Agenda and minutes

Venue: Stanycliffe Social Centre, Stanycliffe Lane, Middleton M24 2PB

Contact: Rachel Hudson - Tel: 01706 924343 

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Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


    Previous minutes were discussed.  Cllr Sara Rowbotham advised that there was still an issue with vehicles parking at the bottom of Morton Street.  PCSO O’Neil advised he had spoken with local businesses and felt it had eased the parking bay, but he will continue to ask for vehicles to be moved.  The previous broken fencing issue at land to rear of the Royal Oak PH, Boarshaw Rd was again discussed and although there have been ongoing repairs, part of the fencing is still broken.  An action was agreed to look into the ownership of this land.  Regarding the previous dog fouling, there are still reported issues in the Winwood Drive area and Cllr Rowbotham advised the meeting that the Council will be appointing signs.


    It was raised that the grass on Longmead way had not been cut or tended to at all this year.  An action was agreed to look into the ownership of this land.



Crime statistics and updates


    Residents were advised that a local suspect which may have caused the recent spike in burglaries has now been locked up again.  It was reminded that all windows and doors should be left closed and locked.


    Burglary dwelling has dropped from 24 in the last quarter to 19 this quarter and 11 burglary (other) took place this quarter, which was down from 17 last quarter.

    31 thefts of motor vehicles were reported this period (33 last period) and criminal damage figure was 36 this period which was up from 27 in the last quarter. 


    In the last quarter there have been a number of issues with anti-social behaviour involving 2 individuals in particular.  GMP reported that they have been engaging with local primary schools/youth services in order to advise what activity programmes are on in the area in order to keep the younger residents involved in the community which may assist in the reduction of ASB.



Residents issues


    Concerns were raised to the PCSO regarding a well-known local youth who had been seen recently in several gardens within the Bamford Avenue area and gas canisters had been found in the gardens afterwards.  PCSO noted the issue and advised it would be raised/circulated.


    Concerns were also raised about the weed problem along Long Street near to the Conservation Area.  Cllrs advised residents that the problem may be alleviated with the improvement works which have now commenced to renew the full highway/footpaths along that route.



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