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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


    The chair introduced himself to the forum and thanked everyone for attending. Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out. All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes from the last meeting/updates pdf icon PDF 73 KB


    The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and updates were provided.

    Witley Road Area Street Lighting (RQ4152)
    The forum was informed the location is a right of way and Councillor Brosnan has obtained agreement for the three broken floodlights to be repaired.  A column may still be required for an additional street light and Councillor Brosnan has allocated her Member’s Funds to contribute to the provision of a column on Witley Road should it be necessary.

    Rosefield Crescent/Metrolink
    Simon Danczuk MP has met with TfGM about anti-social behaviour issues in the area.  A resident complained youths are throwing stones from the station onto the rear of properties and no action has been taken to treat the stones to prevent this activity.  Agreed to contact TfGM about a solution.
    Action 1 Contact TfGM to chase up coating stones with resin or removal (Anthony Jackson)

    Crown Street/Prince Street Anti-Social Behaviour
    Incidents concerning alleged domestic abuse, drug dealing and anti-social behaviour issues have been raised with the Police and Community Safety.  PC Walsh to provide update during PACT meeting agenda item.

    Prince Street Alley Gates
    A one-off clearance at Prince Street has been completed.

    Traffic signs on Milnrow Road
    The signage relating to previous restrictions in the area around Bertha Road have been removed.

    Weeds on Woodbine Street & Sandfield Road Area
    The forum was informed a warden has visited Woodbine Street and Sandfield Street regarding the weeds situation. From the evidence provided it would appear that many of the weeds are noted as going brown which would indicate they have been sprayed. The contractor dealing with the weed spraying contract will be asked to re-check and treat the area if required.

    Morrisons Trolleys
    A response has been received from Morrisons concerning the complaints about shopping trolleys in the area.  Management at the Rochdale store will increase the number of external local area inspections and make sure trolleys are collected twice per day. Morrisons’ Estates Team are also looking into any deterrents that can be installed to stop trolleys being taken from the store.  Coin operated trolleys have been reinstated at this store.


Greater Manchester Police - PACT meeting


    PC Walsh and PCSO Bird provided an update on crime statistics for the area.

    Burglary dwellings: 29 down from 35, areas include Newbold, Belfield, New Estate and Sandfield.  Some of the incidents have occurred due to insecure properties.  Residents were reminded to lock doors and keep windows closed when unoccupied.
    Burglary other: 26
    Street robbery
    : 9
    Theft from motor vehicles: 37 down from 43
    Theft of motor vehicles: 7

    Operation Dark Nights is providing advice and safety resources/equipment to assist in keeping properties safe.

    The forum was informed a person has been charged for the burglary of the ice cream parlour on Oldham Road and a prolific offender that was due to be released in the next few weeks has been given an additional three year sentence.  A person is on bail for the knife point robbery on Albert Royds Street.

    Vehicle crime is a problem across the borough.  Residents were reminded to keep vehicles safe and not leave valuables on show in cars.

    A Dispersal Order is in place to deal with anti-social behaviour and street drinking near the Canal.

    The Police have been working with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing in the area and two tenants have been evicted due to drug activities.  One male has been charged for drug dealing and six people arrested for possession of Class A drugs.

    Residents raised concerns about neighbour nuisance on Crown Street.  The Police agreed to investigate.

    A resident asked for temporary CCTV to be installed to identify offenders.  The Police advised cameras would be ineffective due to the quality of street lighting in the area.

    The forum was informed from May 2016 the Ward would be served by a Neighbourhood Policing Team.  It was hoped that by operating a Neighbourhood Policing model, officers would develop a good working knowledge of the Ward and they would be in a better position to respond to problems.

    A resident asked for a Police presence to address the problem of indiscriminate parking on Muriel Street with vehicles obstructing access to drives.  The Police agreed to arrange patrols by PCSOs in the area.  The resident was informed vehicles are only considered an obstruction if they prevent exiting from a driveway.

    PACT priorities for the Ward:

    1.      Burglary

    2.      Anti-social behaviour


Open Forum


    Finance public engagement
    Vicky Crossland was in attendance from Rochdale Council’s Finance Service to give a presentation about the public engagement initiative the Council is currently carrying out,  the budget challenge. The Council has faced significant financial challenges since 2011, the start of the austerity period, and continues to do so. An overview was provided of the financial challenge and how the Council and community can assist with the budget challenge.

    Questionnaires with freepost envelopes were made available. The animation about the services the Council currently delivers, an overview of the financial challenge and how the Council and community can assist is available on the Council’s web site

    Residents asked about the impact of the savings proposals on Community Safety and Adult Care and they were encouraged to let their views be known during the consultation period.

    Rosefield Crescent, Bertha Road and Newbold Street Double Yellow Lines

    The forum agreed there is a need to extend the double yellow lines at Rosefield Crescent, Bertha Road and Newbold Street to protect the junctions.  Kingsway Ward Funds were committed to this proposed scheme.
    Action 2: Start commissioning process for introduction of a new TRO (Anthony Jackson)

    Muriel Street Traffic Issues
    Councillor Ahmed has been liaising with St Peter’s CE Primary School and Highways to find a solution to the traffic issues in the area.  Highways have proposed the construct of a new turning head area on Muriel Street outside St Peter’s CE Primary School.

    Woodbine Street and Moss Street Lighting
    Residents raised concerns about the poor lighting/dark areas after the replacement of street lights on Woodbine Street and Moss Street.  The forum was informed Eon can conduct a study to assess whether the lighting levels are in line with current legislation.  Any issues concerning street lighting can be reported to Eon on 0800 015 0452.


Ward News


    Turf Hill Road TRO and Gibson Street/Samson Street Prohibition of Driving – Highways to programme work.
    Belfield Road traffic calming – Highways have confirmed work to commence in the New Year.
    Robbie’s Common kick pitch – meetings are ongoing with plans to be drawn up.


Date and time of the next meeting


    Thursday 10 March 2016 at 6.30pm
    Moss Street Youth Centre, Moss Street, Rochdale