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Venue: Belfield Community Primary School, Samson Street, Rochdale OL16 2XW. View directions

Contact: Andy Dawson - Tel No. 01706 924859 

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Introductions and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


    The chair gave introductions to the forum and thanked everyone for attending. Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out to the forum and residents were informed that there was a more detailed copy on the back of the meeting agenda. All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


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    The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and all previous actions were updated.

    Steve Pyke from Environmental Management was introduced to the forum early as he has to attend another meeting.  Steve will give an update and answer any questions.

    Steve mentioned that there was a “Day of Action” on Belfield and Belshill on Friday which involves various partner agencies including a police pod.  Anyone who would like to attend is more than welcome.

    Residents mentioned that there is still a lot of dog fouling in the area.  A resident stated that they have contacted Environmental Management many times however there have been no attendance.  Residents were encouraged to obtain any details of the dogs and/or their known owners and pass the information on to Environmental Management.

    There are a lot of weeds on Robbies Common.

    Action 1. Pass the information on to the relevant department in Environmental Management. (Steve Pyke)

    There is Japanese knotweed all along Broad Lane.  Residents say it was reported three weeks ago but nobody has been to look at it.

    Action 2. Attend site with a view to having it treated. (Steve Pyke)

    Are the compost bags purchased from RMBC recyclable?

    Action 3. Look into and report back. (Steve Pyke)

    A request was made for the Recycling Officer to attend Kingsway Park High School to advise pupils on recycling.

    Action 4. Make the request to the Recycling Officer. (Steve Pyke)

    In 2007 the Spring Bridge, Lower Lane and Green Corridor was closed for a short distance.  Is it closed temporarily or permanent?

    Action 5. Ask the question. (Steve Pyke)

    At numbers 23 – 25 Millfield Grove residents are requesting a “No Ball Games” sign to be put up.  Residents were informed that RMBC no longer put up “No Ball Games” signs.

    There are a lot of weeds in various locations.  Residents were informed that the weed killing for this year is now complete and that in addition to the sweeper vehicles with the new wire brushes there are teams going round to pull some of the weeds out.

    Action 6. Visit the area. (Steve Pyke)

    The chair and residents thanked Steve for attending the meeting.


    Rosefield Crescent
    A proper road sweep has been carried out but is unsatisfactory.

    Action 7. Contact Peter O’Gorman and Helen Smith. (Councillor D. Ali)

    Woodbine St/Oldham Rd
    Councillor Ahmed informed the forum that the parking situation had improved, however, residents felt that this was not the case and said that the parking was just as bad.  Councillor Danczuk said Highways have been monitoring the situation and has suggested designated parking.  No update available.
    Action 8. Speak to Councillor Karen Danczuk for an update. (Councillor Ali & Ahmed)

    Belfield Lane Footpath
    On the piece of land on Belfield Lane there is a footpath which goes nowhere.  Despite recent calls, no further information is available regarding the “footpath to nowhere” on Belfield Lane.

    Charlotte Street/Oldham Road Land
    The weeds have overgrown again.

    Action 9. Contact the Youth Offending Team to re-visit.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Greater Manchester Police and Community Safety


    PC Brendan Walsh was welcomed to the forum.

    Residents were provided with various advice leaflets, booklets and contact details.

    Crime Update for the last Three Months

    Burglary Dwellings – 35 - up from 34.

    Burglary other than Dwellings – 23 - up from 10

    Robbery of personal property – 7 – up from 4

    Theft from motor vehicle 27 – up from 17

    Recent increase in burglaries in Turf Hill area, there have been a lot of information received from the local community which led to arrest of two 17 year old individuals. A large team of detectives and specialist officers deployed to pick up enquiries, the courts allowed GMP an extension to interview them due to the serious nature of the offences. This led to a number of charges against the individuals who have pleaded guilty at court today and have been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.  Hopefully this will give people confidence to come forward with information about those committing such crimes.

    There were 22 burglaries on Rochdale East NPT last week, only 2 so far this week so it seems the capture of these two will significantly reduce the amount of offences over the coming weeks.

    35 burglaries were spread around Turf Hill, Belfield and Newbold areas.  Almost half involved insecurities making it easy for the offenders to get in. It is clear that this is a popular opportunist tactic.  Residents were advised to keep all doors and windows locked whether in or out of the property, leave some lights on at night, close curtains when out, lock side gates and anything else residents can think of to make their property a less attractive place for target criminals.

