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Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


    Item 5 – Ongoing issues with youths
    Councillor June West advised that following the last meeting where concerns were raised regarding youths congregating at the shops on the Downs and causing ASB, this issue was passed on to GMP.  PC Douglas met with the lady who had raised the matter and at that stage the issues did quieten down.  The lady concerned advised that now issues have arisen again, this time with groups of girls causing problems.  The current ASB issues involve groups of girls congregating and emptying the bins to set fire to rubbish, etc.  Following a discussion, PCSO Boothroyd advised that he will visit local schools to identify the youths concerned and discuss this matter with PC Douglas further.

    Residents queried if there was an option to look at the CCTV and they were informed that a camera has not been installed in this location for some time.  PCSO Boothroyd advised that if it was safe to do so, and not a create risk, then residents could take photos to pass onto GMP.

    Residents advised that there are issues with drug dealing at both the front and rear car parks of the shops.  A discussion took place and PCSO Boothroyd advised that he will arrange with PC Douglas for a patrol vehicle to visit the area on a more frequent basis.


Crime Updates


    Attendees to the meeting were provided with a written update sheet from GMP which detailed individual issues (brief of the update provided below, a full copy of the update is available from or 01706 923124).

    Residents were advised that the main issue at this stage is burglary dwelling, and the offenders seem to be targeting the elderly and more vulnerable residents with both Alkrington Court and Lonsdale Court being targeted.  Access has mainly been through insecure windows, etc.  PCSO Boothroyd advised that GMP are currently undertaking a number of plain clothes operations in the area.

    Figures were provided as follows:

    ·      4 x Theft of motor vehicle (TOMV) – targeted areas include Ash Street, Church Road, Nelson Street and Oldham Road

    ·      5 x Theft from motor vehicle (TFMV)

    ·      6 x Domestic burglary

    ·      7 x Criminal damage


    Residents stated that in one instance he had heard of 8 TFMV in one night.  PCSO Boothroyd advised that victims don’t always report issues where their vehicle has been broken into, but not stolen.

    A discussion took place about the theft of motor vehicles and residents stated that in some instances they have witnessed vehicles at the rear car park of the shops on The Downs having the registration plates removed and replaced with a different registration number.  PCSO Boothroyd advised that this does happen, but he wasn’t aware of it happening at this location.  Again, residents were asked that if they witness this activity they report it, and where it is safe to do so take photos to pass onto GMP.


PACT Policing Priorities


Residents Issues


    The following issues were reported:


    a)     Concerns were raised regarding the cleaning of the small car park on Andover Avenue opposite 112.  Mr Gunby, a resident, advised that on 29 January 2018 a Council vehicle visited, and the staff member cleared rubbish and dog poo, and then proceeded to go round the corner and dump the offending rubbish, etc.  It was agreed following a discussion that Councillor West would raise this matter as a concern with management at Rochdale Council’s Environmental Management Department.

    b)     Mr Gumby advised that there has been an issue ongoing for some time regarding flooding at the rear of 114–118 Andover Avenue.  A few years ago an engineer visited and following this tarmac was laid; Mr Gunby stated that this has just moved the problem and not solved the problem.  It was agreed following a discussion that Councillor West would raise this as a concern with Rochdale Council’s Highways Department.

    c)     Residents expressed their concerns about the parking at the Centre (Brookside) on a Wednesday and Sunday, when there is a Church service.  The main issue was that vehicles park both fully and partly on the pavement, so residents with pushchairs or wheelchairs have to use the road.  PCSO Boothroyd advised that this is an ongoing issue throughout Middleton, and it is an offence to park with all four wheels on the pavement.  PCSO Boothroyd will arrange to visit the location and where possible raise concerns directly with the offenders.  It was also agreed that a letter will be written and placed in the Centre to inform people of the problems this type of parking can cause.

    d)     A white van appears to have been dumped on Mount Road.  The vehicle registration number was provided to PCSO Boothroyd.  A resident reported the vehicle is taxed, etc with the owners tracked down to the London area.  PCSO Boothroyd advised that as the vehicle is taxed it cannot be removed, but he will discuss this matter further with PC Douglas.

    e)     Leaves have been left all winter on Mainway East.  A resident advised that the area was visited and all the leaves were picked up and shovelled onto the green area.  This issue will be raised with Environmental Management and Highways Service Managers.

    f)      In relation to the discussion regarding the car park at the rear of The Downs shops, residents advised that this area is also used by youths for smoking marijuana.  They are sitting on the garage roofs smoking and causing alarm to the residents.  PCSO Boothroyd advised that he will raise this issue with PC Douglas and arrange to visit the area.  Residents queried if the roofs could be painted with anti-vandal paint and they were informed as the area isn’t Council owned this isn’t something the Council can do as it would require the landowner’s permission.  It was agreed that PCSO Boothroyd would look into this matter further, and if necessary a request would be made to Township for funding if the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


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