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Welcome, Introductions and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB



    The Township and Engagement Officer welcomed all to the meeting. It was explained that the meeting would be in two parts; part one would be the Annual General Meeting which would see the election of the Area Forum Chair and Vice Chair for the next twelve months. Part two would be the ordinary meeting concentrating on the PACT, Open Forum and updates on previous actions.


    The Forum was reminded about the Code of Conduct and asked to comply with the code throughout the meeting.




Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair


    It was explained to the Forum that the existing Chair of the Forum, Sheila Acton would not be seeking re-election. The Forum offered their thanks to Sheila for her work and contribution to the Forum over many years.


    John Kennedy was appointed Chair and Tricia Ayrton appointed Vice Chair of the Forum for the next twelve months.


    John Kennedy took the Chair at this point.


Healey Area Forum Sub Group membership confirmation


    The Forum was informed that the membership of the Healey Area Forum Sub Group was as follows:


    John Kennedy – Chair

    Tricia Ayton – Vice Chair

    Councillor Shaun O’Neill

    Councillor Shah Wazir

    Councillor Keiran Heakin

    Jim Murphy – resident

    Neil Dixon – resident

    Rich Lord – resident

    Donald Barnett – resident

    Andrew Evans – resident


    The Township and Engagement Officer would contact Sheila Acton to see if she wished to remain a member of this group.


    No one else from the Forum asked to join this group.


Greater Manchester Police including PACT meeting


    PC Jackie Butterworth, PC Sarah Firth and PCSO Krishan Vohra attended the meeting for this item.


    The Forum was informed that Domestic Burglaries and Theft of Motor Vehicles had reduced over the past three months. However the Forum was reminded of the problems caused by the fact that it is dark by 4pm and that residents needed to remain vigilant and adopt methods that would deter potential criminal activity – light timers, CCTV, leave radios and televisions on.


    Residents raised concerns regarding:


    -       Speeding cars on Shawclough Road

    -       Drug dealing on Syke Road

    -       Parking on footpaths

    -       Trees on the Common being vandalised


    GMP acknowledged they were aware of these issues and some of the issues are raised regularly. However it was accepted that resource reductions were having a negative impact on the ability of police officers to respond to all incidents reported. The Forum was encouraged to report non-emergency incidents to 101.


    GMP contact details are as follows:


    Rochdale Police Station – 0161 856 8549

    PCSO Krishan Vohra – 07393 009181 –

    PC Jackie Butterworth –

    PC Sarah Firth –


    Emergencies 999 / Non emergencies 101


    It was agreed that the PACT priorities for the Ward for the next three months would be parking, anti-social behaviour and speeding.


Open Forum - An opportunity for local residents to comment on issues in the ward


    The following issues were raised by residents:


    1.    Syke Pond


    A resident asked if the above project would happen?


    It was accepted that progress on this project had been extremely slow. However the Ward Councillors present where very optimistic that progress would be made once financial support had been ratified


    2.    Conservation Area Status


    A resident commented that he had recently discussed this issue with the appropriate Officer at the Council and had been informed that there are no plans to progress this request. It was commented that Catley Lane Head had recently received Conservation Area Status.


    The Township & Engagement Officer agreed to speak to the Conservation Officer regarding this issue.


    3.    Syke Road – Grit Bin


    A resident asked if a grit bin could be located on Syke Road.


    A Ward Councillor agreed to investigate this further.


    4.    Whitworth Road Traffic Congestion


    Concerns were raised about the above.


    5.    A resident asked if the tree planting on Cronkeyshaw Common that had been agreed by the Forum had taken place?


    The Forum was informed this had happened


    6.    A resident commented that the bin rota leaflet for 2018/19 was poor in comparison to previous ones.


    This comment would be passed to the relevant service.


    7.    A resident commented that it should be noted that no traveller encroachment had taken place on the middle part of the Common recently therefore the target hardening initiatives may be working.


    This was acknowledged. However it was accepted that there are still a number of weak spots where entry could be gained.


    8.    A resident asked if stickers could be put on grit boxes reminding residents that the grit should only be used for the highway.


    9.    A resident reported that a number of street lights were constantly on – Number 24 Whitehall Street, Number 3b Whitworth Road and Numbers 8, 9, 10 Thrum Hall Lane.


