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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


    The chair introduced himself to the forum and thanked everyone for attending.  Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


    Apologies were received from Environmental Management, Councillor Kathleen Nickson, Jean Briggs, Gemma Wood (RBH) and Debbie Chadwick (Youth Services).


PACT Meeting - Greater Manchester Police


    (taken for past 3 months compared to last year)

    Burglary: Increase by 95% -There has been a large number of burglaries over a two week period. In response to this, officers carried out a plain clothes operation in hotspot areas. Since the operation there has been a significant drop in burglary offences.

    Burglary other (business premises): Down by 25%
    Theft from motor vehicles: Down by 31%
    Theft of motor vehicles: Down by 33%
    Criminal Damage: Increase by 21%
    ASB: Increase by 21%
    Hate Crime: 2 recorded. A 200% increase however this is due to no crimes within this category being reported this time last year.

    Operations and Initiatives

    ·           Burglary plain clothes initiatives were carried out due to an increase in burglary offences. Leaflet drops were conducted in hotspot areas to remind people to keep windows and doors locked and to buy light timers, etc.

    ·           A presentation was delivered to Sunflowers Nursery on Platting Lane around personal safety and how the police can help.

    ·           Neighbourhood Surveys have been carried out. These surveys are done on a quarterly basis and it gives members of the public an opportunity to tell officers how they think their local officers are doing and any issues they may have.

    ·           A Safe Plate event was held in April. This event involved replacing number plate screws with safety screws.


    Residents were reminded that during the summer months be extra vigilant, keeping doors and windows locked when leaving properties unattended.

    Following the last meeting the PACT priorities were as follows (PCSO Dewhurst provided updates on each):

    1.      Off road bikes - The Off Road Bike Team has been contacted and present on the estate. No seizures were made unfortunately. Intelligence has been received on who was riding the main offending bike; the individual is to be located.

    2.      Balderstone Park/Library - The building work has now stopped so the skip/scaffolding, etc has been removed reducing the number of problems. Patrols and advice was given out at the time of the issues raised.

    3.      Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Well i’th’ Lane - Issues were reported near to Iceland and Wellfield Surgery. Two youths have been identified and contact has been made with their families. Other members of the group identified have been referred to partner agencies and are being dealt with for criminal matters.


    PACT priorities were set for the next quarter:

    1.      Off road bikes- to remain as a priority.

    Any further priorities can be passed onto the PCSOs either directly, through RBH, Ward Councillors or the Rochdale Township Office.




    Kirkholt Million
    Barbara circulated a leaflet outlining phase 1 of the Kirkholt Million Plan. The first year plan priorities have been identified through the consultation process. These priorities included a skate park, a grants fund scheme, Building Skills Project and Apprenticeships Project.

    The consultation around the skate park is now complete and a design has been chosen based on the feedback received. Kirkholt Million are awaiting the outcome of a funding bid for the skate park. A further update will be provided at the next meeting.

    Rochdale Boroughwide Housing
    Nicky Morris provided an update on two regeneration projects:

    The Strand

    Information was displayed on the new proposed community hub building at the Public Service Reform Event held at Kirkholt Community Church. The feedback from the attendees was very positive.


    Discussions have been had with the traders who will be required to move to another unit temporarily while the first phase of demolition takes place. We are hoping to have finalised the plans for the temporary relocations in the next 6 weeks. We are supporting traders and community uses to ensure that there can be a continuity of business and service.


    We are shortly to begin registering the remaining RBH residents in the B and C blocks for rehousing and supporting them in those moves. There is a dedicated officer within RBH who is a point of contact for the residents.


    Surveys have been carried out on the B and C blocks including pre-demolition surveys, asbestos surveys, bat surveys and investigations in the utility connections and location of services.


    Timescales - it is hoped a planning application will be submitted early summer. We would like all temporary moves of traders, etc to be completed this year, with demolition work being able to start early 2017. The construction of the new Strand and community hub can follow straight after that and we would hope it would be completed in autumn 2017.


    Rudyard Corridor

    ·           All of the RBH residents within the demolition area have now been rehoused. There are some properties in private ownership within the area still and we are discussing acquisition with those owners currently.

    ·           Similar to The Strand, we have been carrying out a large number of surveys recently to ensure we have all the necessary information for demolition work to commence.

    ·           Our neighbourhood housing officers and caretakers are carrying out regular inspections to ensure homes are secure and to remove any fly tipping, etc.

