Agenda and minutes

Venue: Stanycliffe Social Centre, Stanycliffe Lane, Middleton M24 2PB

Contact: Rachel Hudson - Tel: 01706 924343 

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Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


    Previous minutes were discussed. 


    ·         It was raised last meeting that the grass on Longmead way had not been cut or tended to at all this year.  An action was agreed to look into the ownership of this land – R Hudson provided an update to the meeting from Environmental Management; “…there are no enforcement powers to force land owners to maintain their land in terms of tending the grass.  Attempts have been made to find out if the developer paid a commuted sum to the council for the maintenance of the green space on the estate but there has been no response, however, a Grounds & Horticultural Team Leader has said his team were already maintaining several areas on the estate and that he would ask them to include the plot on Longmead Way in future…”

    ·         Cllr Rowbotham stated she had an issue with a lighting column on Longmead Way, but that she would be escalating this with officer J Hartley.

    ·         Resident commented that the previously reported issue regarding cars on Morton Street had improved. Cllr Rowbotham stated she agreed but that there was still an issue with a particular car parked on the corner of Morton Street/Lord Street all day, most days of the week.  PCSO stated there had been a similar issue recently regarding a van, therefore officers are giving it more attention.  ACTION – E Holliday to email parking wardens.

    ·         Previous matter of broken fencing on land to rear of Royal Oak PH, Boarshaw Rd is still in need of repairs - 15/10/15 – Update after meeting – township officer made site visit and spoke with owner of the private property who was in process of replacing said fencing around property.

    ·         Winwood Drive – dog fouling previous complaint – problem has improved.



Crime Statistics and Update


    PCSO Oliver will update with full stats after meeting as systems were down. 

    Stats available on night were;

    Theft from motor vehicles – 14

    Domestic burglary – 2 (insecure properties)

    15/10/15 – Update after meeting - Crime statistics are still off line - Police will produce at the next PACT meeting.

    PCSO advised all residents to ensure all windows and doors of houses/outbuildings/vehicles are always locked and any valuables are not on show.  Police will start local informative initiatives in the run up to Christmas to remind residents in the form of leaflet drops and testing of doors on vehicles and properties to make sure they are secure.



Residents Issues


Any other business


    ·         It was reported by Cllr Rowbotham that there is graffiti of an inappropriate nature on an electric box/structure next to the Royal Oak PH - 15/10/15 – Update after meeting - township officer emailed Environmental Management.  Site visit was made on 15.10.15 and it was noted graffiti had been removed/painted over.

    ·         Cllr Rowbotham asked advice from PCSO and E Holliday regarding the strategy for dealing with ASB matters due to reported issues with youths near to Highfield Street / Ambulance Station.  Cllr was informed that the Police are working with Youth Services to ensure a staggered exit from the Youth Group, officers were in plain clothes to identify any problems and attempt to engage with youths. 

    ·         Cllr Rowbotham asked what initiatives were in place for the run-up to Bonfire Night – E Holliday informed that there were several initiatives running at present as part of ‘Operation Treacle’; literature circulated to community groups and schools and also through the Crucial Crew.


    Allmeetingscommenceat 7:30pm andtakeplace at Stanycliffe Community Centre. 

    ·         14th January 2016

    ·         24th March 2016