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    All were welcomed to the meeting and introductions took place.  The Chair referred to the code of conduct and asked all to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.  Apologies were received from Councillor Linden, Councillor Zaman, Councillor Zaheer and M Hebden.


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Matters arising from previous minutes


    Mandale Park Blocked Drains
    The issue was reported to Ian Trickett, and instruction was given to have the drains cleared.  This has been actioned.

    Heath Street - provide residents lock and keys for alley gates

    Tony Thomas has provided a lock, key and chain.  At the meeting it was agreed that Kenny would sort out the supply of keys.  Residents were asked to let Kenny know the number required.  PCSO Hall wanted to remind residents that they are responsible for purchasing their own keys.
    Action 1: Confirm numbers of keys needed for new lock for alley gate with Kenny Farrar (Residents of Heath Street)

    Heath Street – request letter be sent to residents to reinforce their responsibilities
    It was agreed for this to be chased up and to be actioned before the next forum.
    Action 2: Chase up letters for Heath Street (Katie Moore)

    Former Castle Pub
    Gez Wood confirmed that a letter has been sent to the owner suggesting that there will be dire consequences if they fail to carry out repairs, however, at this time the property is not deemed bad enough for a notice.

    Norman Road Trees
    It was agreed for Tony to visit the site and establish whether a notice can be served to cut the trees back at the top of Sparth Bottoms Road.  An update will be provided at the next forum.
    Action 3: Conduct site visit to establish whether a notice can be served (Tony Thomas)


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    An update was provided regarding current crime statistics:
    Domestic burglary - two reports have been received in the last month.  Both were separate cases with no pattern identified.
    Burglary other - 3 crimes in business dwellings (one of which was in the last 6 weeks).
    Criminal Damage - 4 crimes have been reported.

    The forum were encouraged to attend the PACT meetings which are community meetings to raise issues and actively engage in the policing where they live.  If they are not attended there is a risk that they will be cancelled.  A resident stated that they would attend but wasn’t sure when they were.  PCSO Aziz circulated a list of dates (see attachment to these minutes).

    An update was provided on concerns raised at the last forum around mini moto’s.  Seven incidents have been reported in the last month and possible locations identified.  The police stressed the importance of reporting crimes of this nature.


Youth Service - Presentation


    A short presentation was provided by the Sparth Youth Group who along with members of the Play Scheme Project have been involved in a ‘Recycle Project’.  This project has been supported by Co-op Pioneers, Sparth Community Centre and RBC Youth Services.  Using old bicycle parts the group have been creating a large art piece which has been centred on Tour de France.  The art work will be displayed outside Rochdale Pioneers Museum with a launch event being held on Saturday 28 June 2014 from 12pm at the museum (Rochdale Pioneers Museum, 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale).


Any Other Business


    Heath Street
    Residents reported a fridge freezer in the alleyway of Heath Street.  There was some concern that without the lock, people have been walking up and down the alleyway late at night looking into gardens.  It is recommended that if there is criminal activity this should be reported to the police.

    Residents reported sightings of rats going towards Albion Road.
    Action 3: Conduct site visit to address issues raised around Heath Street and Albion Road (Tony Thomas)

    St Albans Terrace
    A resident wanted to make the area forum aware of a current spate of thefts of cast iron grids that are being taken from the front of properties.  This activity has left the holes being exposed and been covered by plastic cones/fences to make people aware.  Tony Thomas advised that he had written to some of residents with details of a contractor who supplies grids but has not received any responses.  The police informed the forum that should this happen, each individual would have to report the crime to the police (Note: it should be the home owner rather than neighbour).  If reports have been made this will be flagged up for the police to look at and be seen as a current issue.
    Action 4: Conduct site visit to assess current situation as it was suggested that more have been taken than originally thought (Tony Thomas)

    Action 5: Search system to identify if reports have been made (GMP)

    Manchester Road - Double yellow lines
    Concerns were raised around not being able to park outside houses due to the implementation of double yellow lines.  Objections had been sent to Highways, however, no responses were received.  It was agreed for Gez Wood to obtain further details from residents at the end of the meeting.
    Action 6: Seek advice from Highways and Ward Councillors on scheme and look to provide responses to residents who have enquired (Gez Wood)

    Individual Electoral Registration
    Katie informed the forum of a new system that is being put in place to register for voting.  This will now have to be done on an individual basis rather than per household.
    Action 7: Send details of the registration process to Kenny Farrar (Katie Moore)


Date and time of the next meeting