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Introductions and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


    In the absence of a chair person, it was agreed Martin Topham chair the meeting.

    The chair introduced himself to the forum and thanked everyone for attending.  Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes from the last meeting/updates pdf icon PDF 70 KB


    The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record.

    Township Team restructure
    After making enquiries, Katie confirmed the Acting Chief Executive instructed the Lead Townships Officer to provide a response to the resident on their behalf.  A response has been provided.

    Learning Disability Services

    Angela Clarke was in attendance and gave a short presentation about PossAbilities.

    Rosefield Crescent
    A response from TfGM will be provided at the next meeting.

    Request for 20mph zone on Rosefield Crescent
    Highways have provided a response to the request for 20mph zone on Rosefield Crescent.  As Rosefield Crescent is not a through road, the majority of vehicles using this road are local residents.  The lengths of the road that forms Rosefield Crescent are relatively short so Highways consider it a perceived problem.  A community speedwatch is an initiative that can be offered where residents will be supplied with hand held speed guns to undertake their own surveys.


    Review school 20mph zones and signage on Kingsway Road
    Highways have provided a response to this request for a review.  “Kingsway is the A664 and a designated Primary Route.  It is also a major link in the borough’s strategic network and a motorway diversion route if the M62 is ever closed.  Due to its strategic nature, Highways would not consider a permanent reduction in the speed limit.”

    Milnrow Road Waiting Restrictions
    A resident asked whether there were any updates regarding a Highways approved scheme for Milnrow Road.  It was advised that this scheme is being chased up with the view to implementation as soon as possible.
    Action 1: Provide update on scheme at next forum (Katie Moore)

    Roads/footways Review
    Continuing from the last Area Forum, Councillor Ali advised that Highways are finalising the review of the roads/footways in the borough.  Residents were asked to contact Ward Councillors if they would like to report potholes or suggest an area for resurfacing.  Suggestions put forward were Rosefield Crescent, Margaret Avenue, Moss Avenue and Bertha Road.

    A question was asked around the method of resurfacing as it was felt that it was too thin and the material used doesn’t last that long.  Also double yellow lines at the end of Rosefield Crescent and Bertha Road are too far away from main road.
    Action 2: Seek clarification on methods of resurfacing from Highways (Katie Moore)
    Action 3: Carry out site visit at Rosefield Crescent and Bertha Road re: double yellow lines (Katie Moore)


PACT Meeting - Greater Manchester Police


    PC Gurr reported that there will be a new area PC Officer starting on Monday.

    Latest crime figures over the last three months were provided:

    ·           Burglary has increased

    ·           Robberies and street thefts has reduced

    ·           Vehicle and bicycle thefts has increased.  Tips on keeping vehicles safe were discussed.  Residents were reminded not to leave valuables on show and wiping off sat navigation marks from car windows.


    Crime around Locks 49 and 50 is an ongoing problem.  The Police are working with the Council’s Licensing and Community Safety Teams.  Dispersal Orders are being considered in addition to Section 27 being used.  Crawford Street and the canal towpath are included on the patrol plans.

    It was reported that there is a gate broken between the canal and Crawford Street.  Fencing off this walk way would be preferred.
    Action 4: Visit site to look at feasibility of fencing off walk way between Crawford Street and canal (Katie Moore)

    A resident asked whether it was worth reporting incidents of anti social behaviour involving motorbikes.  The Police advised it was important to report any incidents and provide a registration and description.

    Other issues raised included stones being thrown at the Metro Station.  The Police advised that they are undertaking work concerning incidents involving trams.

    In relation to youth intervention, anti social behaviour reduced over the summer period.  It is hoped the introduction of cadet schemes with the Police and Fire Service may help address the problem of anti social behaviour.


Open Forum


    Learning Disability Services
    A short presentation was given by Angela Clarke about the learning disability service provided by PossAbilities.  The centre is located at 19 Witley Road, Rochdale and offers a day service, Monday to Friday, for adults with learning disabilities.  Previously, learning disability services were run from smaller community bases, however, as part of the efficiency savings, the bases were closed and a larger base was opened.  The service is keen to work with the community and build links.  Leaflets about the centre were distributed in the meeting.  The idea of the centre is that it is central, accessible via car, tram, etc and there is more ownership in relation to the building as it runs as a social enterprise.  The service is currently looking at different options e.g. the delivery of older and younger people’s groups.

    Lock 49 and 50 Improvements
    The Canal and River Trust are undertaking some work around Locks 49 and 50 with some vegetation being removed over the next couple of days.  Officers along with volunteers are continuing to improve the area by carrying out tidy ups.  An update was provided by Paul Bowerman from Canal and River Trust about some of the work that is taking place including carrying out litter picks, working with the PCSOs to improve the area and providing equipment to volunteers.  Overall it was stated they were positive that changes will be made.

    Muriel Street/Royds Street Rubbish
    It was reported that there is 2/3 weeks’ worth of rubbish in the passage way at Muriel Street and the side of Royds Street.
    Action 5: Report to Environmental Management (Katie Moore)

    Crawford Street Rubbish/Fly-tipping
    Rubbish and fly-tipping was reported as an issue on Crawford Street, particularly the dumping of rubbish in the canal.  It was thought to be from houses on Crawford Street that back onto the Canal.  Residents were encouraged to report any incidents of fly-tipping to the Council’s Contact Centre.  It was reported that CCTV footage was provided to the Council, however, no response has been received.  Lindsey advised she had not received the footage.  It was agreed that should it still be available to send it again directly to Lindsey.
    Action 6: To be actioned by Enforcement Team (Lindsey Dunn)

    Fly-tipping on Stanford Street, Royds Street, Lee Street and Moss Street
    Stanford Street, Royds Street and Lee Street are experiencing a lot of fly-tipping.  The walk way behind Moss Street keeps getting cleared and filled with rubbish again.
    Action 7: To be actioned by Enforcement Team (Lindsey Dunn)

    Rubbish clearance responsibility
    A discussion was held around who is responsible for clearing up rubbish when it is around properties.  It was advised that the landlords are responsible when it is in and around their properties.  When rubbish comes onto alleyways, legalisation changes and it becomes the responsibility of all residents.  If there is rubbish in alleyways, resident can report it to the Council’s Contact Centre, but it is also helpful if they are able to identify those  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Ward News


    A new outline planning permission was approved by the Council in August 2014 enabling additional development on the site, predominantly due to the Metrolink Stop which reduced the reliance on cars.  The Metrolink Stop has thousands of passengers using it every month.

    A planning application for a 200,000 square foot warehouse was also approved in August 2014.  The developer is seeking an investment partner before this building will be constructed.

    Current job numbers across the business park are around 2,000 with 70% from the Rochdale Borough.  Additional staff are likely to be taken on in the next month or so for the seasonal Christmas peak.

    The Kingsway Run took place on Sunday 21 September 2014 for the third year and again featured a 10k, 5k and children’s race.


Community First - Information/Update


    Community First is a source of community funding provided by the Community Development Foundation for community projects.  It was advised that the money available has been allocated to community projects.


Date and time of the next meeting


    Thursday 4 December 2014 at 6.30pm
    Venue: Moss Street Youth Centre, Moss Street, Rochdale