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Venue: Sparth Community Centre, Norman Road, Rochdale OL11 4HS

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Matters arising from previous minutes


    Councillor Linden updated the forum of the recent fire on Corporation Road and expressed his views on how well the emergency services dealt with the issue.  All agreed.

    Councillor Linden gave an update on drug dealing in the Sparth area. A report will be going to Township and in future GMP will start to inform area forums of arrests and sentences given to offenders. GMP under the PCC are changing their policy all over Greater Manchester which will result in more detailed information for area forums.

    Manchester Road Double Yellow Lines
    Double yellow lines on Manchester Road are only preventing residents parking; parents are still stopping to drop children off at Beech House School. The general opinion of residents and businesses in the area is that the scheme isn’t needed, Valery White (Principal Townships Officer) informed the forum that all residents were part of a consultation process and if the restriction was to be lifted, the Highways Department would need around £4,000 to do so.  Residents also raised the issue of motorists parking on the double yellow lines on the corner of Castle Hill Crescent.

    Action 1: Raise with Highways the need for enforcement in the area (Anthony Jackson)


Greater Manchester Police - PACT meeting


    Latest crime figures from 1 July 2015:

         Burglary Domestic – 9

         Burglary Other (shops and businesses) – 11 (ram raids)

         Theft from motor vehicles - 6 (3 number plates)

         Theft of motor vehicles - 2

         Criminal damage – 2 (cost of £5K)


    There has been an increase of domestic burglary in the ward. Most properties were ground floor dwellings which occurred between 4-5am in the morning. Extra patrols have been appointed to the area. The last reported domestic burglary was 11 August 2015. All have now stopped.

    Resident raised the issue of youths setting small fires against the gable end of St Albans Terrace. PCSO Anderton advised the resident to report the matter to police and keep a log.

    The forum asked what time fireworks are permitted to be set off until. PC White explained the law permits people to set off fireworks up until 11.30pm, apart from New Year’s Eve. The Police step up patrols around these times of year and remove any piles of rubbish which could be used for a fire with the assistance of the council.

    Residents were reminded of the numbers to call should they want to report a crime (this can be done anonymously):


    You should always call 999 in an emergency.

    Call 101 to report a non-emergency incident or make a general enquiry.

    You can contact your local neighbourhood team by telephone or email

    Telephone: 0161 856 9961




Open forum


    Councillors’ report
    Councillor Linden provided an update on a number of initiatives/projects:

    ·           Section 106 monies relating to the new Aldi - the Leader wants the monies to be spent on public realm work in the town centre. The three Ward Councillors will be meeting with the Leader to express their disappointment with this proposal. The value of the Section 106 monies available from Aldi is £67,000.

    ·           Canopy at Sparth Community Centre – Nick Barton (Principal Project Manager, Planning) is leading on this. Update required for next meeting.


    Action 2: Update to be obtained from Nick Barton for the next area forum (Anthony Jackson)

    ·           Townhead Road improvement works are due to be completed in January 2016. The work has been delayed due to a drain, but the council are working with the gas board on this matter. Work can only be carried out when there are low levels of traffic.

    ·           Working on the exclusion of a student from the 6th Form college.

    ·           Praise was given to all services involved in dealing with the recent accident of the double decker bus hitting the railway bridge in Milkstone and Deeplish ward. These services managed to get the train service back in action after 3 hours.

    ·           Councillor Linden has secured funding from the Rochdale Township Action and Resources Committee for a road safety scheme in Milkstone and Deeplish ward. Twenty children have been injured in road traffic accidents over the past three years and not one accident was the driver’s fault. The scheme involves educating children and parents on road safety, leaflets/banners with road safety messages and working with schools to educate the importance of road safety.

    ·           A planning application has come into the council for a drive through fast food outlet on the central retail park. If the application is approved, the entrance on Station Road would be closed. Residents asked that clean and green be made a priority in this area if the application is granted.

    ·           EON Street Lighting Contract is now in its fourth year. Councillor Linden informed the forum that the council has had problems with the replacement of signage and bins on new lamp columns. Cabinet asked that the Council’s Chief Executive, Steve Rumbelow, meet with the new manager at EON to address these issues. This meeting has since happened and the council and EON are now working together to reinstate the bins and signage to the new columns. This is a borough wide problem and could take some time. GMP asked if the Home Watch signs would go back on the new lampposts in the areas where the schemes are run. Councillor Linden confirmed they would.


    Questions – Open Forum


    1.      Can businesses be made to clean up their premises and put up a fence to hide unsightly yards?

    Kenny (Chair) suggests setting up an Environment Sub Group for the Sparth Area forum.
    Action 3: Kenny to set up Environment Sub Group for Sparth (Kenny Farrar)

    Mandale Park
    Ian Trickett (Environmental Management) came to the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Any Other Business


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