Agenda and minutes

Venue: Langley Sure Start Children's Centre, Windermere Road, Langley, Middleton, Manchester M24 4LA

Contact: Lauren Mason - Tel: 01706 923124 

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Welcome and Introductions


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


    The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record.

    Off road bikes
    A discussion took place following the last meeting where it was agreed that GMP would be funded through Middleton Township to ‘buy-in’ time from the Greater Manchester Police Off Road Bike Team (Operation Commekna).  The meeting was advised that £1,000 was allocated by West Middleton Ward Councillors for the Off Road Bike Team to spend some time in the area.  PC Ockwell reported that this initiative hasn’t yet happened due to sickness (from limb breaks) within the dedicated off road team, but PC Ockwell will chase this matter up with GMP management to see when the team is likely to be back in operation and arrange the dates once more information is known.

    PC Ockwell explained that GMP staff, unless specially trained, are not allowed to pursue off road bikes/motorbikes, and unfortunately this means that officers like PC Ockwell cannot give chase to these individuals, and can only ask for back up from trained staff.

    PC Ockwell advised that in response to a recent GMP Operation, six stolen bikes have been recovered this week.  A discussion took place about a recent spate of thefts on Sylvan Close, and PC Ockwell advised the resident that he has viewed the footage from CCTV, and unfortunately none of the offenders can be identified.  It was agreed that residents would stay behind after the meeting to discuss this issue further with PC Ockwell.


Crime Statistics and Update


    PC Ockwell advised that since the last meeting, crime reporting has come down, which due to the changes in reporting (meaning every call has to be reported and either closed or pursued) is quite good, although PC Ockwell did acknowledge that this change could be due to people not reporting ‘smaller’ crimes.

    A discussion took place about whether a drone could be purchased and used to locate off road bike offenders in the area.  PC Ockwell advised that this scheme will not require funding from the Township’s West Middleton Ward Fund as GMP are setting up a Drone Unit with specific training for Officers (the team will be brought into action on 1 September 2018).  PC Ockwell will provide an update at the next meeting regarding the progress of the scheme, etc.


Residents Issues


    School parking issues
    A discussion took place, following the last meeting, regarding parking around St. Mary’s RC Primary School, and residents advised that despite previous operations some of the parking by parents picking up and dropping off children is still dangerous.  It was agreed that Lauren and PC Ockwell would try to set up an operation to target parents, with Officers from Rochdale Borough Council Parking Enforcement Team.


PACT Policing Priorities


Any Other Business


    Pot holes and waste
    Amanda and Siobhan advised that they undertook a litter pick in Langley recently and struggled with collecting some of the waste due to it being in the road, so they asked if the road sweeper could visit the area to clean the roads.  It was agreed that Lauren will raise this request with colleagues in Environmental Management and ask for a visit to be undertaken.

    Concerns were also raised about the number of pot holes on some of the roads throughout Langley.  The meeting was advised by Lauren that pot holes can be reported through the Council website (, by email at or alternatively by ringing the Call Centre on 0300 303 8879.

    GMP staffing changes
    A discussion took place about the changes within GMP that are happening to improve staffing levels.  PC Ockwell explained that PC Khan, who was with in attendance at the meeting, is a new recruit to Neighbourhood Policing and the role of the new Officers will be to create solutions to current issues from a different perspective.  PC Ockwell stated that there have been changes to legislation and in response to this, changes in policing.

    PC Ockwell advised that within this area, which is known as Middleton West ‘M’ Beat, there is himself and three PCSOs within the Neighbourhood Policing Team.


Date of next meeting