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Venue: St Mary's (Balderstone) Church, Oldham Road, Rochdale OL11 2HB. View directions

Contact: Rachel Hudson 

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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


    The Chair (Township Officer substituted in the absence of the Chair and also minuted the meeting) welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Attention was drawn to the code of conduct and a summary of which was read out.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


PACT Meeting - Greater Manchester Police


    An update was provided on the Oldham Road, Balderstone Park/library wall and anti-social behaviour issue.  Damage was caused to a motor vehicle and graffiti to the library.  A PCSO met with the Council’s Community Safety Officers and discussions were held regarding the possibility of installing CCTV on Balderstone Library.  GMP also met with Environmental Management about the option of erecting a fence on top of the stone wall.  GMP will keep this matter as a priority.

    Concerning the previously reported issues regarding theft from motor vehicles, GMP reported that there had only been one recent incident since September which may be down to the fact high-vis patrols had been stepped up along with leaflet drops and door knocks.

    Surgeries are held at the Kirkholt Drop-in Centre every two weeks on a Tuesday 10-11am.

    A traffic operation has been carried out by GMP on Queensway (near to the petrol station) by traffic PCSOs.  Three vehicles were seized with no insurance, nine vehicles stopped for mobile phone use, two vehicles stopped for drivers not wearing seatbelts and one vehicle stopped for speeding.

    Statistics for the ward (past three months compared to last year)
    Burglaries - Reduced by 32%
    Criminal damage – Increased by 64%
    ASB – Decreased by 33%
    Vehicle crime – Decrease of 4%

    Residents raised queries concerning disabled blue badge enforcement and off-road bikes.


Rochdale Council Budget Challenge


    A presentation was given by Victoria Bradshaw (Finance, Rochdale Borough Council) about the huge financial challenges and difficult choices to be made about how to spend public money.  Since 2010 savings of £159 million have been agreed.  By 2019 approximately £38.8 million more needs to be saved.  With the community’s help, ideas and support, the Rochdale Borough can be made a great place to live, work, do business and visit.  The Council faces the task of having to decide where and how to reduce services or increase income, and they need to make sure resources are spent as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    Residents were encouraged to put forward their views, opinions and suggestions for improvements/savings.  Questions were asked relating to the appointment of a Chief Executive and whether it was necessary, whether the Council could apply for foreign aid, contingency plans for future flooding and also the new retail development planned for the Town Centre.


Councillor Update


    Councillor Meredith
    Councillor Meredith thanked all the residents who attended the Christmas event at Kirkholt and also those who attended the Wonderland event at Balderstone Library.

    Balderstone Library is open on Christmas Day from 11.30am–1pm and everyone is invited for a late Christmas breakfast with board games, carols, music and conversation.

    A Lego Club & Coding Club at Balderstone Library have both been great successes along with the new changing rooms and football pitches in the area.

    Councillor Meredith reported he had received several emails over the past few weeks from residents about the Wainhomes development and flooding concerns relating to the planning permission and the culvert.  A request will be submitted to the Council’s Planning Department for an urgent review to ensure proper defences will be in place.

    Burnedge – GM Spatial Framework – Councillor Meredith advised that there is currently no access to this site in question.  A meeting for the public could be held in the New Year in order to put forward a response to challenge Oldham Council who is dealing with the matter.

    Councillor Farnell
    Bungalows at Rhodes Crescent – RBH have been contacted to thin and prune the trees which block light to residents’ houses.

    Mornington Road – The dip in the road near to the garages has been causing issues.  This matter has been escalated to the Council’s Highways Department.

    St Mary’s Primary School – The new play area has been a great addition for the children.

    Friends of Balderstone Park – A meeting is to take place in January regarding plans for the improvements to the park and library involving a new community room, kitchen and changing facilities.

    Former Balderstone Park – Plans are almost finalised ready for submission.  There is a need for more members to join the committee and interest is welcome.  Kirkholt Million has now appointed a Developmental Worker to assist groups and bring in new members.

    Two major housing planning applications to be dealt with are the 100 affordable homes at the Ruskin Road site and 150 units on the former Balderstone School site.

    The Strand – Demolition to start in the New Year and it will take eight weeks before the new building work can commence on the eight new shops, flats and state of the art community hub/Police/RBH rooms along with youth and training rooms.  The project is a joint initiative with the Council and RBH and will be an amazing facility for the community.

    CCG Health Authority – A commitment has now been received to build a new health facility situated on the roundabout that will include a doctor’s surgery, dentists, a chemist and health rooms.

    Kirky Kitchen, St Thomas’ Church – A great social meeting point, Kirky Kitchen is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays and the time is charged for how long you stay as opposed to what is eaten/drank whilst there.




    Kirkholt Million
    Apologies have been received from the newly appointed Chair.

    The first phase of the programme is now coming to an end.  Two projects have been achieved which have encouraged people back into employment.  Community grants have been made available and the new skate park was funded which has been a massive success.

    The ethos of Kirkholt Million is to reach out to the community to comment and decide on how the monies are spent and what is funded.  Suggestions are now welcome on the next phase for 2017/2018 and can be forwarded to or dropped off into the drop-in box.

    Rochdale Boroughwide Housing
    No Housing Officer was in attendance at the forum.  Residents can contact the Township Officer with any issues and they will be emailed through to Rochdale Boroughwide Housing.

    A resident from Queens Drive complained about trees (sycamores) to rear of her property which block light and she experiences problems with overhanging branches and fallen leaves.
    Action: Raise issue with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (Rachel Hudson)

    A resident asked for Rochdale Boroughwide Housing to be contacted about none attendance of a representative for the last two area forums.  The Township Officer advised apologies were submitted last forum but the matter will be noted and it was reiterated that Rochdale Boroughwide Housing and the Council work in partnership and can advise each other about any concerns.


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 82 KB


    The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record.

    Chloe Cockton Memorial
    St Cuthbert’s RC High School propose to create a memorial to former student Chloe Cockton with a memorial bench and a plaque.  Councillor Nickson has allocated the balance of her Member’s Fund towards the scheme and the meeting gave their support to contribute the shortfall of £418.01 from Balderstone & Kirkholt Ward Funds.


Open Forum


    Access to Springhill Playing Fields
    Residents raised concerns again about Springhill Playing Fields being fenced off and gated by the football club which deny the public access to the land.  The club has advised the reason for these measures is persistent dog fouling.  The residents state they do not oppose the football club maintaining and improving the land or erecting fencing, only that they had restricted public access.

    Councillor Farnell commented that the land is not public open space and has always housed formal sports with the club happy to co-exist alongside the local community to enjoy.  However, despite attempts by the club to keep dogs off the land, the matter still persists.  The club is legally entitled to fence off the land and has a duty of care for the players and children using the facility.  The whole area is not being fenced off nor are dog walkers being denied full access.

    Residents complained about the lack of responses to letters previously submitted at Committee.  Councillor Farnell asked for an email to be sent for his attention and he will address each point as part of a reply.

    Gilbrook Way Culvert
    Broad Lane Action Group has issues regarding the Wimpey-owned land and will continue to discuss matters with Wainhomes.


Date and time of next meeting


    Tuesday 21 March 2017 at 6.30pm
    Venue: Kirkholt Community Church, Daventry Road, Rochdale