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Venue: Kirkholt Community Church, Daventry Road, Rochdale OL11 2HZ. View directions

Contact: Katie Moore - Tel. 01706 924770 

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Introductions and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


    The chair introduced himself to the meeting and thanked everyone for attending. Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out. All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


PACT Meeting - Greater Manchester Police


    The chair advised that due to availability the police were unable to attend, however, a written response was provided by Rachel Holland (PCSO) in advance of the meeting:

    (taken for past 3 months compared to last year)

    Burglary: Slight increase by 11%
    Burglary other (business premises): Down by 25%
    Theft from motor vehicles : No change
    Theft of motor vehicles : Down by 60%
    Damage : Slight increase of 7%
    ASB: Down by 23%

    There has been 1 hate incident in the last 3 months but this was low level ASB.

    On the 1 August PCSOs ran a crime mystery day at Balderstone Library.  A crime scene was set up and the kids got chance to help solve the crime by taking finger prints, foot prints, looking for evidence and helping to read statements.  This narrowed down to a suspect which they all got right.  After this activity they tried on equipment and uniforms and got to sit in the police car.  The turnout was FANTASTIC with over 35 children!!!!!  The event is going to be rolled out to local schools over the next few months.

    In August there was a warrant on Daventry Road where Class A and B drugs were found.  A male was arrested and has since been charged for the offences.

    In October PCSO Holland has arranged to visit Sandbrook School and do talks with all the classes around stranger danger and staying safe.  With the older ones there will be talks re: staying safe on the internet and chat rooms.

    Partners And Communities Together meetings used to be held every month, however, GMP were struggling to get new faces to the group and some months to think of priorities.  The PACT meetings will now be held at this community meeting as this gives more residents the chance to express concerns and pick 3 priorities to pursue.  Progress will be reported back to the next community meeting and discussions held about what has been done.

    It was suggested that this meeting could pick three priorities for this quarter and send them to PCSO Holland.  The meeting discussed this and agreed on the following:

    1.      Burglary (reinforce keeping properties safe and secure as will be coming into Christmas season the next community meeting).

    2.      Speeding of vehicles (identified through consultation for Kirkholt Million, children stated that they were scared of speeding traffic).

    Action 1: Send PACT Priorities to PCSO Holland (Katie Moore)

    Discussions were held on how the PACT meetings are being advertised.  It was agreed that they would be added to the new posters that have been produced to advertise the community meeting.
    Action 2: Include PACT meeting to poster and consult with PCSO Holland on the advertisement of the PACT meetings (Katie Moore)




    Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH)
    Unfortunately, RBH were unable to attend the meeting, but have advised they would attend the next meeting to provide an update on the development of The Strand.

    Environmental Management
    Steve Lett provided a short presentation which gave an outline of the
    EE002 - Waste Services Review consultation.  Members of the public are being invited to read and submit their views to the Council on their saving plans.  More information can be found on the Council’s website or alternatively you can also leave your comments in person at libraries and customer service centres across the borough.  The meeting discussed the review and suggested the following:

    ·         Use stickers on bins to indicate what should go in the bins.

    ·         Need more clarity on what should go in each bin.

    ·         Agree with the statement of families not being able to cope with smaller bins.


    A resident stated that their brown bin had not being collected. It was advised to report the issue to the contact centre.

    Kirkholt Million
    The steering group have completed consulting local people on the top 10 things that have been identified as being important to the community.  Over 100 responses were received.  The group are currently identifying a vision statement, otherwise referred to as the dream.  The vision statement will focus on what the community hope to see in relation to the development of Kirkholt in 10 years time.  This will feature in a two year strategy which will include 4/5 projects which could be achieved in the first two years of the Kirkholt Million project.

    It was agreed to provide an update at the next community meeting.
    Action 3: Kirkholt Million to be included as an agenda item for December’s meeting (Katie Moore)


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 75 KB


    The minutes of the previous meeting of 3 June 2014 were approved as a true record.


    Letter of thanks to the family of Mr Batley
    Following the passing of Mr Batley, a letter of condolence and thanks was sent to his family.

    Environmental Management Service issues
    It was confirmed that the matters raised at the last meeting were dealt with by Environmental Management.

    Kirkholt Million agenda item
    This item was added to the agenda and an update was provided.

    Advertisement of good news stories
    Katie advised that there is facility through the Council’s newsroom page which could allow for the advertisement of good news stories in the area.  The Council does have social media facilities such as Facebook and Twitter which could be used.  It was advised to get in contact with Katie.

    Amendments to previous minutes
    The minutes of the last meeting have been amended.

    Drinking cans - GP surgery
    Steve stated that he had been on site and saw no evidence of it.  If this occurs again it is advised to contact Community Safety.

    Renaming of the area forum
    The area forum will now be referred to as the
    Balderstone and Kirkholt Community Meeting.  Posters have been produced and sent to two churches, GP surgery at The Strand and Balderstone Library.


Forum Ideas


    There were discussions on how to publicise the meetings.  It was suggested that RBH carry out a Christmas mail out and wondered whether something could be included about the community meeting.  Ann Hunt from Guinness Northern Counties agreed that she could look to include it in their mail out in addition to advertising good news stories in the area.  There are currently 64 properties managed by Guinness Northern Counties.
    Action 4: Katie to liaise with RBH (Katie Moore)


Open Forum


    20mph zones
    A resident enquired about an article they had read about the introduction of 20mph zones in all residential streets in Rochdale.  To confirm this was raised at the last Rochdale Township Committee with a suggestion to introduce this.  At the Rochdale Township Committee meeting on 10 September 2014 it was agreed that a report will be presented to the next meeting of Rochdale Township on 5 November 2014, detailing all pertinent issues, including costs, associated with introducing 20mph speed limits in all residential areas in the Rochdale Township.

    Dog Fouling
    A question was raised as to whether dog fouling was considered to be a criminal offence. Steve Lett advised that the local authority issues letters to individuals or to people living in  the areas where there is a problem.  It can lead to a fine of up to £50.

    Drugs use reporting
    There was a discussion around incidents where people have smelt marijuana e.g. coming from cars/properties. It was advised to contact the police on the 101 number.

    Christmas Switch On Event
    A short discussion was had about this year’s installation of a Christmas tree and light switch on ceremony.  Katie advised that this would need a group of volunteers to organise it and also an events application would need to be submitted.  Councillor Nickson suggested that all the churches could be involved.


Date and time of next meeting


    Tuesday 9 December 2014, 6.30pm-8.30pm, St Mary’s (Balderstone) Church, Oldham Road, Rochdale