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Introduction & Apologies


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Review of projects 2013/14


    Katie provided an overview of the projects funded in 2013-14.  Extracts were taken from the Rochdale Township Communities and Engagement Priority Group Chair’s Report and feedback forms received.  It was advised that not all projects have taken place yet and a request will be sent for feedback from those groups.
    Action 1: Continue to gather feedback (Townships Team)

    Councillor Ali informed the group that the Q Gardens scheme had been brought up at a recent Rochdale Township Committee meeting.  Councillor Sheerin provided an update; £13,500 has been awarded to the scheme from the Clinical Commissioning Group.  People are onsite and it is back up and running.  It is currently opening on Wednesdays only.
    Action 2: Obtain update on Q Gardens scheme for the next meeting (Katie Moore)

    Councillor Ali also asked about the project to fund planters for Rochdale Fire Service Museum.  The feedback from the fire station was very positive, it stated that an area previously looking untidy and unwelcoming which attracted dustbins and parked vehicles (causing obstruction), is now an attractive, clean and tidy area which welcomes visitors.


Rochdale Township Funding 2014/15


Bids Received


    Two bids have been received:

    Punjab Cricket and Badminton Club:  £3000
    The project is divided into two categories; badminton and cricket.  It is a healthy living project which encourages the youth and adults to participate in fitness activities.
    Proposed expenditure:

    ·           League budget £411

    ·           New kit expenses £1,381

    ·           Ground fee in summer £1,500

    ·           Refreshment expenses £500


    Kirkholt Youth Group: £3,000
    The grant would support Kirkholt Youth Group in organising a community event in recognition of the Centenary Celebrations as well as covering costs for a piece of drama work with M6 Theatre looking at Young People’s Lifestyles in 1914.  The group is aged 11-16 year olds.  They have recently become an established group and have expressed a need to become involved in activities that are more proactive.

    Proposed expenditure:

    ·           Activities for community engagement day £1000

    ·           Payment to M6 Theatre, 10 sessions £500

    ·           Transport £500

    ·           Resources for Youth Session including an education visit to Imperial War Museum £1000


    It was agreed that further information is needed and that both groups be invited to the next meeting to present their application.  Due to timescales of the projects a special meeting will be arranged to consider the applications.
    Action 3: Organise extra meeting with presentations from the two applicants. (Katie Moore)

    Discussions were had about supporting a Link4Life Summer Programme 2015.  It was agreed that feedback needs to be obtained from the 2014 scheme to assess uptake and that Julie Durrant be advised to apply for funding.
    Action 4: Obtain feedback from the scheme and invite Julie to submit an application for funding. (Katie Moore)

    The group discussed different ways of advertising the funding that is available.  Suggestions included using the Area Forums and producing a press release.  Members thought Rochdale Township need to be acknowledged in publicity for example, for projects they have supported.

    ·           Update from meeting: In the ‘Declaration’ section of the application form it does says: “Highlight the support of Rochdale Township in all publicity material and agree to Rochdale Council’s use of the organisation’s name and photographs for promotional purposes”. Therefore, applicants are asked to acknowledge support from Rochdale Township.


    A discussion was also had about the Area Forums.  The group were assured that the Township Team are looking at increasing the uptake of the forums.  All the feedback from the meeting with be shared with the Lead Townships Officer.


Date and time of next meeting