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Introductions and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


    The chair introduced himself to the forum and thanked everyone for attending. Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out. All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


PACT Meeting - Greater Manchester Police


    (taken for past 3 months compared to last year)

    Burglary: Increase by 13%
    Burglary other (business premises): Down by 12%
    Theft from motor vehicles: Down by 77%
    Theft of motor vehicles: Down by 62%
    Criminal Damage: Increase by 37%
    ASB: Increase by 29%
    Hate Crime: Down by 50%

    Operations and activities

    ·           An arrest was made after a drugs warrant yesterday. A cannabis farm was found and the plants were seized and destroyed.

    ·           An operation was carried out last month to tackle drug dealing, particularly around the supply of Class A drugs. Arrests and charges were made.

    ·           2 charges were made following burglary offences on Dobbin Drive.

    ·           A new pilot scheme has been set up to support families using a multi-agency approach. The scheme is in its early stages.


    Following the last meeting the PACT priorities were as follows (PCSO Holland provided updates on each):

    ·         Burglary - Burglary is a borough wide issue. GMP is still working hard to address this.

    ·         Speeding - There has been no interest for a community speed-watch. Anyone wishing to be involved should contact PCSO Holland/PCSO Dewhurst.

    ·         Daventry Road Flats - to address ASB. A letter drop was carried out reminding residents of the flats to be cautious when letting people in.


    PACT priorities were set for the next quarter:

    1.      Off road bikes - there were concerns about off road biking. PCSO Holland explained that this is difficult to tackle and does rely on the community to report incidents in particular if they know who it is. Residents are encouraged to contact the police via the 101 number.

    Action 1: Put in request for the GMP off road bike team (PCSO Holland)

    Action 2: Post information on Facebook about off road biking (PCSO Holland)


    2.      Balderstone Park and Library - the library is under refurbishment and has seen some ASB around the area.


    3.      ASB at Well ith’ Lane.



    ·        Kirkholt Million


    An update was provided on Kirkholt Million. The plan submitted for 2015-16 has been agreed and accepted by Big Local. It is hoped some visible work will now start to take place over the next few months. Some of the activities will include a basic training course which will lead to a level 1 qualification in basic building skills. It is hoped that a proportion of the funding will goes towards supporting people carry out apprenticeships.

    Discussions are underway (in addition to applying for additional funding) to look at the feasibility and installation of a skate park and new play area. Other ideas put forward include creating a community group funding pot as more community groups are coming forward in applying for funding through TRAK.

    To celebrate the work a free family disco is going to be held on Friday 20th March, from 7pm at Kirkholt Social Club.


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 70 KB


    The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record.


    Statistics on effectiveness of illuminated 20mph signs around the Kirkholt estate
    The study undertaken prior to the introduction of traffic calming and 20mph speed limit shows that from 1/1/96 – 31/12/98 there were 44 recorded accidents resulting in 63 casualties, this included 26 children.

    In the three years directly after the introduction of the scheme (01/01/03 – 31/12/05) the figures are as follows, 17 accidents, 22 casualties, 6 of which were children.

    In the last 3 years up to Sept 2014 the figures are 8 accidents, 9 casualties of which there were only 2 children

    Contact bus company and taxi firm to ask to be mindful of speed limit
    A letter was sent to the taxi firm at the Strand and to TfGM to request that the drivers consider their speed around the estate.

    The forum had a discussion around the bus services provided around the estate. A resident advised they had contacted TfGM previously and had been informed that one of the services has reduced to hourly due to funding constraints.

    Letter drop at flats on Daventry Road
    This was carried out and discussed during the police update.

    RBH to visit every retailer on The Strand before the Christmas break
    Nicky Morris advised this was carried out.


Forum Ideas


    A discussion was had about continuing to promote the community meeting. It was agreed to add RBH to the next agenda with the view to providing a verbal update on The Strand development.

    Nicky Morris provided the forum with an update of some of the developments taking place in Kirkholt and this included Hilltop, Daventry Road and Queens Drive. A consultation event is going to take place in April to look at the plans and design for The Strand Shopping Parade, details are to follow.


Open Forum


    Reports of fly-tipping were reported at Queens Drive/Daventry Road/Hartley Lane. It was advised that Environmental Management have been informed. Some of the land belongs to RBH therefore needs a co-ordinated approach. Reports of graffiti were also reported on the metre box near to the doctor’s surgery.
    Action 3: Pass on Nicky Morris’ details to Environmental Management to look at a co-ordinated response (Katie Moore)

    Dog fouling has greatly increased around the left hand side of 1 Hogarth Road to access path 1-7 Hilltop Drive. Also the access path to the front of numbers 1-15 Hilltop Drive does not get cleared of leaves, etc. anytime of the year.
    Action 4: Report to the Environmental Management Enforcement Team (Katie Moore)

    An update was provided on behalf of Debbie Chadwick (Youth Services). The young people from the Kirkholt Youth Group went bowling and rambling in Healey Dell over the half term holidays. Following the last meeting detachment work took place around the flats on Daventry Road. It was advised that the officers did not really see anyone hanging around.

    Councillor Farnell shared some good news stories:

    ·           Following a ward visit, noted gradual improvements around street cleanliness, however, it is acknowledged that there are environmental issues such as fly-tipping. It was advised that £250,000 has been allocated to Rochdale Township to specifically target these issues.

    ·           The Council offers a service where residents can request a bulky waste collection. For further details please visit:


    Telephone: 0300 303 8884


    ·           Resurfacing of the highway at Queensway is due to take place.

    ·           Over 1000 spring bulbs have been planted on Daventry Road.

    ·           Hilltop School site - a company is due to sign to develop some new housing. It is envisage that this will be houses for sale and will be starter homes for new time buyers.

    ·           Two proposals have been submitted for the Balderstone School site; a veteran village or the development of houses for rent.

    ·           A housing development has been approved for Gilbrook Way. It is hoped work will commence in the next 12 months.

    ·           Investigatory work is being undertaken around Broad Lane following complaints of noise from the Asda industrial unit at Kingsway.

    ·           Funding has been agreed from the ward for the purchase of picnic benches with disabled access for Balderstone Park.

    ·           New lights have been installed in the park.

    ·           Funding has been agreed from the ward for the purchase of new play equipment behind Digby Road.

    ·           Double yellow lines are due to be implemented at the bottom of Queen Victoria Street.

    ·           The Council and Housing Association are working together to look at plans for developing Sudden Brook Pocket Park.

    ·           Refurbishment work is underway at Balderstone Park. Works include a new roof, windows and kitchen.


Date and time of next meeting


    Balderstone and Kirkholt Community Meeting
    Tuesday 2 June 2015 at 6.30pm
    Venue: TBC