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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


    The Chair of the Forum welcomed all to the meeting and asked that the Code of Conduct be adhered to throughout the meeting.


    Apologies had been received from Councillor Zaman, Mark Widdup (Director of Neighbourhoods), Inspector Nick Hill and Bob Bevan.


Greater Manchester Police including PACT meeting


    Sgt D. Shirazi, PC Ahmed, PCSO Nosir and PCSO Aziz attended the meeting for this item.


    The Forum was informed that over the past three months:


    -       A taxi operation had taken place to identify non-registered vehicles.


    -       A drugs operation had taken place on Vine Place with a number of arrests being made.


    -       A traffic operation had been undertaken in the Ward with a number of fixed penalties being issued for the non-wearing of seatbelts.


    -       A Youth Engagement Event was held in conjunction with Deeplish Community Centre together with a Freehold Football Tournament


    In relation to the PACT priorities that were identified at the last Forum meeting the following updates were provided:


    Drug dealing – In addition to the Vine Place operation various other locations in the Ward are constantly monitored.


    Prostitution – this is an ongoing issue. GMP are working with multiple organisations to deal with this complex issue.


    Anti-Social Behaviour – There are a number of problematical areas in the Ward that suffer from ASB, for example Tweedale Street. These areas are constantly monitored.


    It was agreed that drug dealing, prostitution and ASB should be the PACT priorities for the Ward over the next three months.


    Residents were urged to continue reporting criminal activity on the 101 number. 999 should only be used in emergency cases.


    Residents raised the following concerns:


    1.    General ASB activity on Marigold Street.


    The Public Realm Inspector and Police agreed to monitor this situation.


    2.    Lack of visibility of Police in the Ward.


Director of Neighbourhoods Update


    The Director of Neighbourhoods, Mark Widdup sent his apologies.


    Carlo Schroder, Community Co-ordinator attended the meeting to explain and reassure residents that robust operational plans were in place to deal with the two demonstrations that are planned to take place in the Town Centre over the next couple of weekends.


    Residents were advised and urged to carry on as normal with their daily business and not get involved in the demonstrations.


    Mark Reynolds, Public Realm Inspector for the Ward attended the meeting to explain what his role is concerned with. In brief terms Public Realm Inspectors’ are responsible for responding and subsequently investigating / monitoring incidents in the Ward that relate to environmental management / community safety. Mark can be contacted at Mark.Reynolds @ or 01706 924979.


    The Forum was also informed that four Town Centre Wardens will be commencing employment with the authority over the next couple of weeks. These Officers will be concerned with managing general anti-social behaviour issues within the Town Centre.


    Councillor Brett thanked the Public Realm Inspector for his efforts in the Ward.


Open Forum


    Residents raised the following issues:


    1.    Safety concerns were raised about the road layout along Milkstone Road / Tweedale Street / Station Road and if it would be possible to change the configuration of the road layout.


    The Township and Engagement Officer informed the Forum that this issue / question had been raised many times at Forum meetings. The Forum was reminded that there were no plans to re-configure the layout of the road.


    2.    A resident asked if the double yellow lines on Manchester (Old) Road would be removed.


    The Township and Engagement Officer acknowledged that this issue had been around for some time and was under the impression that Highways are not prepared to remove the lines. However it was agreed that a site visit would be arranged with residents to discuss this further.


    3.    Concerns were raised about the lack of progress that has been made with regards to the Highway problems within the Ward that have been raised many times at this Forum meeting.


    The Township and Engagement Officer accepted this issue had been raised many times and that progress had been slow. However, the Forum was informed that a ‘Beat’ survey had been commissioned to be undertaken in the Ward. The purpose of this survey would be to collect data from a number of streets within the Ward which would identify the extent to which commuters use the area for parking, therefore adding to congestion problems and difficulties for residents to park locally. It was hoped that the results of this survey will be available for the next Area Forum meeting in October.


    4.    A resident raised concerns about general anti-social behaviour on Marigold Street.


    The Public Realm Inspector would leaflet drop all the properties on Marigold Street in an attempt to deter this type of behaviour.


    5.    A resident raised concerns about litter problems on Vine Place.


    It was agreed that this would be assessed over coming weeks to determine the extent of the problem.


    6.    Concerns were raised about the feeding of pigeon’s around Kent Street / Vine Place.


    7.    The Forum was informed of the Deeplish Youth Project which runs every Thursday 6pm till 8.30pm. Activities include multi sports training, education and empowerment and information and advice.


    8.    The Chair congratulated Environmental Management for increasing recycling rates and thanked Officers for the work they undertook during Ramadan.








Minutes from previous meeting/Matters arising/Updates pdf icon PDF 65 KB


    The minutes of the Milkstone and Deeplish Area Forum held on Monday 20th March 2017 were approved as a correct record.


    No matters were arising. The following updates were provided:


    1.    Road surface on Great George Street.


    The Township and Engagement Officer was aware this work request had not been completed and was investigating further.


    2.    Medina Cash and Carry Cash Machine


    The Forum was informed that an enforcement notice had been issued and that further advice from Legal was being sought.


    3.    Road surface on Vine Place


    The Township and Engagement Officer was aware the repair work had not been completed. The Forum was informed that Vine Place was not on the Highway Maintenance Schedule for 2017/18.


    4.    Street sign missing – Vine Place


    Sign has now been replaced.


    5.    Fence on Vine Place


    The Township and Engagement Officer confirmed the car park off Vine Place was in Council ownership.


Councillor Updates


    The Forum was informed of Councillor Surgery details (see below) and the Council’s approach to tackling obesity.



    Councillor Surgery Details


    First Saturday of each month

    10.00am – 11.00am at Deeplish Community Centre, Hare Street, Rochdale.


    11.00am – 12.00 noon at Sudden Community Centre, Cheltenham Street, Rochdale.


    Third Saturday of each month

    10.00am – 11.00am at Castlemere Community Centre, Tweedale Street, Rochdale.


    11.00am – 12.00 noon at Sparthbottom Community Centre, Norman Road, Rochdale.


    No appointments necessary, just drop in at any of the above centres during the surgery times.



Rochdale Football Club


Members/Ward Funds 2017/2018 and projects supported during 2016/2017 pdf icon PDF 12 KB


Date and time of next meeting