s Club which were impeding users of the pavement.  The matter was raised with the Council’s Environmental Management Department and a full inspection and cut-back was carried out

    Royle Barn Road litter
    It was reported that there is a high volume of litter along Royle Barn Road.  The matter was raised with the Council’s Environmental Management Department and an inspection and litter pick was carried out

    Chaucer Street grids/gullies
    A resident reported three grids/gullies which need flushing or cleaning out as they are causing flooding.  The matter was raised with the Council’s Highways Maintenance Department.

    Partington Street parking problem
    Discussions arose about the enforcement of cars parked on corners being a police matter and not the Council’s remit.  Councillor Sheerin escalated the matter to PC Farmer (GMP) to see if vehicle owners can be spoken to.


Greater Manchester Police


    An update was provided as follows:

    Type of Crime

    December 2017

    January 2018

    February 2018





    Theft of motor vehicle




    Theft from motor vehicle




    Anti-social Behaviour





    PC Farmer (GMP) attended and advised that crime is spread out all over the ward at present, with no one area being more affected.  She reiterated to all residents to keep windows and doors locked of vehicles and property at all times and to remember to set alarms.  She stated that rear patio doors and windows are still a main target in the early hours and through the night to try and steal predominantly jewellery, cash and vehicles.

    Vehicle crime is a big issue at the moment and there have been several incidents of number plates theft.  GMP are carrying out an initiative to replace plate screws with tamper-proof ones for free for any resident in Castleton – one event was held on 19 February 2018 and more to be announced at Castleton Community Centre during evenings and weekends.  Residents were also urged to place valuables out of sight in vehicles.  Some criminals are now using a decoding device for keyless cars, so the advice is keep car keys central in the house and in a metal box.

    The recent PACT was heavily attended with residents displaying anger on the levels of vehicle crime occurring.  PC Farmer urged for calm and for no resident to undertake any vigilante activities but to let GMP tackle the crime.  She also advised that displaying photos or CCTV footage of alleged offenders on any forms of social media will possibly hinder/delay any pending identification for prosecution with CPS, so be advised against it.

    The speed van will be out and about in Castleton over the next few weeks.  Residents requested placement of the van near the traffic lights in the vicinity of the swimming baths as vehicles were jumping red lights and also in the location of Royle Barn Road.  PC Farmer will report the requests.

    The next PACT meeting will be held on 13 March 2018 at 7pm and the priorities are burglary and vehicle crime.  Residents are always encouraged to attend PACT meetings to report police and crime related issues.  All meetings take place at Castleton Community Centre at 7.00pm to 8.00pm.


Open Forum


    Nixon Street traffic lights issue and Partington Street obstruction
    A resident requested the Council’s Highways Department improve the phasing of the traffic lights at the turning at the junction of Nixon Street as traffic frequently miss the lights.  Another resident raised the matter of an obstruction causing an issue when exiting Partington Street.
    Action: Councillor Hornby stated she would escalate these matters to the Highways Department as she was aware of the issues and she had raised the Partington Street matter several times before.

    Chaucer Street grids/gullies

    A resident previously reported three grids/gullies which needed flushing/cleaning out as they were causing flooding on Chaucer Street.  The matter was not attended to as it was not previously communicated that they were situated to the rear of the properties.  The resident left his contact details to pass on to the Council’s Highways Maintenance Department.
    Action: Issue to be escalated to the Council’s Highways Maintenance Department including the resident’s details.

    Heywood Road street lights
    A conifer tree is hindering the illumination from street lights on Heywood Road, near to the children’s play area/Sackville Street.  D. Lodwig (Public Realm Inspector – Environmental Management) in attendance agreed to visit the site and report this matter.
    Action: D Lodwig to escalate the issue to the Council’s Environmental Management Department.

