Agenda and minutes

Venue: Langley Sure Start Children's Centre, Windermere Road, Langley, Middleton M24 4LA

Contact: Lauren Mason - Tel. 01706 923124 

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Welcome and Introductions


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


    The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record.

    Off Road Bikes
    At the last meeting Members agreed to fund the GMP ‘Off Road Bike Team’ to attend Langley and Bowlee to try and deter and catch off road bikers who are using Bowlee as a bike track.  Following the meeting the Off Road Bike Team have visited the area once and further dates are being agreed to undertake further visits to the area.

    Residents advised that problems are ongoing and there have been recent issues with bike users driving along the pavements on Latrigg, thus pushing pedestrians into the road.

    Fencing on Bowlee
    Councillor Burke advised that funding was allocated to procure fencing throughout Bowlee with a view to making it more difficult for ‘off road bike’ users to illegally access the park.  This scheme was originally started around 2 years ago, and with funding being continually sought the new and additional fencing should cover the perimeter of the park, but if there are any further suggestions for additional locations these can be passed to Councillor Burke or via the Township Office.

    Residents advised that off road bike users are accessing the park via the rear of David Lloyd Gym, the back of the driving range and near to the Car Boot entrance.  This matter will be investigated further.

    Contacting GMP
    As in previous meetings, concerns were raised again about the difficulties experienced when contacting GMP via the 101 (non-emergency) number.  Following a discussion it was suggested that any comments or complaints people have regarding 101 should be directed to the GMP complaints team.


Crime Statistics and Updates


    Between October 2017 and March 2018 the following were recorded:

    ·           Burglary dwelling  13

    ·           Theft from motor vehicle  21


    A discussion took place about the ongoing issues with ‘shed’ break-ins and Officers advised that an offender has been locked up following admission of a number of break-ins in the area.

    At the last meeting a discussion took place about a known offender committing robberies of takeaway drivers, and the offender is in custody, and had committed crimes throughout Middleton.


Residents Issues


    School Parking Issues

    St. Mary’s R.C. Primary School
    Residents advised that the installation of the double yellow lines has worked well outside St. Mary’s RC Primary School with many parents/carers now parking elsewhere.  Unfortunately, there are a small minority of parents/carers dropping off their children who continue to park illegally, and it was agreed that a request will be made for a joint operation to be undertaken between the Police and Rochdale Borough Council Parking Officers.

    Bowlee Park Primary School
    A discussion took place concerning ongoing problems outside Bowlee Park Primary School despite previous operations to tackle issues.  Residents queried if the land near to the old library could be converted to provide parking facilities and they were advised that this is unlikely due to the costs involved and who would pay for the work.

    A discussion took place about parents driving to school who are not qualified and as such not insured, etc to drive.  It was agreed that any information regarding such offences could be passed to GMP anonymously.

    Some of the new fencing has been damaged since its installation.  Councillor Burke advised that he is aware of this situation and it has been passed to the relevant department for repairs to be carried out.


PACT Policing Priorities


Any Other Business


    Windermere Road entrance to Bowlee
    Residents advised that the pathway to Bowlee from the bottom of Windermere Road, where the kissing gate is, is very muddy.  There are two pathways, one of which is privately owned and the other on Rochdale Council land.  A discussion took place about the possibilities of installing new pathways and it was agreed that Councillor Burke would investigate this further and report back at the next meeting.

    Increased policing presence on Langley
    Residents noted that there has been an increased policing presence on the estate and thanks were given to GMP Officers.


Date of next meeting


    ·           Wednesday 25 July 2018

    ·           Wednesday 14 November 2018

    ·           Wednesday 6 February 2019

    All meetings will be held at Langley Sure Start Children’s Centre, Windermere Road, Langley, Middleton M24 4LA commencing at 6.30pm