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Venue: Alkrington Community Centre, Hardfield Road, Middleton, Manchester M24 1TQ

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Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


Crime Statistics and Updates


    GMP provided the following update.  All statistics cover the period from Monday 5 February 2018 to Monday 23 July 2018.



    Current period

    Public Order Offences  x 8


    Same period last year


    Theft from Motor Vehicle x 14


    Burglary Dwelling x 12


    Criminal Damage x 12


    Drug Offences x 1




    Current period

    Public Order Offences  x 49


    Same period last year


    Theft from Motor Vehicle x 18 


    Burglary Dwelling x 15


    Criminal Damage x 22


    Shop lifting x 35


    Theft of Motor Vehicle x 9


    *All figures for Rhodes include Middleton Town Centre


    PCSO Clough advised that more detailed information is no longer provided, such as time, dates and location for individual offences due to the Data Protection Act, as more detailed information can often identify victims, which isn’t always in the best interest.  More detailed information can also be used by criminals to identify where there are insecurities.

    A discussion took place about the recently launched ‘Live Chat’ facility GMP have implemented.  This facility can be used for non-emergency crime reporting and will be dealt with the same as a call to 101.


Residents Issues


    ·         A discussion took place about Hall Drive/Manchester New Road junction and Councillor Joinson advised the meeting that enforcement action is being undertaken as he spoke to a shop owner who recently received a ticket at this location.  There were also concerns that when vehicles double-park at the junction of Kingsway and Manchester New Road this can cause issues for vehicles turning in from Manchester New Road and often leads to Kingsway being one line of traffic.  It was agreed that continued enforcement in this area will be requested through Highways.


    ·         Councillor Dale advised that as part of the review of parking and traffic issues in South Ward, Members have also asked Highways to look at issues with drivers using the bottom of Mainway as an informal ‘Park & Ride’ into Manchester and again this leads to traffic congestion.  Residents asked as part of the review could Mount Road also be investigated.


    ·         The shop, which had previously caused many issues, at the bottom of Kingsway has now closed, and residents confirmed that there has been a massive improvement in ASB issues; as such they asked that when new owners purchase the shop could restricted opening hours be considered with greater conditions put on any operating licenses, such as no sale of alcohol.  Councillor Joinson explained that the license for the sale of alcohol is already in place and it is not possible to stop this, but Members will ask that the opening hours, etc. are looked at.


    ·         Concerns were raised about speeding off road bikes and cars racing on Kirkway.  Residents were asked to pass details to GMP such as times and, where possible, registration numbers.  PC Bracey advised that as residents may be aware, GMP Officers, such as himself, are not allowed to pursue off road bikes and can only pursue vehicles with agreement from managers.  PC Bracey explained that any information people provide can be used, and where possible bikes, etc. will be seized, as three were last week, and if information is passed to GMP about where they are kept.  Residents advised that the issues mainly occur during the nice weather, between afternoon and evening times.


    ·         Lauren reported that she had received a request from the Countryside Ranger at Alkrington who has been experiencing ongoing issues in Alkrington Woods with off road bikes.  Mike, the Ranger, has advised via email that a lot of the issues are vehicles coming over from the Blackley end of Boothroyden down into the Woods.  MCC (Manchester City Council) many years ago invested in measures to stop off road bikes accessing Alkrington Woods, but these have now been broken, etc.  It was agreed that Lauren would speak to colleagues in MCC and request a 50% contribution ‘anti-bike access’ measures.  It was also agreed that the email received from Mike, read out by Lauren, would be forwarded to PC Bracey to raise with colleagues in GMP ‘A’ division.  Once a discussion has been held and prices received Lauren will approach the Ward Members with  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


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