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Venue: Moss Street Youth Centre, Moss Street, Rochdale. View directions

Contact: Andy Dawson - Tel No. 01706 924859 

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Introductions and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


    Andy Dawson introduced himself to the forum and thanked everyone for attending.

    Members of the forum was asked if anyone would like to chair the Kingsway Area Forum in the absence of Sharon Taylor.  Martin Hazelhurst came forward to chair the meeting and forum members were asked if there were any objections.  No objections were received.

    The chair introduced himself to the forum, gave introductions and thanked everyone for attending.  Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out to the forum and residents were informed that there was a more detailed copy on the back of the meeting agenda.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes from the last meeting/updates pdf icon PDF 85 KB


    The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and all previous actions were updated.

    Robbies Common
    There are a lot of weeds on Robbies Common.
    Action 1: Katherine Metcalfe from the Youth Service offered to carry out a litter pick with youths on a Saturday.

    Japanese Knotweed
    There is Japanese knotweed all along Broad Lane.  Residents say it was reported three weeks ago but nobody has been to look at it.  Steve Pyke from Environmental Management sent an update to say it has been passed on to the manager who deals with it, however, residents expressed their disappointment at the lack of response.  It was mentioned that it was too late to carry out any treatment this year and will have to wait until 2014.

    Charlotte Street/Oldham Road Land
    The weeds have overgrown again.
    Action 2: Katherine Metcalfe from the Youth Service offered to work with youths and a new member of staff from Kingsway Park High School.


Greater Manchester Police and Community Safety


    PC David Gurr was welcomed to the forum.

    Residents were provided with various advice leaflets, booklets and contact details such as the Join the Doorstep Crimefighting Team which encourages residents to report doorstep crime and bogus callers.  Residents were encouraged to ring 101, 0161 872 505 or 999 in the case of emergencies.

    Costcutters on Oldham Road wanted to extend their licensed hours to between 0600 and 0000 hours.  A statement submitted with regards to the impact this would have, especially in summer months, of the street drinkers being able to obtain alcohol even earlier.  It was explained it would affect users of the canal and the new residents on Woodbine Street.  The new license extension was rejected.

    The arrest of a male on Ouldfield Close, Newbold for possession of cannabis with intent after information from the public was received has led to the discovery of a large amount of cannabis in an address.  GMP are acting upon information given as soon as they can.

    Increased patrols on Newbold and Belfield estates to deal with ASB and burglary offences running up to Christmas.

    Operation Glacier - Patrols allocated to the Belfield area for burglary offences.  Belfield Engagement Day and Neighbourhood issues.  House to house visits by local police, and members of outside agencies such as Environment, Fire and Youth Officers.

    Multi agency meeting on Newbold estate to look at dealing with ASB issues on the estate and encouraging people to report incidents.

    Leaflets, security plug-in timers and handbag bells were handed out at the meeting.  Information was provided regarding the Police Shop in Rochdale Town Centre which is there to provide advice and an opportunity to speak with Officers.

    Residents were provided with the following Crime Update stats for the last three months:
    Burglary Dwelling – 33 (one down on previous three months)
    Burglary others – 45 (up on previous three months)
    Residents were encouraged not to leave items on show such as tools and ladders.  These items should be locked away as well as garden sheds and garages should also be kept locked up.
    Robbery of personal property – 7 (same as previous three months)
    Theft from motor vehicles - 28 (same as previous three months)

    It was mentioned that youths are hanging around the shops on Prince Street at night.
    Action 3: Increase patrols (PC David Gurr)

    PC David Gurr, PCSO Victoria Bird and PCSO Dean Harper was thanked for attending the forum.


Blue Orchid - Starting a Business


    No representative from Blue Orchid turned up to the forum.


Rochdale Boroughwide Housing


    Cath Palin from Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) spoke to the meeting about the services and support available through RBH and she provided leaflets for various meetings such as Tenants & Residents Association, Neighbourhood Panels, etc.  She was welcomed to the forum.

    The leaflet on “Our Choice” which is about spending of £20,880 in various neighbourhoods was also mentioned.  The amount of funding is based on the number of RBH properties in the neighbourhood and the Decision Day Event is on Saturday 1 February 2014 between 1-4pm at Heywood Civic Centre.  Residents were asked to contact 01706 273898 or email if they have intentions of attending.

    Another leaflet was handed out to residents regarding the Waithlands and Channing Street film premiere to be held on 16 January 2014, 7.30pm at Moss Street Youth Centre.  RBH recently commissioned a media company to film around Waithlands and Channing Street and to ask a small number of local people about their area.  To confirm a place residents were encouraged to phone the Engagement Team on 01706 273898.