    Site of the former Co-op

    Neighbouring residents in attendance raised concerns about future planning proposals at the former Co-op site.  A request was made to Councillor Hornby to ‘call in’ the planning application so that Members can insist that hours of construction/working can be specified and also that a S106 agreement can be factored in to ensure the site will be tidied up, neighbouring property side elevations bricked up and the adjacent pavement reinstated.  Councillor Hornby stated she had previously raised concerns with both the Planning Department and Building Control at the Council and Councillor Sheerin is looking into the matter.
    Action: Councillor Hornby to escalate the issue with the Planning Department.

    Castleton Home for the Elderly
    A resident requested an update on this matter from the Council.
    Action: Request update from the Council’s Estates Department.

    Manchester Road junction with Heywood Road parking issue
    It was reported that cars are parking on double yellow lines after 5pm at this location.
    Action: Issue to be escalated to the Council’s Parking Services to address enforcement in this area.

    Cherrington House, Cherrington Drive road condition
    A resident raised concerns about the condition of the road near to Cherrington House on the bend of the road.
    Action: Report issue to the Council’s Highways Maintenance Department

    Chesham Park development plans
    A query raised as to the future development plans for the park.
    Action: Matter to be raised with the Council’s Environmental Management Department

    Stakehill Warehouse
    A query was raised about the Council’s recent purchase of the warehouse situated on Stakehill Industrial Estate to be rented out to acquire revenue.  The question posed was what percentage of these profits made would be ploughed back into the ward of Castleton in which it is  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.




    Castleton EC Residents
    No update.

    Friends of Carnegie Castleton
    No update.

    Friends of Castleton Station/Support the Oldham, Rochdale & Manchester Rail Lines/East Lancs Railway
    No update.

    St. Gabriel’s
    ‘Babes in the Wood’ pantomime was a great success and well attended.

    East Lancs Railway
    No update.

    Rochdale Township in Bloom
    No update.


Any Other Business


    Updates provided by Councillor Hornby

    Health and Safety Executive have not yet given Tetrosyl a license to store all their products.  They have asked for more information from Tetrosyl who are currently operating on a threshold operation which is permitted.

    Kingsland Common
    Dog fouling is a problem on Kingsland Common along with vehicles being driven on the grass in the evening which is churning it up.  Councillors have reported this matter to the Council’s Environmental Health Department.

    Woolworths Social Club
    This club will continue to remain open, catering for all kinds of occasions; birthday parties, christening and funerals, etc.  Residents are urged to use this facility in support.

    Castleton Swimming Pool
    The swimming pool is recommended to all residents.  It is an excellent facility in the village and times of opening are displayed at the baths.

    Cowm Top fly tipping
    Cown Top has become a fly tipping hot spot and the matter has been escalated to the Council’s Environmental Management Department for further action.

    Neighbourhood Forum – Slattocks
    The residents of Slattocks are putting together a Neighbourhood Forum/Plan application to enable them to be consulted on future planning decisions that affect a designated area in which they live.  They are working with the Planning office on this matter at present.

    Speeding signs
    Speeding signs are being designed by pupils at St Edward’s School in an attempt to slow down motorists exceeding the 20mph limit in certain areas in the Castleton ward.

    Ark Royal Avenue
    Celebrations were held on Sunday 25 February 2018 for the street naming and the event was very well attended.

    Councillors’ Surgeries
    Surgeries at 10.30am–11.30am at the following venues:
    First Saturday in month – St Aiden’s Church Hall
    Second Saturday in month – Castleton Community Centre
    Third Saturday in month – Chesham Community Room
    Fourth Saturday in month – Castleton Community Centre


Date and time of next meeting


    Tuesday 22 May 2018 at 7pm

    At the next area forum on Tuesday 22 May 2018, an EGM will be held and a Chair and Vice Chair of the Castleton Area Forum will be appointed.

    Tuesday 4 September 2018 at 7pm
    Tuesday 4 December 2018 at 7pm
    Tuesday 5 March 2019 at 7pm

    Forum is held at Castleton Community Centre.