Agenda and minutes

Venue: Stanycliffe Community Centre, Stanycliffe Lane, Middleton, Manchester M24 2PB

Contact: Lauren Mason - Tel: 01706 923124 

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Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


    Lauren advised that the last meeting, 1 March 2018, had been cancelled due to the severe weather conditions, and as such the minutes provided are from the October 2017 meeting.

    Minutes of the previous meeting were discussed and the minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.


Crime statistics and updates


    Crimes listed below relate to Boarshaw area P3-J Beat.   MO stands for modus operandi and is someone’s habits of working, particularly in the context of business or criminal investigations, but also more generally.


    ·           Theft from motor vehicle x 14 (Up 7)

    The majority of these crimes have occurred in the late afternoon through towards early morning; however, there have been some instances where they have happened during daylight hours.


    ·           Theft of motor vehicle x 20 (up 17)

    These crimes have happened either overnight or between the hours of late afternoon towards the early hours of the morning.  Both cars and motorcycles have been the subject of theft.  All reports suggest that the vehicles were secure, however unattended.


    ·           Damage to motor vehicle x 15 (up 6)

    Damage to motor vehicles has happened at all various times and through many different methods as well as unknown means used.


    ·           Burglary dwelling x 18 (up 15)

    The burglaries have been occurring at different times throughout both days and nights.  Offenders have been gaining entry to the addresses through insecurities or using unknown instruments and methods to gain entry.


    ·           Criminal damage x 36 (up 30)

    Damage to property has happened at all various times and through many different methods.  Bricks have been thrown through windows and other instruments used to smash windows are a common occurrence.


    ·           Public Order Offences x 64 (29)

    These offences have all occurred at all different times, by offenders of various ages.


    * All figures are for a nine month period which is why they appear much higher than normal, due to the February meeting being cancelled as mentioned previously *

    Copies of the document circulated at the meeting are available from Lauren Mason at Middleton Township Office ( or 01706 923124).

    A discussion took place about the spike in burglary dwellings and PCSO Oliver advised that these were in the main due to insecurities during the hot weather, and people leaving doors and windows open.  Also discussed a break in on Colridge Avenue, but residents were unsure if this had been reported, it was agreed that PCSO Oliver would look into this matter.

    Concerning the increased theft of motor vehicles, PCSO Oliver advised that there has been a large increase in thefts of mopeds, with mainly young offenders aged 14-16, committing the offences.


Residents issues


    Parking issues due to works vans
    A discussion took place regarding issues with works vehicles being parked on narrow residential streets overnight and the problems that this can cause in addition to the eyesore it creates for residents.  Unfortunately, as these vehicles are taxed and insured, from a legal perspective they have every right to be parked.  Residents queried about damage to footpaths, given most of these vehicles park half on and half off the footpaths, and were advised that again, unless they are blocking the footpath and creating an obstruction there is no legal action which can be taken.

    Air quality
    Residents queried what the Council policy is on wood burners given that they cause a substantial amount of smoke to be released through chimneys into the area?  It was agreed that Lauren would raise this point with colleagues in Planning and GMFRS to see if they have any guidance available concerning the installation of wood burners.  Residents also queried the use of steel bins in people’s back gardens to burn rubbish.  Lauren would raise this matter, specifically around the Clean Air Act’ with colleagues, and report back at the next meeting.

    Off road bikes
    A discussion took place concerning if there are/would be any operations regarding off road bikes/motorbikes driving dangerously throughout Middleton.  Residents advised that, as in other areas, there are bikes driving along highways/footways doing wheelies, etc., often without licence plates.  PCSO Oliver advised that there is only one team able to pursue off road bikes in Greater Manchester, and the team is stretched.  As such it was suggested that residents report any issues via the non-emergency number or through the GMP website, as this team will respond where crime statistics show there are the most issues.

    Lauren advised that she has a copy of a toolkit, produced by GMP, about off road bikes and what communities can do to work with GMP in combating issues.  If anyone would like a copy of this posting out to them, contact Lauren on the number provided earlier in the notes.

    One way system on Green Street
    Residents advised that issues were ongoing on Green Street with vehicles regularly ignoring the ‘One Way System’ signage and concerns were raised that due to the speed of vehicles in this area there will soon be a serious accident.

    Lauren advised that as this is a ‘Moving Traffic Offences’ this issue can be passed to PCSO Oliver and she will raise it with other colleagues including the GMP Traffic Unit to have the area visited and action taken if necessary.  Residents queried if the road could be made two way rather than one as this may slow traffic down.  Another suggestion put forward was some additional 20mph signage designed by local school children and installed on Green Street.  Lauren will raise both of these suggestions with colleagues in Highways.

    Anti-social behaviour
    Concerns were raised about ongoing ASB within North Ward, including the vandalism of the WW1 soldier structures in Jubilee Park.  It  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


PACT priorities


    It was agreed that the PACT Priorities from the last meeting would roll over to this meeting.

    1)     Anti-social behaviour – Tennyson Road

    2)     Green Street – One Way System contraventions and speeding vehicles

    3)     Anti-social behaviour – Valley Road Allotments


Any other business


    A request was received for the Public Realm Inspectors to visit the pathway from Stanycliffe Lane to Addison Drive.  Lauren will ask them to visit the location and advise if any works are necessary and if so, a request for Township funding can be made to North Ward.

    All were thanked for attending the meeting, and were provided with the dates of the meetings for 2018/19.


Date of next meeting