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Venue: Moss Street Youth Centre, Moss Street, Rochdale. View directions

Contact: Katie Moore - Tel No. 01706 924770 

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Introductions and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


    The chair introduced himself to the forum and thanked everyone for attending.  Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.

    Following a restructure in the Council’s Township Team, it was advised that Katie Moore will now be supporting the Kingsway ward.  The forum wanted to pass on their thanks to Andy Dawson who really supported the ward.  A resident explained that they had sent an email to the Council’s Acting Chief Executive about the restructure and had received an email from the Lead Township Officer in response.  The resident would like a response from the Acting Chief Executive to address the issues that were raised.
    Action 1: Contact Acting Chief Executive to discuss matters raised (Katie Moore)

    The chair also welcomed Lindsay Dunn who was in attendance to represent Environmental Management.  It was advised that Lindsay would pass on any of the issues raised and would be on hand to answer enforcement questions.


Minutes from the last meeting/updates pdf icon PDF 73 KB


    Belfield Lane Grit Bin
    The forum was asked whether anyone had identified any unused and/or damaged grit bins for relocation.  Katie advised that no action could be taken at this time without a bin being identified.

    Moss Street Fire
    PCSO Bird advised that residents do not need to worry; the men at the address were arrested.

    Percy Street - Missing Stone Flags
    A Land Registry search was conducted to establish ownership of the alleyway.  The search result for the alley between Percy Street and Crown Street was “no registered estate”.  This means that ownership has not yet been registered at HM Land Registry.  The property will be vested in someone's ownership but until a trigger event occurs, i.e. a sale, there is no requirement for the owner to voluntarily register his/her ownership at the Land Registry and it will remain an unregistered title.  The Council has no legal responsibility to repair the alleyway.  There are further investigations that can be taken to try and establish ownership and Katie suggested that if anyone would like to discuss this matter further then to speak to her after the meeting or contact 01706 924770.

    Litter and Highways Report
    At the last meeting a resident reported potholes in Lower Place.  Katie advised that specific street names need to be given to Highways in order for them to be assessed.  The resident who originally raised this was not at the area forum.  This action will be carried over to the next meeting.

    Litter was also reported opposite Newbold Islamic Centre.  Environmental Management confirmed that the waste and contaminated bins have been removed, some domestic waste bins are still out on the pavement.  The alleyway has been cleared by residents and it looks much better.

    Potholes in alleyway off Stiups Lane
    This matter has been reported to Highways.

    Weston Avenue
    An enforcement officer has visited the site.  Katie invited residents from Weston Avenue to contact her as it is thought a site visit is needed with residents so specific issues can be identified.

    Street lighting
    Street Lighting Services has been contacted and they have stated that they need the exact numbers of the lampposts as the technicians work in the daytime so are unable to identify lighting columns that are not working because they are off during the day.

    Learning Disability Services
    A discussion was held about the newly developed Learning Disability Services located behind Morrison’s supermarket.  It was suggested that there was a proposal to separate areas within the unit to enable the delivery of individual care, however, has remained one large space with one small area in it.  It was agreed to get some clarity on reasons for the move and if there is any new design proposals for the facility behind Morrison’s.
    Action 2: Provide feedback on issues raised around the relocation of Learning Disability Services. (Katie Moore)


Greater Manchester Police and Community Safety


    Over the last three months figures have gone down for burglary, burglary other, and robbery (including bicycle thefts).  There has been some vehicle theft and it was advised that personal belongings should not be kept in view.  A resident suggested wiping windows to remove marks from sat navigation systems.

    A resident reported ongoing problems at Lock 49 (behind Woodbine Street).  PCSO Bird advised they will be working with RBC’s Licensing Team to investigate where alcohol is being bought from and to encourage shop owners to work with them in preventing ASB.  PCSOs will also be teaming up with police officers as at the moment their role only allows them to move people on.  It was agreed to look into issuing a dispersal order, however, residents were informed that there are other options that can be used first such as
    Section 27, which gives police the power to remove an individual from an area for up to 48 hours.

    Residents reported that people have been running over garage roofs (damaging roof panels) belonging to houses on Rosefield Crescent.  This has been reported to the police but it was asked whether MetroLink could be contacted to look at installing a fence to block off access to the garages.
    Action 3: (1) Invite TfGM to next meeting (Katie Moore)
    (2) Councillor Ahmed to raise issue at transport meeting (Councillor Shakil Ahmed)

    Ward Councillors enquired into whether there are any plans for another Operation Ramadan.  Previously extra patrols were organised which allowed a strong police presence to be maintained around mosques, and local officers worked closely with religious establishments, youth workers and volunteers to resolve issues.  It was thought that a similar operation will be in place.

    A resident thanked the police for their hard work.


Open Forum


    Katie read out three issues that were sent for the open forum before the meeting.  These issues included parking on Milnrow Road, development of Robbie’s Common and litter.

    Milnrow Road Parking
    Katie advised the forum that a scheme for Milnrow Road had been approved and awaiting a start date from Highways.

    Robbie’s Common Development
    A consultation event about the development of Robbie’s Common is being held for residents on Thursday 3 July 2014, 6pm, Moss Street Youth Centre, Rochdale.  All welcome.

    Ward Councillors and Council officers have carried out site visits and noted the problems with litter in the area need to be addressed.  It has been agreed that this issue will be raised with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, Great Places and Environmental Management.

    Rosefield Crescent 20mph zone
    Residents requested a 20mph zone on Rosefield Crescent.
    Action 4: Raise issue with Highways to look at feasibility (Katie Moore)

    Kingsway Road 20mph zone
    There were concerns that there was not a presence of 20mph zones (school zones) on Kingsway Road.
    Action 5: Raise issue with Highways to review school 20mph zones and signage on Kingsway Road (Katie Moore)


Ward News


    It was advised that a Ward Capital Fund scheme has been supported.  The scheme is for the installation of K Barriers at Buersil Avenue to stop motorcycles using the alleyway.

    Katie invited new members to join the Kingsway Sub-group.  It was agreed that this group would only meet on an ‘as and when’ needs basis.

    The chair informed the forum of a new system that is being put in place to register for voting; Individual Electoral Registration.  Registration will now have to be done on an individual basis rather than per household.  Further information can be found on the internet at

    A review of the roads in the borough is taking place.  Residents were asked to contact Ward Councillors if they would like to report potholes or suggest an area for resurfacing.  Watkin Street and Charter Street were raised.
    Action 6: Councillor Ali to report to Highways (Councillor Daalat Ali)


Community First - Information/Update


    Emma King from the Community First Panel provided an update.  Grants are available for any community group with a bank account and constitution to apply for – grants from £500 to £2,500 for any activities that meet the community priorities:

    ·      Clean - Work with local people to achieve a high standard of cleanliness in our area.

    ·      Green - Develop community projects to increase and improve our green spaces.

    ·      Communities - Increase pride by developing a sense of belonging, and positive shared identity with our area.

    ·      Engagement - Encourage residents and community groups to get involved in projects to meet local needs.

    ·      Aims - To work together to make Kingsway a great place to live, work and play.


    This is the last round of funding and there is about £15,000 available.


Date and time of the next meeting


    Thursday 25 September 2014 at 6.30pm
    Venue: To be confirmed