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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


    The Chair introduced himself to the forum and thanked everyone for attending. Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out. All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting. The Chair informed the meeting that Katie Moore has now left Rochdale Borough Council, and thanked Katie for all her hard work on behalf of residents of Kingsway Ward.


Minutes from the last meeting/updates pdf icon PDF 72 KB


    The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and the following updates were given:

    Witley Road Area – Street Lighting & Land Ownership (RQ4152)
    The forum was informed that this land is unadopted, therefore, Township funds could not be used to pay for purchase and installation of lighting columns.  Councillor Brosnan has also visited the area and has asked for the adopted status to be re-checked.

    Action (1) Clarify status of land at Witley Road/Tram Stop (Val White)

    Waithlands Road Trees
    The forum was informed that the trees are on private land, and that Planning Officers have confirmed that there has been no breach of planning laws. It was suggested that the Clean & Green Team could carry out some work, however, they are not permitted to carry out any work on private land.

    Rosefield Crescent Parking
    Highways Officers have stated that to further restrict parking would risk displacement further around the crescent. There is no funding available to pursue a further Traffic Regulation Order. Some residents were frustrated that drivers are parking on junctions without challenge, and that owners of vehicles parked on the highway have access to private driveways.


Greater Manchester Police - PACT meeting


    Due to an incident, no officers were available to attend the forum.


Open Forum


    Rosefield Crescent/Metrolink
    A resident had raised the issue of youths causing annoyance, including throwing stones from the station onto the rear of properties, on one occasion causing damage to her conservatory.  The forum was informed that Community Safety, Plain Clothed Police Officers and the Youth Service have all been deployed to the area during recent months, and that reported incidents are down considerably. TfGM have installed CCTV and have placed netting over some of the stone areas.  Residents were encouraged to report each and every incident of ASB to the Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers to allow an accurate picture to be developed.
    Action (2) Raise issue of ASB with TfGM (Simon Danczuk MP)

    Crown Street/Prince Street Anti-Social Behaviour
    A considerable number of incidents have been reported on the Police 101 number in relation to alleged domestic abuse, drug dealing and anti-social behaviour. Residents gave examples of specific neighbours that are carrying out the behaviour and say that the rest of the neighbours, and their children, are living in fear. There were claims of verbal aggression, residents smoking cannabis in the early morning outside a property, and a female resident abusing her child.

    It was stated that residents have waited weeks for a PCSO to visit in response to these reports, but also that those residents are frightened of being seen to have reported these issues.

    There were concerns that Social Services should be informed as there may be safeguarding issues.
    Action (3) Raise ASB issues with the Police and Community Safety on behalf of Ward Councillors and Simon Danczuk MP (Val White)

    Prince Street Alley-gates
    A one-off clearance has been agreed, Katie Moore was working on this. Residents stated that the alley-gates at Crown Street/Prince Street are being abused. Councillors agreed to visit residents to discuss.
    Action (4) Chase up clearance (Val White)

    Traffic Signs – Milnrow Road
    A new TRO has been introduced in the area around Bertha Road; the signage relating to the previous restrictions is still in place and needs to be removed.
    Action (5) Request removal of previous regulation signage
    (Val White)

    Street Lighting
    There was a discussion around the new street lighting levels, Councillors have taken up local individual issues and whilst agreeing that there are some concerns, they explained to the forum that the project is a Private Finance Initiative over which the Council has very limited control. Councillor Ali will raise with Street Lighting and the Township Chair in October.

    Weeds – Woodbine Street & Sandfield Road Area
    There were requests for weed killing in the above area.
    Action (6) Request weed spraying around Woodbine Street and Sandfield Road (Val White)

    Morrisons Trolleys
    There has been an increase in the amount of fly-tipping; it is believed that this is due to Morrisons change to non-coin operated trolleys.  Residents have been seen taking the trolleys and using them to transport and fly tip items.
    Action (7) Write to Morrisons head office to request return to coin-operated trolleys  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Ward News


    Nothing to report.


Date and time of the next meeting


    Thursday 10 December 2015 at 6.30pm
    Moss Street Youth Centre, Moss Street, Rochdale