Agenda and minutes

Venue: Langley Sure Start Children's Centre, Windermere Road, Langley, Middleton M24 4LA

Contact: Lauren Mason - Tel. 01706 923124 

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Welcome and Introductions


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


    Lauren Mason advised that due to her not being at the last meeting, and the minutes being taken by Eric Holliday (Crime & Community Safety Officer), who has since left the Authority, there were no minutes available and asked residents if there were any issues which were raised at the last meeting that they would like updates on.  Residents advised that the main issue at the last meeting, which is still causing problems, is off road bikes (discussed under Item 4).


Crime Statistics and Update


    PCSO Dave Quinn advised that due to an issue earlier today, in another part of Middleton, no crime stats had been provided to him.  He stated there has been an increase in burglaries over the last few weeks, including shed break-ins, but there is evidence being collated which will hopefully lead to a conviction.

    Residents queried what happens to stolen goods recovered during raids.  Dave advised that all recovered goods are taken to the store at Rochdale Police Station, where they are booked in before being checked to see if the rightful owners can be located.  If there is no evidence of where the goods are from they are kept for a minimum of 28 days.  Dave advised that wherever possible people should mark goods with special UV pens or ‘Smart Water’ as this enables any recovered goods to be returned.

    In relation to a number of break-ins, some CCTV evidence has been recovered and hopefully this will assist in prosecuting the offender.  Anyone with CCTV which may have images was advised to contact GMP who will work to collect images.

    Following a discussion about a specific repeat victim of shed burglaries, it was agreed that crime numbers will be passed to Dave who will assist in completing the forms to check if goods have been recovered by GMP.

    A discussion took place about the use and availability of home ‘safety’ equipment, and Lauren advised that these items were previously available through the Crime & Community Safety Officer, and although this role has now gone, checks will be made to see if any equipment is available for distribution.

    Dave advised that ASB reports have come down slightly; residents felt this status was incorrect and a discussion took place about the need to report any issues, each time they occur.  Dave explained that by reporting issues it allows the Police to build up a picture of incidents.


Residents Issues


    The following issues were reported:


    a)     Concerns were raised about the weight restriction signage on Whittle Lane, and whether this is correct, as certain vehicles seem to use the lane on a regular basis, including contractor vehicles delivering to the Lovell’s site.  It was agreed this complaint would be passed to Highways and the Housing Project Team (Action: Lauren Mason).


    b)     A discussion took place about quad bikes and motorbikes being driven throughout the day and night on Langley and in Bowlee Park.  Residents advised they have tried to call the Police on a number of occasions to report this problem, sometimes unsuccessfully due to long call waiting times.  Even when able to report incidents, the call handlers have refused to provide a crime reference number, which residents felt wasn’t right.  Dave advised that rather than a crime reference number, residents could request an incident number.   Dave advised residents that the police are aware of this issue, and reiterated that untrained officers (not part of the Traffic Team) are not allowed to pursue bikes, but he is aware of this is an ongoing issue.


    Councillor Burke advised that as a ward Members would be happy to support, and if necessary make a contribution to securing a visit from the Off Road Policing Team.  Dave advised that there have been changes, as previously the Off Road Policing Team was staffed by volunteers, as overtime, but now a team has been created with the core role of reducing the issues caused by off road/ motorbikes and quad bikes.  Although this team still covers the whole of GM, requests have been passed through for them to attend the Middleton area.


    Discussions were held about the difficulties in reporting non-emergency issues.  Councillor Burke advised that if residents email him, he is quite happy to pass the information through to GMP.  Dave also informed residents they can email him (


    c)     Residents queried the status of the Latrigg Residents Parking Scheme.  Councillor Burke advised that there had been a large number of tickets issued for those ignoring the signage and parking within the residents’ only area.  Residents queried if there parking permits could also be used with the Park.  This question will be passed to Highways for a response (Action: Lauren Mason).


    d)     A resident queried how to go about getting a disabled bay outside her neighbour’s property re-lined.  The current lines have worn away and unfortunately the elderly residents are experiencing people parking within the disabled bay as the lines aren’t visible.  This issue will be raised with Highways (Action: Lauren Mason).


PACT Policing Priorities


Any Other Business


    Councillor Burke advised that funding has been secured for the area, and some of it has been spent on additional ‘kissing gates’ for Bowlee to stop the illegal access of off road/ quad and motorbikes.

    Additional metal railings have also been funded for installation near to Bowlee Park Primary School and they will be of a similar type to the railings that were installed around St. Mary’s RC Primary School.  A Traffic Regulation Order to limit parking around the school has also been funded, and Councillor Burke advised he has asked that this be in place by the start of the new school year.

    Councillor Burke advised that Councillor Emmott recently met with residents in the ‘Silver Birch’, Birch and Langley Lane areas to discuss a number of issues, including traffic at the bottom of Langley Lane, the Birch Conservation Plan, and other issues.


Date of next meeting