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Venue: Stanycliffe Social Centre, Stanycliffe Lane, Middleton M24 2PB

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Welcome, introduction and apologies


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


Crime Updates


    Residents were advised that there has been an increase in the number of theft from Motor vehicles, in the previous quarter there was 11, this quarter the figure has increased to 33.  5 of the vehicles were insecure, 7 had forced entry and the remaining 19 were unknown access.   To try to reduce this figure next quarter GMP have put out a memo to all Homewatch members and are using social media to remind people to lock their vehicles and remove valuables from display.  A discussion took place, and officers from GMP advised that they have a good idea who the perpetrators are and as such CCTV etc. is monitored for evidence, where it is installed.  PCSO’s will also often check vehicles when out and about and if a vehicle is found unlocked then the owner is spoken to/ a note left for the owners if they are not around, the last time this was done 4 unlocked vehicles were identified in 30 minutes.


    Burglary dwelling has dropped from 13 in the last quarter to 9 this quarter, and again 5 of these were due to unsecure homes (such as windows or doors left open/ unlocked). 


    17 burglary other took place this quarter, which includes shed/ garages etc. and 4 theft of Motor vehicles were reported. 


    In the last quarter thee have been a number of issues with anti-social behaviour, GMP work to reduce this using engagement in schools wherever possible and a multi-agency approach is also supported with youth workers etc. able to respond to issues when they arise in areas. 


    There has also been an increase in the nuisance caused by off-road bikes reported.  If people do see off-road bikes GMP request that this is reported to 101 with as much details as possible, such as times/ dates/ registration numbers.  This allows GMP to build a picture of incidents and requests can then be made to GMP’s own off-road team for assistance in catching perpetrators. 


    A discussion took place about whether most offences were repeated by the same offenders or is

    it different offenders?  Officers advised that often it is repeat offenders and a picture of ‘how’ they offend can be built up, this can often lead police to the offenders. 


    A question was raised about the number of burglaries which lead to vehicles being taken, officers advised that where multiple offences take place during one incident (such as someone breaks into a home to steal car keys) then the worst offence is recorded, i.e. the burglary. 



Residents issues


    Concerns were raised about vehicles parking on Lodge Street/ Morton Street, this has also been raised at Township Committee and following that Inspector Hanlon has asked PCSO’s to monitor the situation and if vehicles are causing an obstruction then they will be ticketed.   There are also concerns that due to the way vehicles park there is often a need for people to walk on the pavement, again if this is seen/ reported to police action will be taken against the offenders.  Officers confirmed that this area is not considered a ‘hot-spot area’ and as such is being monitored. 


    A question was raised about the land at the rear of the Royal Oak pub on Boarshaw Road and concerns about a container situated next the house.  It was agreed that this would be raised with Planning.  Councillor Greenall advised that work has started on clearing the land, including the removal of rubbish and Japanese Knotweed, although due to the scale of the issues it is expected to take some time to complete all works.  The eventual aim for the land is for it to become a community orchard with allotments.  There has been some burning on the land, although this has now stopped.   Concerns were also raised about the broken fencing near to the above location, this was replaced a number of years ago, residents were advised that this will be repaired as part of the above ongoing works. 


    Concerns were raised about an increase in dog fouling; Councillor Greenall advised that this was something which was being looked into with regards to fines being issued and enforcement.  If people witness dog fouling and wish to anonymously report it, this can be done by ringing 0300 303 8884 or alternatively it can be reported online at


    Eric Holliday will look at some bushes on Longmead Way which are overhanging; this was previously dealt with by Eric a few years ago. 



Any other business