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Venue: Stanycliffe Community Centre, Stanycliffe Lane, Middleton, Manchester M24 2PB

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Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


Crime statistics and updates


    PCSO Oliver provided a written update with the crime statistics from 8 November 2018 to 19 February 2019.

    Burglary Residential x 5
    Offender(s) approach the rear of the property and gain entry by causing damage to the rear windows/side door/rear door.  No particular time frame/day of the week.  Offender(s) make their escape in an unknown direction.

    Burglary Community x 6 (Business)
    Offender(s) approach the businesses and gain entry via the skylight/main shutter door/window.  Time frame is over night during the weekend.  Offender(s) make their escape in unknown direction.

    Theft of Motor Vehicles x 10 (Includes x 3 Moped/Motorcycle)
    Offender(s) approach parked and secure motor vehicle and steals the vehicle by unknown means.  Time frame is both day and night. Offender(s) escape in unknown direction.

    Anti-Social Behaviour
    Several reports have been received which include:

    ·           Unknown youths throwing stones at passing vehicles

    ·           Unknown youths climbing on to scaffolding or derelict buildings

    ·           Off road bikes being driven in an anti-social manner


    PCSO Oliver advised that at the last meeting attended, the following PACT priorities were noted:

    1.      Anti-Social Behaviour – Tennyson Road

    2.      Green Street – One Way System Contraventions and Speeding Vehicles

    3.      Anti-Social Behaviour – Valley Road Allotments


    ASB has been monitored, and PCSO Oliver advised that in this period there have been no recorded incidents of ASB at the following locations:

    ·           Oldham Road

    ·           Peach Bank

    ·           Valley Road

    ·           Tennyson Road


    PCSO Oliver advised that GMP have been working to reduce ASB caused by off road bikes and PC Gray stated that one of the main hotspot locations was Don Street.  Working with British Vita, GMP were able to identify 14 of the offenders using the CCTV system owned by British Vita.  All those identified were charged with driving offences.  PC Gray advised that one stolen bike was seized yesterday.

    Councillor Rowbotham advised that a builder’s van was recently broken into on Rudyard Avenue and all the tools were stolen.  The builder was in the property at the time working.  Following this robbery in daylight, the thieves returned the same night and attempted to break into the property.  The resident contacted GMP who attended and no entry was gained.  Councillor Rowbotham queried where this would be recorded on the crime statistics, and was advised by PCSO Oliver this would be recorded under ‘Theft from Motor Vehicle’ and agreed to provide the statistics to Councillor Rowbotham.

    Councillor Rowbotham also advised that she found a suitcase full of work equipment, and passed this information on to GMP, who collected the suitcase.  The original owner of the items was found as it had been taken in part of a robbery.

    A discussion took place regarding ‘work’ vehicles being targeted, and Councillor Rowbotham advised that trades workers vans have been targeted at the old Ambulance Station where building works are ongoing.  PC Gray advised of one recent incident, not within this ward, where builders were working on a roof and they had the ladder stolen, resulting in them being stranded.  All agreed that there  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Residents issues


    Residents queried if their personal footage from Dash Cams can be passed to GMP/Rochdale Council, if they see an offence.  Following a discussion residents were advised that this evidence can be used by GMP and Rochdale Council.  Residents were also advised that if they see fly tipping, etc. this information can be reported to Rochdale Council via the website at or phone on 0300 303 8884.

    Residents were advised that even if they don’t have physical evidence the information can still be passed on as this allows a picture of hotspot areas or offenders to be collated.

    A discussion took place regarding the number of bins located between the Social Centre and Rochdale Road and residents were advised that there are 5 bins located on this stretch.  It was agreed that more work needs to be done, via the schools and the college, to prevent litter being dropped.

    Residents reported that there is fly tipping located next to Boarshaw Boxing Club.  It was agreed that this issue will be reported, but the website and phone details provided above can be used to report any fly tipping seen.


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