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Welcome, Introductions and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


    The Chair, John Kennedy welcomed all to the Forum and asked everyone to abide by the Code of Conduct for the duration of the meeting.


    He explained that the regular Chair, Sheila Acton could not attend due to illness. Forum members expressed their best wishes to Sheila.






Greater Manchester Police including PACT meeting


    PC Phillip Jones, PCSO Nicola Bond and PCSO Andy Stewart attended the meeting for this item.


    GMP representatives apologised for not attending the previous area forum meeting. It was explained to the Forum that a replacement PCSO for the area would be in place in the next couple of weeks. Residents were reassured that the Healey Ward is a low demand area, however it was acknowledged that GMP visibility in the area is important.


    It was reported that during the last three months there had been 10 residential burglaries (three on Joy Street), 3 Community burglary’s (all garden sheds), 2 theft’s of motor vehicles and 7 theft’s from motor vehicles.


    In response to concerns raised by residents at the previous area forum meeting the following comments were received:


    -       Uncertainty about the role of Neighbourhood Policing


    It was accepted that the focus on Neighbourhood Policing has lessened in recent months due to officers being diverted to hot spots. Residents were assured all Officers are fighting for Neighbourhood Policing to remain.


    -       Lack of contact numbers for local GMP representatives.


    The following details were given:


    Rochdale Police Station – 0161 856 8549


    PC Phillip Jones –

    PCSO Nicola Bond –

    PCSO Andy Stewart –


    In addition residents were encouraged to contact 999 in an emergency, 101 for non-emergency incidents.


    A number of forum members expressed their dissatisfaction with the 101 service.


    -       Homewatch members had not received a Homewatch newsletter for several months


    It was acknowledged this had now been received.


    Residents raised the following concerns:


    -       A resident asked if GMP had the facilities to upload dash cam images.


    The Forum was informed that at the present time GMP does not have the facilities to upload such images, however efforts were being made to install more upto date IT.



    -       A resident raised concerns about speeding on Shawclough Road.


    It was accepted that speeding is a problem in many areas however it is difficult to increase surveillance unless speeding is reported as a continuous problem and accidents due to speeding have occurred.


    GMP were aware a parking bay, for police vehicles had been installed on Shawclough Road, therefore it will be used by traffic police which may deter some drivers from speeding.


    -       Concerns were raised about bikes on footpaths in the Town Centre.


    GMP were aware of this problem and were attempting to address the issue.


    It was agreed that the PACT priorities over the next three months would be – Speeding, Burglary and anti-social behaviour, primarily drug dealing.





Open Forum - An opportunity for local residents to comment on issues in the ward


    The following issues were raised by residents:


    1.    A resident commented that only certain parts of the Common had been cut recently and that urgent attention was required to cut other areas on the Common.


         The Township and Engagement Officer agreed to report this.


    2.    The Forum was informed that an additional meeting of Spotland and Falinge Area Forum would be held on Monday 2nd October 2017, commencing 7pm at Spotland Methodist Church. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the findings of the TBA perimeter air sampling survey. Because the TBA site is within the Healey Ward, Ward Councillors and residents where being invited to this meeting.


    3     Memorial Benches


    A resident commented that a memorial bench had recently been sited on the Common. It was asked if Environmental Management could provide details on the process involved for actioning these request and if the Area Forum could be informed when future installations are to be sited. It was also asked if any future installations could be in-keeping with existing furniture.


    4   Do Not Feed Geese Signs


          Following concerns raised at previous Forum meetings about visitors  

          to Syke Pond feeding the geese a discussion took place about the

          introduction of ‘do not feed the geese’ signs near to the pond.


          Following discussion, it was agreed that two signs should be placed

          near to the pond. Members Funds (Councillor Heakin) would support

          this project.






Updates on issues raised at previous meeting


    The following updates were provided:


    1.    Syke Road / Dewhirst Road Traffic Survey


    This survey has now been commissioned.


    2.    Syke Pond Project.


    The Forum was informed that no progress had been made on this project. The reason for this is that discussions are taking place at Cabinet regarding Section 106 monies and until these discussions have occurred progress cannot be made.


    A lengthy discussion took place about the state of the area surrounding the pond and the paths across the Common. Residents expressed their concern that no progress had been made and where sceptical about the work being undertaken.


    The Forum was reassured that once the outcome of discussions at Cabinet are known this would be communicated to the Forum.






Apologies for absences and approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 27 July 2017 pdf icon PDF 79 KB


Matters arising from those minutes not listed as agenda items


    The following matters were discussed:


    1.    Shawclough Road Sign

    An update was provided on the costs received from Environmental Management in relation to a Rochdale In Bloom type sign and a train silhouette. The proposal is to place these installations on the triangular piece of land at the junction of Shawclough Road and Dell Road, opposite the Healey Public House.


    -       Rochdale In Bloom type sign – An estimate of £1100 had been received.


    -       Train silhouette – An estimate of £2250 had been received.

    It was agreed to progress the Rochdale In Bloom type sign, however a decision on the silhouette was deferred to allow further investigations to take place.


    2.    The 10000 Trees Project

    The Township and Engagement Officer informed the Forum that representatives from the City of Trees Project Team and Environmental Management had visited the Common yesterday. The purpose of this visit was for Officers to form a view of the type and numbers of trees required for this project.


    The Forum was also informed that a criterion for the project was that primary school children should be involved in the preparation and planting of trees.


    The Forum would be informed of any future developments.


    3.    Bus Shelters – Dewhirst Road.

    This project was nearing completion. A resident commented that a number of items had been discarded near to one of the bus stops.


    This would be reported.


    4.    Additional Trees – The road with no name and target hardening

    The Forum was informed that an on-site meeting to discuss the above had been arranged for Wednesday 27th September 2017, commencing 2pm outside Syke Community Base. Forum members were encouraged to attend.





    5.    Speeding on Shawclough Road


         A resident stated that the letter he had submitted in August regarding

         concerns about speeding on Shawclough Road to a Ward Councillor and

         Highways had not been responded to.


    In response to a question Ward Members acknowledged their support for traffic calming measures and understood the concerns of residents. It was also acknowledged that the mini – roundabout suggestion was reasonable.  








Councillors' News


    Ward Councillors informed the Forum of the following issues:


    1.    The new market in the Town Centre opened today.


    2.    It appears that there are not as many beggars in the Town Centre. The introduction of Town Centre Wardens seems to have assisted in reducing numbers.


    3.    A Task and Finish Group from within the Council had been established to look at homelessness.




Good News from people in the area and Syke Community Base


Date and time of the next meeting