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Welcome and introductions


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


    Item 5B – Residents Issues – Flooding at rear of 114-118 Andover Avenue
    Mr Gunby queried if there was any update regarding this issue as the last update he had received from Highways was that they were looking for funding to undertake the required works.  It was agreed that Lauren would chase this issue up with the relevant officer and report back to Mr Gunby directly.

    Item 5C – Residents Issues – Parking on pavements around Brookside Community Centre
    Councillor West requested an update from PCSO Boothroyd, who advised that he met with the person who runs the Church at the centre and as part of this meeting explained to this person that any attendees should park considerately of other road users and pedestrians.  If people are seen causing an obstruction PCSO Boothroyd advised that he would issue tickets.  A discussion took place about other users of the centre, and in particular a private bus driver that drops off and then moves the vehicle after the attendees to the centre have entered the building.

    Item 5E – Residents Issues – Leaves on Mainway East
    A discussion took place about the leaves on Mainway East and Lauren advised that she would request an update from Service Managers regarding this issue (After note – Lauren again raised this issue with Environmental Management and will feedback the response direct to Mr Wilson).

    Item 5F – Residents Issues – ASB and car parking at The Downs
    PC Frazer Douglas advised that Officers regularly visit this area, often just dropping in when they are driving past to other jobs and they haven’t seen many issues nor have they seen people sat on the garage roofs.  Officers who witness people congregating and smoking marijuana will confiscate the items and deal with the situation appropriately.  Residents advised that there are still ongoing issues and both PCSO Boothroyd and PC Frazer Douglas will continue to visit the area on a regular basis.

    A discussion also took place about the use of the car park by employees of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing and Rochdale Borough Council, and residents queried if employees visiting the estate could be asked to use the car park and walk to their appointments rather than parking outside homes, etc.  Lauren advised that on streets where there are no parking restrictions this would be difficult to enforce as parking on the highway is allowed, unless there are restrictions in place, and as such the employees can park on streets legally.

    5G – Residents Issues – Homewatch Coordinators and information sharing
    Lauren reported that following the previous meeting a discussion took place with Sargent Galgani who advised that some of the information previously delivered to Homewatch Coordinators is no longer provided due to data protection, etc.  Following this discussion Lauren verbally updated Mr Griffiths and provided a detailed response from Sargent Galgani via email to the Homewatch Coordinators with an offer to meet with her and Sargent Galgani to discuss concerns which the Homewatch Coordinators had about  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Crime updates


    PC Frazer Douglas advised that there has been a spike in Burglary Dwelling crimes reports.  The offender who had been mainly targeting older people at sheltered accommodation, etc. has since been sentenced to nearly eight years in prison for the offences, and as such crimes are now dropping again in this division.

    The Theft of Motor Vehicles is up for a similar reason, and PC Frazer Douglas advised that two people were arrested yesterday for a recent crime spree concerning the theft of scooters, etc.  PC Frazer Douglas informed the meeting that the rise in Theft from Motor Vehicles is mainly due to vehicles insecurity and people continuing to leave valuables on show in their cars/vans, etc.  During the summer months people also tend to leave car windows open that make vehicles very vulnerable.

    Criminal Damage reports include where windows have been smashed for access to steal from vehicles.

    Damage to Motor Vehicles is often reported when stones are thrown at vehicles, etc.

    In relation to the Public Order Offences, PC Frazer Douglas advised that this includes some reports in the Town Centre which this area borders on.


    Crime Type

    Last period

    Nov 2017 – Feb 2018

    This period

    Feb 2018 – June 2018


    Theft of Motor Vehicle




    Theft from Motor Vehicle




    Burglary Dwelling




    Criminal Damage




    Damage of Motor Vehicle




    Public Order





    PC Frazer Douglas advised that work is ongoing with other divisions, including the A division to continue reducing crimes in this area, and explained that often due to the geographical location offenders may come over from Manchester or Chadderton to commit crimes in this area.


PACT Policing Priorities


    ·           Off Road Bikes and Pedal Bikes causing ASB – Residents reported that there are ongoing issues with youths doing wheelies on bikes, both pedal and off road bikes in front of oncoming traffic.  There were concerns that this is an accident waiting to happen.

    ·           Theft from Motor Vehicles – A resident proposed this priority as this is an ongoing issue and GMP receive reports of works vehicles being left open (to allow access for workers) and the vehicles then being opened and tools, etc. stolen.

    ·           Drug dealing at the back of The Downs


Residents issues


    The following issues were reported:

    a)     A discussion took place about the dilapidated garages owned by Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) on The Downs, and residents raised concerns that RBH aren’t making repairs as required, and then garages are likely to become a magnet for youth ASB.  Councillor West advised that once leases are up on the garages RBH are not re-letting them.  It was agreed that an email will be sent to RBH by Lauren and Councillor West regarding the concerns raised.

    b)     Residents advised that the grass at the rear of Wince Close hasn’t been cut recently and looks brilliant; it now resembles a meadow and also seems to be keeping the off road bikes from using the area.  Residents queried if this area could remain uncut (aside from the pathways).  It was agreed that this request will be taken up with RBH by Councillor West.

    c)     Concerns were raised about contractors cutting the grass and not collecting any of the cutting and this then blows everywhere, and during hot weather residents are concerned that it could be set on fire.  Councillor West advised that she will raise this issue with RBH.

    d)     Residents expressed concerns about drug dealing still taking place at the rear of The Downs.  PC Frazer Douglas advised that GMP have been visiting the area on a regular basis and will continue to do so.

    e)     Residents raised concerns that the shrubs on the property of a nearby road (full details given to Lauren) which have been left to overgrow and now the pavement has been fully covered by them and as such pedestrians are having to walk in the road.  It was agreed that Lauren would send this issue to the Public Realm Inspectors and request that a visit be made to ask the resident to trim back the shrubs.

    f)      Mr Wilson raised concerns that neither the Road Sweeper nor the Gritter goes all the way up Mainway East to Brookside Crescent.  Mr Wilson asked that this issue be raised with the relevant department (Lauren will send this issue as a complaint to both services and ask for a reply which can then be passed back to Mr Wilson).

    g)     Concerns were raised by residents about the increasing ASB at the bus stop outside the centre; its vandalised on a regular basis.  PC Frazer Douglas advised that he will request that GMP give this passing attention when they are in the area.

    h)     Eric Wilson asked if the height of the speed hump near to his property (junction of Brookside Crescent and Mainway East) could be checked, as when vehicles go over it, it shakes his property.  He wondered if the road way on one side has sunk slightly and if the speed hump is still at the legal height.  It was agreed that Lauren would pass this on to Highways and ask that the height be checked.


Any other business


    Boarshaw Cemetery
    Mr Wilson raised concerns with Councillor West that there are repeated thefts from Boarshaw Cemetery of both flowers (living and artificial) and ornaments being stolen from graves.  Concerns were also raised about people using the area to walk dogs and allowing them off-lead to then foul on graves, etc.  Lauren advised that if people see this happening they can take details such as day/time/description and this information will be passed on to the Public Realm Inspectors, and if people are caught not picking up their dog’s faeces then they will be issued with a fixed penalty notice.  Councillor West advised that she recently did a visit of the cemetery with the Friends of group and Officers and a number of concerns were raised by the group.  She will also pass on the concerns of Mr Wilson.


Date of future meetings