Open Forum


    Waste Bins & Grass Verges Removal
    Residents were concerned that there were no bins in the area for dog walkers to dispose of dog waste.  The proposal to tarmac the area next to the Crawford Arms to remove the grass verges was mentioned and a number of waste bins were proposed to be installed in that location.  Councillors asked for the costs to do the work.  The forum was informed the costs received was £8220.96 and further alternative costs have been requested due to the high management fees of £1,233.14.  The forum agreed with seeking alternative costs that represented value for money.
    Action 4: Contact Environmental Management and query the number of bins in the area (A. Dawson)

    Turf Hill Road & Kingsway Junction Traffic Lights
    A resident asked what work was being carried out on Turf Hill Road and Kingsway Junction.  They were informed that traffic lights were being installed which raised concerns that they hadn’t been consulted.

    Kingsway/Queensway/Oldham Road Junction
    The issue of the Kingsway/Queensway/Oldham Road junction was mentioned.  A resident said that it is dangerous and needs looking at again as he nearly had an accident on a number of occasions.  There was mixed views on the junction with others saying they had never had any problems.  The residents were informed that a number of site meetings had taken place and that there was nothing further that could be done.  TfGM are the organisation that deals with these issues and they will need to be contacted by the concerned resident.
    Action 5: Contact TfGM (Mark Sutcliffe)

    Fly tipping on Witley Road
    A resident mentioned that there is fly tipping on Witley Road.
    Action 6: Contact Environmental Management (A. Dawson)

    Belfield Lane Grit Bin
    The provision of a grit bin on Belfield Lane was brought up.  Residents were informed that the grit bin serving a small number of homes on Belfield Close was going to be relocated to the junction of Belfield Close and Belfield Lane which would also serve Nursery Gardens.  Residents mentioned that the grit bin is required further up the road. The forum was informed that the allocation for new grit bins had been used up in the 2012/13 year’s allocation.  However, if a grit bin is identified in an area that no longer requires one, Highways will relocate it.  This situation also applies to damaged grit bins.
    Action 7: Identify an un-used and/or damaged grit bin for re-location and inform the Township Office (Councillors & Residents)


Ward News


    Moss Street Youth Centre
    Update provided by Katherine Metcalfe.  During the update Katherine confirmed she would organise a litter pick with the youths to be carried out on Robbies Common on a Saturday morning.

    Street Lighting Renewal
    Residents were informed that the renewing of the street lighting columns in the Kingsway ward was soon to take place.  Residents should soon receive a leaflet through the door providing contact information should there be any queries.  Residents can also visit the Council website for further information.

    Back Care Yoga Sessions
    Mary Price mentioned that she has attended The Back Care Yoga sessions held by Link4Life after obtaining a leaflet handed out at the last Kingsway Area Forum and in doing so she has benefitted greatly.  The Back Care Yoga sessions are a weekly class on Tuesdays between 4.15pm and 5.00pm at Rochdale Leisure Centre.  It is a basic yoga session focusing on poses that mobilise, strengthen and help ease muscle tension in the back, which aims to provide you with all the knowledge you need to manage your back pain condition on a daily basis with the benefit of an instructor led session each week.  Costs £4.25 per session and is open to everyone.

    Greene King pub
    The planning application for the Greene King pub was approved in July and work has now started on site for both the pub and the access road.  The pub should be completed by the end of February and open in mid-March.  It will be a Hungry Horse pub and will employ around 40 staff.  They are committed to employing local residents as part of the planning consent and will work with the Council’s Employment Links Partnership to secure local jobs.

    Kingsway Business Park Employment
    Staff numbers have increased over the past few months with the seasonal increase at JD Sports and Asda/Wincanton.  Around 1800 staff are now working on Kingsway, with approximately 70% from the Borough.  A meeting has been arranged with JD Sports to discuss their employment practices in late December.

    Kingsway Metrolink
    The stop opened in February and figures show that in August alone over 1800 passengers used the Kingsway stop.  The Kingsway Link bus service, which was re-launched in February, and now operates 7 days a week from 5am until 11pm, has experienced a significant increase in passenger numbers with over 1400 trips taken in October.  Both services are seen as providing a successful alternative to car use to get to and from Kingsway for local residents and employees from further afield.

    Middleton to Kingsway bus service
    This service originally a trial service, is to be made permanent, enabling the 28 passengers to secure sustainable employment at the business park.  This works alongside the Kingsway Link which also runs a direct service to Heywood and covers the Railway and bus stations.

    Kingsway Run
    The 2nd annual Kingsway run took place on Sunday 22 September 2013, and was very successful with around 250 competitors across the 5k, 10k and two children’s races.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Community First - Information/Update


    Funding is still available for projects run by existing groups across the Ward under the Kingsway First, Community Development Foundation funding stream.  The next meeting will be around mid-January 2014, so if anyone has any ideas for projects they can submit their proposals in the next 4 weeks to the group.  Projects are needed to take up the funding so it’s not lost.  The deadline for submitting applications is March 2014.


Date and time of the next meeting


    Thursday 13th March 2014

    6.30pm – 8.30pm

    Belfield Community School, Samson Street, Rochdale.