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Venue: Alkrington Community Centre, Hardfield Road, Middleton, Manchester M24 1TQ

Contact: Lauren Mason - Tel. 01706 923124 

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Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


    The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

    The recent work undertaken by GMP was discussed in relation to an issue raised at the last meeting about Cheltenham Road and the ginnel leading to the rear Kirkway Shops.  Residents thanked PCSO Walsh for all the work undertaken, which involved working with schools and notifying parents of those youths who were offending in the area.

    At the last meeting concerns were raised about the area at the rear of Kirkway shops and following a discussion between PCSO Walsh and Lauren, a visit was arranged for the Council’s Public Realm Inspectors who spoke to the shop managers/owners and organised the removal of all the rubbish/ broken bottles and cardboard.  PCSO Walsh advised that he continues to patrol this area and any further issues would again be raised.


Crime Statistics and Updates


    PCSO Walsh and PCSO Clough distributed a crime statistics breakdown for both Alkrington and Rhodes (which are the areas covered by this meeting):




    5 x Theft of motor vehicle

    3 x Theft of motor vehicle

    7 x Theft from motor vehicle

    20 x Theft from motor vehicle

    15 x Burglary dwelling

    26 x Burglary dwelling

    18 x Criminal damage

    7 x Criminal damage


    A discussion took place about whether the crimes were linked following the distribution of the crime statistics to residents.  PCSO Walsh and PCSO Clough advised that it is the call handler who will initially code the call.  If a visit is required then this is subject to change by the visiting officer, and if more than one crime has been committed then quite often this will lead to two statistics being logged.  The statistics also take into account the Christmas period when usually there are peaks in certain crimes.  PCSO Clough also advised that even if a ‘crime’ is only called through, not followed up for whatever reason and never re-visited, this is also logged, which it never was previously.  This action is due to changes in the requirements by the Home Office.  PCSO Clough provided the example of someone calling through a stone being thrown at a vehicle but no damage caused.  If the Police visit and the victim isn’t there, then the crime is still logged and included in statistics.

    PCSO Walsh advised that over the last week a burglary operation has been ongoing with some successes.  Patrol vehicles have been out alongside non-marked cars, with repeat and known offenders targeted.  Such operations utilise existing services, often moving officers from one area to another.  Year on year crimes are up, in addition to victims being more likely to report offences.   PCSO Walsh stated that burglaries tend to move, so one area may be hit for a few weeks and then the ‘hot-spot’ area is likely to move.  Currently one of the main issues that the Police are dealing with and responding to is Middleton Town Centre issues; this in the main relates to ASB, etc.

    Policing going forward was discussed and a number of points were raised in relation to the introduction of the Policing Panel which has been set up by Andy Burnham.


Residents Issues


    ·           Issues are continuing at the shop on Kingsway with young people congregating outside during the evenings on a regular basis.  The area in front of the shop has also become a dumping ground and is filled with discarded litter.  Councillor Joinson advised that as discussed previously the shop has been subject to test purchasing, and passed, with no underage sales noted.  With regards to the area outside the shop, Councillor Joinson explained that this is private land, but Environmental Management Officers will be asked to visit and request a clean-up.

    ·           A discussion took place concerning the information and intelligence passed to GMP by residents in relation to drug drops at the above location.  PCSO Walsh advised that such ‘intel’ is often not shared with PCSOs as there may be ongoing operations the intelligence feeds into.  Where information on vehicles registration plates is provided this is linked to the GMP system which uses ANPR technology to track vehicle.  Information on ANPR systems and locations is not publically available.

    ·           Policing levels and the reduction in numbers of personnel over the last ten years was discussed.

    ·           Ongoing issues at Meadow Road since 2009 as raised at previous meetings was discussed.  Residents have set up a Homewatch scheme and met with Sergeant Galgani to discuss the issues.  At a previous meeting it was agreed that the Public Realm Inspectors would be asked to contact Lynne; this did happen but was never followed up despite assurances.  (Lauren will chase up this matter with the Public Realm Inspectors).  Catherine Ross (GMP) is also working with residents regarding the issues.

    ·           Concerns were raised about indiscriminate parking, by parents and staff, in particular at drop off and pick up time.  In other areas, joint Policing and Council operations have been organised to deter parking.  It was agreed that Lauren and PCSO Walsh will investigate the matter and see if links can be made with the school to support an operation.

    ·           Concerns were expressed about the condition of some of the grass verges due to vehicles churning them up.  Lauren advised that there is very little that can be done about this issue from the Council’s perspective other than repairing and re-seeding the verges in summer.

    ·           Parked vehicles are obscuring the sight line at the Kingsway/Manchester New Road Junction and over the road at the Hall Drive/Manchester New Road junction.  Councillor Joinson advised that himself and his fellow Ward Members have discussed this issue with Highways Officers and they will be commissioning the introduction of enforceable parking restrictions.  The hatched markings can only be enforced by GMP, not the Council’s Parking staff, so often vehicles parked here are not ticketed.  Parking restrictions at the bottom of Mainway onto Manchester New Road will also be considered as part of this scheme.

    ·           Concerns were raised about the ginnel between Crow Hill North and Alkrington Green.  Councillor Joinson advised that this issue will be looked at again, but previously residents rejected any proposals to close the ginnel off.


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