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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


    The chair introduced R Hudson (new Township Officer covering Kingsway ward) to the forum and thanked everyone for attending. Apologies were noted from M Hazlehurst from last forum.  Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out. All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes from the last meeting/updates pdf icon PDF 61 KB


    The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and updates were provided.

    Witley Road Area Street Lighting
    Works by Eon have now started.

    Rosefield Crescent/Metrolink
    Works have been carried out.

    Belfield Lane Chicanes
    It was reported at the last forum the reflectors off the chicanes are missing. R Hudson made a site visit and photographed the chicanes and referred the issue to the Highways Department for repair.

    Grots Spots
    It was reported at the last forum that a number of grot spots in the Kingsway ward needed attention, in particular the area of Morrison’s, the Metrolink stop and also Crown Street.  Update from Environmental Management this week was that all clean-ups had been carried out.

    Milnrow Road TRO
    Update from Parking Services – the area was added to the hotspots list in April and given enhanced enforcement.  During that period no vehicles were observed to be parked in contravention of the restrictions in operation.  Parking Services asked for residents to therefore identify specific times that were problematic so that patrols can be scheduled accordingly.

    It was agreed that Parking Services make contact with the PCSOs and PCs (B Walsh PC of GMP) in the area so that a combined visit can be scheduled in.
    Action 1: R Hudson to raise with Highways Department to liaise with GMP to schedule joint visit for enforcement in the area.


Greater Manchester Police - PACT meeting


    PC Walsh gave an update to the forum:

    Burglary Dwellings – 12 (last period 15)
    Burglary Others – 27 (last period 14)
    Street Robberies - 2 (last period 5)

    Theft from Motor Vehicle – 22 (last period 24)

    It was noted that a lot of burglaries had been carried out in the Sandfield and Newbold areas.  Theft from motor vehicles – 3 had been carried out on Morrison’s car park.  PC Walsh advised residents to check vehicles for security and remove valuables as always.  Criminal damage reports were 62 (42 in last period) and a lot of damage had recently been caused at St Peter’s Primary School and as a consequence the PCSOs have been working to identify potential suspect children from Kingsway High School.  Anti-social behaviour incidents were 123 (last period 159) so a significant reduction in numbers.  PC Walsh advised that the Kingsway neighbourhood Police team have been working alongside the Kirkholt team for some time this period, getting more officers on the beat.  The new policing structure also allows more partnership working with Community Safety and the Property Department  A cannabis farm was recently busted in the area and the forum discussion the recent topic of legal highs and associated problems in the community.


Open Forum


    Woodbine Street East and Royds Street Fly-tipping
    The forum raised an issue with fly-tipping in the areas of Woodbine Street East and Royds Street.  The Townships Office will refer to Environmental Management Department to clear.
    Action 2: R Hudson to refer to Environmental Management as above

    Moss Street Damaged Bollard
    The forum raised an issue with a damaged bollard to the side of Moss Street Youth Centre.  The Townships Office will refer to Highways Department to address.
    Action 3: R Hudson to refer to Highways as above

    Newbold Metrolink Stop Criminal Activities
    The forum raised an issue with break-ins/crimes at adjacent houses to the Newbold Metrolink stop.  GMP will follow this up.
    Action 4: PC Walsh (GMP) will follow-up as above

    Witley Road Street Lights
    The forum raised an issue with the newly installed street lights at the Witley Road area and why one light was situated within the crown of an adjacent tree.
    Action 5: R Hudson to email J Hartley (rep for Eon) as above and copy in Ward Councillors

    Kingsway/Moss Avenue Junction Double Yellow Lines
    The forum raised an issue with a concern that double yellow lines may be needed on Kingsway close to the junction of Moss Avenue – one side already has them.
    Action 6: M Hazlehurst (Forum Chair) to carry out a walk about in the area to assess the situation and report back at the next forum

    Metrolink Track Stones
    Residents again raised concerns about youths throwing stones from the Metrolink track at nearby houses and they asked why are the stones there but not in other places and if they can be netted down.
    Action 7: Councillor Brosnan to look further into this matter and report back at the next forum

    St Peter’s School Extension
    A resident raised concerns with the proposed planning permission to extend St Peter’s School, stating the historic traffic problems on Muriel Street.  A discussion was held over ways of rectifying this traffic issue.  The Chair wished to put forward a formal objection to the Planning Department on behalf of the forum and to see if a Planning Officer can attend the next forum in August.  The Chair also asked concerned residents to submit their own individual objections and gather support from their neighbours too.
    Action 8: R Hudson to refer to Planning Department as above

    Litter outside Medina Mosque
    A resident raised concerns with the amount of litter on the footpaths outside the Medina Mosque, Church Road.
    Action 9: R Hudson to refer to Environmental Management Department as above

    Unauthorised use of premises
    Residents again raised concerns with a house on Milnrow Road that has had complaints historically concerning an unauthorised use as a car breakers/repairs business, stating the use has arisen again.
    Action 10: R Hudson to refer to Planning Enforcement Department as above

    Minrow Road TRO
    It was reported at the last forum in ‘Ward News’ that the TRO for Milnrow Road will be complete in the next few months.  Councillor Ahmed would like to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Ward News


    Councillor Brosnan extended her thanks at the forum to D Bowler, Y Pickering and PC Walsh for their recent efforts in respect of the installation of the Newbold Tram Stop lights and ASB issues concerning the tram stop.  She also extended her thanks at the forum to GMP for their efforts to seize cannabis farms.

    Councillor Brosnan advised the forum of her proposed scheme of a ‘rubbish amnesty’ for large-items with Environmental Management which will be funded by Township ward funds.  This scheme will hopefully assist with the ongoing problem of fly tipping in the ward.


Date and time of the next meeting


    Thursday 25 August 2016 at 6.30pm
    Moss Street Youth Centre, Moss Street, Rochdale