Agenda and minutes

Venue: Brookside Community Centre, Mainway East, Middleton M24 1RD. View directions

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Welcome and Introductions


    Everyone was welcomed to the meeting, apologies for absences given and introductions took place.  It was also suggested and agreed that a two minute silence take place in honour of two gentlemen who had done a lot of good work in the area, and everybody participated in this silence.


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


    Page 1, Item 2 – Flooding Issues Andover Avenue
    A resident advised that this issue is still ongoing, and Councillor Martin stated she had raised this previously with the Head of Service and she would again request an update.  (After note – following this again being raised with the Head of Service, an email was sent by a Highways Officer to advise that works should be carried out to look at the gullies within 10 working days, and where necessary these will be jetted and repaired).

    Page 1, Item 2 – Theft of flowers from Boarshaw Cemetery
    A resident advised that following the last meeting he met with Sheila Dean, who is a manager at Boarshaw Cemetery.  During the meeting the resident also raised concerns regarding dogs not being kept on leads, and a discussion took place about the current signage within the cemetery and if this could be improved.  Residents stated that Liverpool City Council have banned dogs being brought into cemeteries within the authority’s boundaries, and queried if this matter could be looked in to for Boarshaw Cemetery.  Agreed that Lauren would raise this issue with the Head of Service and feedback.

    Page 3, Item 5 – Dog breeding
    As agreed at the last meeting, Lauren had delivered diary sheets, prior to Christmas, to the residents who requested them.  Councillor Boriss advised that he received a response from colleagues within Enforcement and this information had been passed on to residents.

    Page 3, Item 5 – Garages on the estate
    Following the last meeting where residents raised a number of concerns regarding the current dilapidated state of the garages throughout the estate, Councillors queried with Jeff Wood what Rochdale Boroughwide Housing’s plans and proposals are going forward for the garages that in many cases are unsafe.  Jeff advised that the Asset Management Department within Rochdale Boroughwide Housing is currently undertaking a feasibility study to look at the future of garages, and whether to improve/maintain or demolish them.  As part of this study, they are also investigating the costs of the various options.  Jeff stated that over the last 5 years, demand for the garages has reduced, and there are areas where whole blocks are now empty, and it is likely that there will be demolition in these areas.  The difficulty arises where there is a block of garages and one or two are in use, but the remainder are empty and costing Rochdale Boroughwide Housing money to maintain.  Jeff advised that until the feasibility study has been completed, all current maintenance works are on hold.  Following a discussion with residents, Jeff confirmed that consultation with residents will form part of the feasibility study.  It was agreed that Jeff will update this meeting as and when further information is available.


Crime Updates


    PC Frazer Douglas advised that due to the frequency of these meetings he has broken down the crime statistics into two months periods.


    Crime Type

    Previous period

    1 November 2018 –

    5 December 2018 

    Current period

    5 December 2018 – 30 January 2019

    Theft of motor vehicle


    17 (9)

    Theft from motor vehicle


    3 (1)

    Burglary dwelling


    8 (4)

    Anti-social behaviour


    24 (16)


    As the above crime stats cover the whole of East Middleton Ward, in brackets is the Alkrington area specific information.

    PC Douglas advised that the ASB in Alkrington centred in the area around Mount Road, and it was mainly youths throwing stones at passing vehicles.

    Councillor Martin queried whether the increase in the crime stats was across the whole of Middleton or just within this ward.  PC Douglas stated the area as a whole has seen an increase.

    In relation to off-road bikes, PC Douglas advised that 13 people have been prosecuted for driving offences around the Don Street area (which is included in East Middleton Ward).  GMP worked with British Vita to identify offenders using CCTV.  PC Douglas stated the offenders were between the ages of 14-20, and most of them had links to the Alkrington area.  Work is still ongoing to install gates, etc. around Don Street to deter this kind of behaviour.  PC Douglas advised that where possible GMP will use their powers to confiscate and crush vehicles.

    PC Douglas advised that theft from motor vehicles has increased; unfortunately a lot of this is due to insecurities such as vehicles being left open either overnight.  GMP have made a number of social media posts during this cold weather to remind drivers not to leave vehicles de-icing whilst unattended.

    A discussion took place regarding cannabis use/drug dealing and PC Douglas advised that a lot of those people committing drug crimes work across borders, as such a lot of offenders come into Middleton from Manchester/Oldham and vice-versa.  GMP Neighbourhood Officers will work with colleagues in other areas to identify offenders/share information.

    PC Douglas advised that in recent months a lot of work has been taking place around cannabis farms and executing drug warrants.  By targeting the farms/dealers, GMP are working to disrupt the production/circulation and street availability and PC Douglas advised of some specific cases dealt with recently.  A discussion took place regarding vulnerable people being caught within the drugs trade, who may not be doing so willingly, and PC Douglas advised GMP work with other services to identify vulnerable people.


PACT Policing Priorities


Residents Issues


    The following issues were reported:

    ·           Residents raised concerns regarding young people using the bus stop outside of the community centre to smoke cannabis.

    ·           Residents complained about the 114 bus which drives through Alkrington as residents felt that it often goes too fast, especially when considering the speed humps.  Agreed Lauren to pass this complaint to Councillor Burke.

    ·           Concerns were raised about the gritting vehicles which come through the estate either very late at night or very early in the morning.  Residents were advised that the gritters will visit very late and again very early to ensure adequate gritting when the cold weather starts.


Any other business


    Environmental issues
    A discussion was held about various environmental issues.  Councillor Martin requested that the date of the next Middleton Township Environment and Culture Forum meeting be publicised.  The next meeting is on Wednesday 20 March 2019 commencing at 6.15pm in Middleton Library, Long Street, Middleton M24 6DU.


Dates of future meetings