    Theft from Motor Vehicles
    15 out of the 27 were number plates. This causes inconvenience of replacing them and could lead to them being put on vehicles to use in criminal offences such as petrol theft.  GMP will be arranging safe plating dates at local supermarkets over the coming weeks and months and will advertise on GMP website, local and social media.

    Street Drinkers
    Rochdale canal lock 49-50 is still an issue. There is a plan in place to issue direction to leave forms banning them for up to 48 hours. GMP have had some success with this however one of the issues is that it has to be a police officer who issues the direction and it is not always possible to get an officer there quickly and likewise issuing to a large group can sometimes be problematic if the officers are diverted away to an emergency.

    PACT Meeting
    It has been decided that GMP will no longer hold the monthly PACT meeting at Newbold Methodist Church.  GMP are looking at a more efficient way to find out people’s concerns, deal with them and keep them updated.

    Due to low attendance it is not the best use of resources trying to get councillors/departments from the council and other agencies together for a low turnout. GMP feel that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Open Forum


    There is a traffic sign on Charlotte Street which is being obstructed by trees.
    Action 14. Report to Environmental Management. (A. Dawson)

    Councillor Ali mentioned that large wagons are using Waithlands Road as a cut through.  This issue was dealt with by Highways and businesses from Kingsway were asked not to let their wagons use this route.  Councillor Ali said that wagons continue to use this road.

    Action 15. Contact Highways and RDA to ask if they would help sort the problem out. (A. Dawson)

    Councillor Ali mentioned a number of issues.

    Action 16. Email the details to A. Dawson. (Councillor Ali)


Ward News


    Moss Street Youth Centre

    Update provided by Katherine Metcalfe

    Moss Street Youth Centre provided activities for young people aged 11+ during the Summer Holidays 5 days a week sometimes 6 both during the day and evening. Youth workers managed to source free activities from external agencies and provide centre based activities at Moss St such as cooking, sports and arts and crafts. Some of the of site activities included Kayaking, Cinema, Bowling attending local park events run by the Youth Service known as Fuse Your Parks. The activities have engaged young people that have been referred by other services such as Targeted Youth Support Child Care Services and the recently formed Supporting Families Team. Up to 30 Young people from Waithlands, Guinness Trust, Bingley, Turf Hill and even reaching as far as Milnrow have attended sessions over the Summer period, learning how to build relationships, look after the community (through litter picks and gardening projects) intergenerational, (bowls) Community cohesion,  worked on positive behaviour. Overall the young people who engaged in this programme had fantastic fun!!! Not to mention were exhausted.

    As we settle back into our Autumn programme young people attending evening sessions are working alongside RBH on a project looking to highlight areas of improvement. The group will build a model of the area which will be used as part of a consultation led by RBH. In turn we hope that what young people identify will become the basis of community projects in the area. The groups are also looking at ways of raising external funds to support future holiday activities coming up in Oct half term and Christmas.

    I would also like to add that I as area worker for Kingsway have enjoyed my first 6 months in the area alongside any challenges that I have faced – I now have strong relationships with the young people and their families and currently developing positive relationships with The new Kingsway School amongst other agencies such as the Police.

    Residents were provided with a number of leaflets including:

    “Get Me Toasty” scheme

    To help provide energy efficiency measures to homes in the Rochdale Area.

    Residents were informed that to qualify they must live in an eligible postcode area to get free cavity wall and loft insulation or be in receipt of certain qualifying benefits and be entitled to a boiler replacement. The scheme is open to owner occupiers and private rented accommodation. The scheme is not open to RBH tenants.

    There are three main contractors carrying out the works, Dyson, Forrest and Carillion. Dyson are the installers for the Rochdale Area.

    Residents were encouraged to contact 0800 009 3363 to find out if they qualify and take advantage of the scheme. It is envisaged that the scheme will be available until the 31st March 2014.

    It was reiterated to residents that Dyson are the only contractors that are working with RMBC on the “Get Me Toasty” scheme in Rochdale. Any other contractor knocking on doors offering the same  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Community First - Information/Update


    The chair informed the forum that there was no new news to report as there had been no applications to the Community First Panel and that it was the beginning of the Community First year when the allocation of funding was given to each panel. Residents were urged to spread the word to community groups that they can apply to the Community First Panel for funding various schemes.


Date and time of the next meeting


    Thursday 12 December 2013, 6.30pm – 8.30pm, Moss Street Youth Centre, Moss Street, Rochdale.