    ·           We are likely to demolish the homes in two phases with the properties at the Balderstone Road/Kildare/Friars being done first, moving up towards Rudyard and Hill Top as a second phase.

    ·           The contract for the demolition is due to go out to tender by the end of this month and we would expect to be able to start the demolition late summer for the first phase with the second phase following later this year.

    ·           We are currently looking at how we will secure the areas after demolition with consideration being given to installing a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 82 KB


    The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record.


    Request for GMP off-road bike
    An update on the request was provided earlier in the meeting - please refer to agenda item 2.

    Rochdale Boroughwide Housing details
    Rochdale Boroughwide Housing details were passed onto Environmental Management.

    Environmental Issues - Hogarth Road and Hilltop Drive
    An update was provided on behalf of Environmental Management.

    Fly-tipping was removed by Environmental Management on the land at the top of Queens Drive. A visit was conducted last week and the land was clear of waste. The graffiti around the doctor’s surgery was non offensive tagging and therefore was not actioned.

    Following a site visit to Hogarth Road, there was a substantial amount of dog fouling. Patrols will be carried out and signs put up in the area.


Forum Ideas


    Discussions were held concerning the next meeting agenda. It was agreed to include the following presentations/updates:


    ·           Environmental Management

    ·           Rochdale Boroughwide Housing

    ·           Highways

    ·           Kirkholt Million

    ·           Kingsway Park High School.


    Deborah Ball (Head Teacher of Kingsway Park High School) invited attendees to have a tour of the school. It was suggested that the next meeting be held at the school which would encompass this. Transportation was discussed and a minibus service was offered by the school. If was agreed that anyone needing transport should contact the Township Office and a pick-up point will be identified.


Open Forum


    Daventry Road Planting Scheme
    Residents expressed their appreciation of the planting scheme along Daventry Road. Councillor Farnell stated a similar scheme is being considered but extended to Balderstone Road.

    Potholes at various locations were reported and enquiries made about the resurfacing material used.
    Action 1: Feedback on resurfacing to be sent to Highways (Katie Moore)

    Balderstone Road bungalows footway/fencing
    A resident said that the works completed on the new footway/fencing around Mornington looked nice but asked whether it will be extended to the bungalows on Balderstone Road.
    Action 2: Enquire with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing on possible expansion of footway/fencing around bungalows (Katie Moore)

    Gisburn Drive blocked drains
    Blocked drains were reported on Gisburn Drive.
    Action 3: Report to Highways (Katie Moore)

    News/Updates from Councillor Farnell
    Councillor Farnell shared some good news stories/updates:

    ·           Following a discussion around potholes, it was confirmed that Queensway is due to be resurfaced this year.

    ·           Unfortunately, Councillor Nickson was unable to attend the meeting; she is currently recovering from an operation. Attendees would like to send their best wishes to Councillor Nickson.

    Action 4: Send best wishes to Councillor Nickson on behalf of the attendees of the community meeting (Katie Moore)

    ·           Councillor Meredith was welcomed and introduced as the new Councillor for the ward.

    ·           Ward surgeries will be held every Saturday at 10am in Balderstone Library and every Monday at 12.30pm at the Rochdale Boroughwide Housing Office, The Strand.

    ·           Ward funds are now available for projects/schemes for this financial year. This matter will be discussed at future meetings.

    ·           Discussions are ongoing with Eon regarding the problems with street lighting on Oldham Road.

    ·           Planning permission has been granted for an all-weather pitch at St Cuthbert’s School.

    ·           There are two operational Clean and Green Teams in the Township. Any grot spot areas can be reported to Ward Councillors or the Township Office.

    ·           New toddlers play equipment has been installed at Dicken Green.

    ·           The War Memorial in Balderstone is due to be restored.

    ·           The Rochdale Boroughwide Housing Junior Warden project is currently disbanded as they could not get enough volunteers. Ward Councillors are having discussions with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing to try and restart the project.

    ·           Section 106 monies have become available following the housing development on the former Sandbrook School site. The money is currently assigned for the skate park should Kirkholt Million be unsuccessful with their current funding bid.


    Residents were invited to the upcoming Poppy Picnic to raise money for the Royal British Legion. This event will be held on 21 June 2015, 1pm-4pm at Balderstone Park.


Date and time of next meeting


    Balderstone and Kirkholt Community Meeting
    Tuesday 15 September 2015 at 6.30pm
    Venue: Kingsway Park High School