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    The chair introduced himself to the forum and thanked everyone for attending. Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out. All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


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    Katie highlighted an amendment to page 5 of the application pack under Community First.

    Request repaint of yellow lines on Milnrow Road
    Request has been sent to Highways.

    Fly-tipping at Moss Street, Rosefield Crescent and Belfield Lane and litter around local mosque
    Fly-tipping is an ongoing problem. Clean ups were carried out with items removed from alleyways, however, items have reappeared. If there are alley gates, residents are encouraged to ensure the gates are locked and the alleyways are kept clear. Fly-tipping can be reported through Rochdale Council’s website or telephone directly on
    0300 303 8884. Emails should be sent to

    Metro contact
    Following the last meeting PC Horton passed on the details of the residents to Metrolink. A site visit with the residents and a representative from Metro took place. Metro are looking at a series of options to address the issues reported.

    Leach Street
    Councillor Ali informed the forum of the proposed developments for Robbie’s Common. A meeting is taking place in the week to look at constituting a community group to run and take ownership for a kick pitch for the land.

    Bilberry Street and Stamford Street
    Surplus bins were report to Environmental Management.

    Street lighting for Newbold Street and Witley Road
    The areas where the lights were requested are on un-adopted land. Under the terms and conditions of Township funding we are unable to fund schemes on the un-adopted highway.

    Croxton Avenue/Belfield Lane
    A response from Highways was provided:

    “The Highways and Engineering Service currently receives a very limited budget for the renewal of road markings. The Service therefore directs the budget to the locations where there is either an existing accident record or where the greater return can be achieved. This generally results in the limited budget being used to refresh lines on the strategic road network i.e. A and B class roads where the majority of vehicles travel. An investigation has been carried out and it is clear that the lines have not been maintained for many years and are currently almost non-existent and hence ineffective. Records show that there have been no recorded accidents at the junction in the last three years.  It has therefore been determined that the lines are unnecessary. The advice provided by the Department for Transport is that give way or stop lines should only be considered where a minor road intersects with a major road.Where no markings are provided then no one has priority and the junction should be treated as courtesy junction by all motorists. Experience has shown that where junction marking are provided then the speeds on the route given the priority increase. Additionally National policy requires us to reduce the use of signs and lines on the public highway thus reducing the clutter caused by them. A further consideration we must give is that of future maintenance costs.In the light of the above we cannot justify refreshing the road markings on Croxton Avenue.”

    Replacement signs have been requested for Belfield  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Greater Manchester Police - PACT meeting


    Discussions took place around PACT meetings and reintroducing them. PCSO Bird advised she could look into starting them again, but would need a commitment from the community in relation to attendance. It was agreed that they are useful in disseminating and sharing information. Generally, the forum discussed different communication methods for advertising the PACT meetings.

    Crime Statistics
    Figures over the last three months show there has been an increase in overall criminal activity concerning the crimes of burglary, burglary other, theft of motor vehicles and theft from motor vehicles.

    Vehicle crime is a problem across the borough. Residents are reminded to keep vehicles safe and not leave valuables on show in cars.

    A resident reported problems with drug activity in the alleyway near to their home. PCSO Bird recorded the details and advised that she would try and get a patrol to the area. Discussions were had around the installation of street lighting.
    Action 1: PCSO Bird to add to patrol list.


Open Forum


    Fly-tipping reports were recorded by the Enforcement Officer. Areas reported included:

    ·           Behind Moss Street (street number has been recorded)

    ·           Crawford Street Car Park

    ·           Church Road

    ·           Bilberry Street

    ·           Leach Street

    ·           Moss Terrace


    Fly-tipping is an ongoing issue and it was advised that items are being removed when they are reported, however, it is continuous with rubbish being left again after a clean-up has been done. Residents can report incidents of fly-tipping to the Council. A resident also reported ongoing litter problems. Discussions were held around a community approach to address some of the fly-tipping issues. It was agreed for Councillor Ahmed to contact the local mosque to raise awareness around fly-tipping/litter. Residents are encouraged to come forward with information should they know who is responsible for the tipping.
    Action 2: Councillor Ahmed to contact local mosque (Councillor Ahmed)

    Lindsay advised that she has put stickers on bins where they have been left out. Bins left out are at risk of being taken.

    Parking on Bertha Road/Rosefield Crescent
    A request was made for traffic warden presence around Bertha Road/Rosefield Crescent and Milnrow Road.
    Action 3: Request Traffic Enforcement Officers for sites above (Katie Moore)

    Moss Street Street Sign
    The street sign for Moss Street has been painted over; it was asked whether this could be replaced.
    Action 4: Request new street sign for Moss Street (Katie Moore)

    Witley Road/Milnrow Road Speed Sign
    Junction of Witley Road/Milnrow Road; it was advised that the speed restriction street sign is angled and not in the correct position.
    Action 5: Report to Highways with the view to reposition the sign (Katie Moore)

    Newbold Tram Stop
    The forum discussed the tram stop at Newbold. Councillor Ali advised that meetings are taking place to address some of the concerns and this included officers from the different agencies. It was asked that the stop be reviewed by Community Safety to see if any options are available.
    Action 6: Katie to liaise with Community Safety re: Newbold Tram Stop (Katie Moore)

    Street Lighting Replacement
    The street lighting replacement scheme was also discussed. Residents and Members highlighted some of their concerns:

    ·           It was requested that when the signage on the original columns are put back they are cleaned first.

    ·           There were concerns about the lights not being bright enough (location: Rosefield Crescent).

    ·           When the lights are being installed and old ones taken out, debris is sticking to residential walls, windows and creating a mess.


    It was agreed that the concerns raised be passed onto the manager of the street lighting scheme.
    Action 7: Katie to report residents and Members’ concerns to street lighting scheme manager (Katie Moore)

    Milnrow Road/Pine Street No Entry
    A resident raised concerns around the no entry sign at the junction of Milnrow Road/Pine Street (next to Post Office). People are driving out of Pine Street onto Milnrow Road when it is a one way system.
    Action 8: Send report to Highways Service with the view to looking  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Ward News


    Planning consent is hoped to be secured on two new developments in the next few days – one is for a local firm who are moving their operation to Kingsway to a new 12,000 square foot building which will be in front of the CR Laurence unit, and the other is for a large 200,000 square foot building near the motorway, behind CR Laurence. Both should be starting on site in March.


Date and time of the next meeting


    Thursday 4th June 2015 at 6.30pm
    Venue: Moss Street Youth Centre, Moss Street