    A Ward Councillor agreed to report these incidents.


    10.A resident reported that the grids (both sides) at Bentley Street / Shawclough Road are blocked.


    It was commented that this had been reported.





Updates on issues raised at previous meeting


    The following updates were provided:


    1.    Memorial Benches


    Environmental Management had agreed to inform the Forum when requests for Memorial benches to be placed on the Common had been received.


    2.    Do Not Feed Geese Signs


    These signs had now been commissioned and it was expected that they would be installed early in the new year.


    3.    Bushes – Hawley Green


               This had been reported.


    4.    Shawclough Road / Dell Road – Pot Hole


               The road had been partially repaired.


    5.    Ashmount Drive / Mizzy Road – Poor road surface


              This work had been partially completed.


    6.    Picnic benches on the common


               Environmental Management had been informed of where the benches

               should be sited.












Apologies for absences and approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 21 September 2017 pdf icon PDF 70 KB


    Apologies had been received from Sheila Acton, Sue Dixon and Jim Moran.


    The minutes of the Area Forum meeting held on Thursday 21st September 2017 were approved as a correct record.


Matters arising from those minutes not listed as agenda items


    1.    Syke Road / Dewhirst Road Traffic Survey


    The survey had been completed and was circulated to Forum members.


    A link to the survey report can be accessed via the link below.


    It was asked if costings could be provided for the traffic calming measures identified in the report. The Township and Engagement Officer agreed to investigate this further.


    2.    10000 Trees Project


    The Forum was informed this project would not be progressed during 2017/2018 as funds are not available.



Members/Ward Funds


    The Forum was informed that the following funding was available:


    Members Funds:


    Councillor O’Neill - £1870

    Councillor Wazir - £2000

    Councillor Heakin - £1102


    Ward Funds - £5345


    Environment Fund - £1072


    Councillor O’Neill commented that he was willing to support the sign that has been agreed to be placed on the land at the junction of Dell Road and Shawclough Road from his Members Funds (£1100)


    The following issues were raised for consideration as potential funding applications:


    -       Christmas lights to be installed on a tree on the Common.


    The Forum agreed for this to be investigated further.


    -       Replacement of the existing bins at Shawclough shops with larger ones.


    The Forum agreed for this to be investigated further.


    -       Installation of a bin close to the alleyway at Mountside Close.


    The Forum agreed for this to be investigated further.


    -       The upgrading of the footpath that runs across the Common from Fieldhouse Road to Greenbank Road.


    The Forum agreed for this to be investigated further.


    -       The placement of additional trees and wild flower beds on the Common (adjacent to the junction of Fieldhouse Road and Whitworth Road)


    It was agreed that more information on this proposal is required.


    -       Funding of community groups because of loss of income.


    This request does not comply with Township funding conditions.


    -       A contribution towards the cost of installing heating at Syke Community Base.


    There was no support for this proposal.



    -       A contribution towards the cost of a new roof at Thrum Hall Church.


    There was no support for this proposal.


    -       It was also commented that the fence near to Harridge Bank was in need of repair. Environmental Management would be contacted to progress this.


    It was proposed that an Area Forum Sub-Group meeting be held early February to discuss funding proposals.






Councillors' News


    Ward Councillors informed the Forum of the following issues:


    1.    Marks & Spencer had pulled out of the Town Centre redevelopment project. A legal challenge to this decision was likely to happen in January 2018.


    2.    Another funding bid for the Town Hall Square is to be submitted.


    3.    There are plans to develop Drake Street as a residential area.


    4.    Heritage lamps have been installed adjacent to the Town Hall and Cenotaph.


    5.    Forum members were encouraged to visit the Clock Tower restaurant in the Town Hall.


    6.    The Town Hall has recently been used for the filming of television programmes.


    7.    A contract has now been agreed for a company to regularly clean the river in the Town Centre.


    8.    The interim market is now up and running.


    9.    A couple of new bars have recently opened in the town Centre and there are plans for others.


Good News from people in the area and Syke Community Base


    Nothing reported.


Date and time of the next meeting


    Syke Community Base, Syke Methodist Church, Syke Road, Rochdale.


    Thursday 8th March 2018 at 6.30pm.