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Venue: Langley Sure Start Children's Centre, Windermere Road, Langley, Middleton, Manchester M24 4LA

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Welcome and introductions


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


    The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record.

    Residents advised that one of the biggest complaints they currently have is about ringing 101, as calls can take some time to be connected and the call handlers aren’t always helpful.  PCSO Curry and PCSO Quinn advised that any threats to life or property must always be called through to 999, and they were given an example of a recent attack on a resident.  Officers reiterated if someone has been or is being attacked this incident must be called through to 999 not 101.

    Officers suggested that if residents wish to update GMP regarding an issue, which is not at the time ‘threatening’, then in addition to the 101 service they can also use the live chat operated through the GMP website.

    Further to the discussion at the last meeting when concerns were raised about ‘off road bikes’, Councillor Burke advised that the Township had agreed to support in principle some training for PC Ockwell and PCSO Coltman on the GMP Drone, which will be used to identify those who are riding off road bikes throughout Middleton.


Crime statistics and update


Residents issues


    A discussion was held about staffing levels within the Middleton GMP Neighbourhood Team, and a resident advised that he had made a call to the office which hadn’t been returned.  GMP Officers stated that someone will always try to call back within 24 hours, but the office number isn’t for emergencies or crime reporting, and agreed to double check the number the resident had called.

    Councillor Burke advised that he and other Middleton Councillors are very fortunate that the relationship with GMP is brilliant, and they hold regular meetings with GMP Officers and always receive a quick response when issues are raised.  The model used in Middleton is based on partnership work between GMP, Rochdale Council and other partners such as Riverside Housing Association.

    GMP Officers advised that crime overall in this ward is down.  The main hotspot area at the moment is Alkrington and GMP are focusing their resources in this area to alleviate ongoing issues.  Councillor Burke advised that there was recently an ASB issue at Saxonside and this incident was reported to the Neighbourhood Sergeant, who after liaising with the Inspector arranged for a Dispersal Order to be implemented.  This action all happened on the same day.  Residents praised the ongoing work carried out by the PCSOs in this area and Councillor Burke also asked that his thanks to the Neighbourhood Team be placed on record.

    Residents stated that there was recently an issue where two ladies on horseback were assaulted and they had not received any response.  PCSO Quinn and PCSO Curry advised that only the victims would have received a response and any subsequent feedback.

    Concerns were raised about the gate at the bottom of Windermere Road, onto Bowlee, which is currently broken.  Councillor Burke advised that this issue has been reported to Environmental Management and a repair has been ordered.

    A discussion was held about ‘off road bikes’ on Bowlee.  Residents advised that the main route of access appears to via the Pavilion, which is open during the day; this is usually closed around 5pm.


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