Agenda and minutes

Venue: Stanycliffe Social Centre, Stanycliffe Lane, Middleton M24 2PB

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Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


Crime statistics and updates


    Shirley Oliver advised that the figures provided relate to March, April & May. 

    ·         Burglary Dwelling – 2 reported crimes

    ·         Burglary Other – 2 reported crimes

    ·         Theft from Motor Vehicle – 4 reported crimes

    ·         Theft of Motor Vehicles – 2 reported crimes



Residents issues


    a)      Concerns were raised about St. Margaret’s Church, as resident who live on Addison Drive reported that there is a vermin infestation and once the church is knocked down and the land re-developed there are concerns that the vermin will move to neighbouring properties.  The Clean & Green Team have visited the site three times in the last three months, but unfortunately due to the high number of young people from Hopwood Hall College who congregate in the area during break there is a lot of food waste thrown on the ground.  It was agreed that a letter would be sent to Hopwood Hall College to ask them to participate in a clean-up of the area and remind their students of their responsibilities when off site.  Residents asked that it be noted that the students are not causing any other problems, and overall their behaviour is good.  Members also agreed to look at whether a community litter pick could be organised with the local community and Hopwood Hall College. 


    b)      Concerns about the availability of sessions for young people in North Ward were raised and the young people who attended the meeting raised a number of points;

    ·         Fear of attending local parks due to anti-social behaviour from other young people

    ·         Feel that good behaviour from young people, who are always well behaved, is ignored and only those young people with a history of bad behaviour are rewarded. 

    ·         Lack of provision in North Ward for young people.

    ·         Concerns were raised about the lack of activities to distract young people from ASB and dangerous activities. 


    Attendees were advised that a youth club is run at Stanycliffe Community Centre on a Monday night from 6pm.   A discussion took place about the various methods used to consult and engage with young people including school councils, open access youth sessions, the mobile youth buses and children’s council. 


    It was agreed that a meeting with Youth Service would be arranged to meet alongside local young people and parents/ carers to discuss concerns.  Councillors will also raise the concerns discussed with Councillor Donna Martin, who is the Cabinet Member for Children's Services. 


    c)       Attendee’s raised concerns about the lack of signage along the canals etc. following the recent tragedy in which a young boy drowned.  Shirley Oliver advised that Police do visit and have since visited all local schools to advise on safety.  Councillor Rowbotham advised that she would like to look at funding first aid sessions for young people at Stanycliffe. 


    d)      Concerns were raised about parking issues on Shelley Avenue and it was agreed that Councillor Williams would visit the area and discuss issues with residents. 


    e)      Concerns were raised about anti-social behaviour on Tennyson Road Park, Eric Holliday advised that there are cameras on the park and any issues reported can be checked and looked at. 



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