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Introductions, Apologies and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 80 KB


    The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced himself, Councillors and Officers to the first meeting of the newly merged Milnrow, Newhey and Firgrove Area Forum. Everybody was asked to abide by the code of conduct for the duration of the meeting.

    Apologies were received from Councillors Blundell, Brett, Butterworth, Hussain, Kelly (RBC), C. Houston, M. Hopkinson, S. Leach, D. Dawai and I. Davidson


PACT - Greater Manchester Police


    The Police introduced themselves and gave the following updates.

    Crime figures

    There has been an increase in burglaries since the last meeting; the number is almost double. This increase is the usual trend during the summer months.

    Vehicle Crime
    Vehicle crime has also risen, however, five vehicles have been recovered from one address. Off-road bike reports have increased significantly due again to the time of year. A resident reported off-road bikes driving dangerously on Rochdale Road. Firgrove. Residents were advised to report all off-road bike nuisance to the Police on 101.

    Dash Cam
    It was confirmed that dash cam footage can be used as evidence providing it is of good quality.

    Kiln Lane
    A recent traffic operation saw motorists ticketed and fined for offences. Another vehicle has hit the garden wall of a Kiln Lane property. The Police asked whether speed humps may help with the situation.
    Action 1: Establish if installing speed humps would be an option (Tracey Knight)

    The Police advised that a well-known individual had been given a two year Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO). Leaflets will be distributed locally advising of the prohibitions. Breaches of the Order should be reported to the Police.

    Summer Security Advice
    Residents were again reminded to lock doors and windows; don’t be an easy target for opportunist thieves.

    PACT Priority for Milnrow and Newhey

    -     Burglaries

    -     Anti-Social Behaviour


Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 84 KB


    The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true record. Matters arising would be addressed in the Open Forum.


Hollingworth Academy Community Update - Darren Randle


    Darren Randle thanked the forum for the opportunity to share with them the schools achievements and future vision. There has been 50 years of education provided on the site. The school has seen many names during these times; it is now called Hollingworth Academy.

    There have been a number of successes over the years; more recently in 2014 they were awarded ‘School of the Year’ and in 2015 were awarded the ‘National Centre of Excellence’. The school is popular within the community and is usually oversubscribed. As is expected with a comprehensive school, it does bring its challenges, however, this only provides an opportunity for overcoming difficulties and embracing new challenges.

    Members of the forum were invited to visit the school during peak times to witness the well organised environment and feel the warmth within. The school is a PFI building and is available for community use.

    The school has worked closely with Rochdale Borough Council when they identified a shortage of secondary school places. The planned extension will be complete by July 2016 in time for the new academic year. The building will house six IT suites, a pupil inclusion unit, a year 11 study centre, a commercial bakery, a construction training room, hair and beauty salon and a multi faith prayer room. It will also meet the estimated expected demand for student places.

    There has been a number of concerns raised regarding the purpose of the new school extension. It was reiterated that the purpose of the extension was never to be a pupil referral unit, a mosque or a special needs centre. Concerns arose due to a clerical error on the original planning application that stated the purpose of the extension was for a student referral unit.  The Head Teacher categorically denied that this was the purpose and requested the matter be confirmed as correct by the Council’s Planning Department.
    Action 2: Confirm this information with Planning (Tracey Knight)

    A number of concerns were raised about the lack of parking and the impact of this with additional places. The level of people’s frustration is appreciated by the school who are proactive in trying to lessen the impact for neighbours. It was agreed that the issue and responsibility lies with the drivers who should be more considerate.
    Action 3: Request parking enforcement during peak times (Tracey Knight)

    Q. Are there any plans to offer sixth form education at the school?
    A. No, the academy wouldn’t want to compete with the already established top rated Rochdale Sixth Form College.

    Q. How will having a bakery and salon facilities affect the curriculum for students?
    A. These new facilities will be an enhancement and not a replacement; the curriculum will be fulfilled.

    Q. Who are the additional students and where are they from?
    A. The intake will follow the usual selection criteria and rules.


Public Engagement Initiative Presentation - Rose Bennett


    Due to unforeseen circumstances this item was withdrawn, however, the forum was asked to forward their ideas and suggestions in the freepost envelope provided on how to help the Council deal with the financial challenges they are currently facing.


Open Forum


    Kiln Lane Traffic
    A Council Highways Officer has met with Ward Councillors to discuss residents’ traffic and safety concerns. As a result they have produced a short, medium and long term options paper (made available for the meeting).

    Short term – upgrade and replace any existing damaged warning signs on the approach to Kiln Lane.
    Medium term – re-model the junction of Wildhouse Lane/Kiln Lane by acquiring the cottages and modifying the road layout. Funding would need to be identified to move this forward (plan supplied).
    Long term – development of a long term plan to identify a possible relief road to encourage traffic from Littleborough/Todmorden to use an alternative route to the M62 avoiding the B6225.

    The forum was advised that the use of rumble strips is not an option due to the close proximity of residential properties.

    A discussion took place regarding the number of accidents involving drink drivers. It was understood that the Council cannot legislate for this.

    A resident said that in their opinion the medium term option would exacerbate the dangers as vehicles would increase their speed knowing that they don’t have to stop at the junction.
    Action 4: Feedback resident’s comments to Highways (Tracey Knight)

    Broomfield Terrace Rat Run
    Broomfield Terrace has become a rat run since the installation of traffic lights at the Huddersfield Road/Newhey Road junction. The resident is concerned that it is a residential area and the increase and speed of traffic is a danger and is becoming worse.
    Action 5: Report to Highways and request their advice (Tracey Knight)

    Silver Hill Blind Bend
    A resident expressed her concerns regarding the blind bend on Silver Hill. She believes it is dangerous and could cause an accident.
    Action 6: Report concerns to Highways and request their advice (Tracey Knight)

    Willows Lane/Princess Road Traffic Issues
    A resident reported speeding vehicles in this area. She believes it would help the situation if it was made one-way traffic with vehicles entering Princess Road and exiting Willows Lane via Heatley Road.
    Action 7: Report to Highways and request advice regarding one-way system (Tracey Knight)

    Princess Road Chemical Smell
    It was reported that there is a strong chemical smell in the area.
    Action 8: Speak to Councillor Blundell for further information and take the appropriate action (Tracey Knight)

    Rochdale Road Pavements
    It was reported that there are potholes on the pavement outside 155 Rochdale Road, Firgrove. The resident was made aware that there is specific criteria regarding the depth a pothole needs to be before it is filled.
    Action 9: Report to Highways to request action as necessary (Tracey Knight)

    Milnrow Clock
    An update was provided for the meeting by a resident – ‘the Milnrow Council Offices Clock Tower was made part of the Butterworth Hall conservation area in 2006, this was after a planning application was submitted to reduce/demolish said tower, soon after that the application was withdrawn by the applicant. Not only the tower is covered but the whole building which  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Any Other Business


    No other business was raised.


Date and time of next meeting


    8 December 2015 at 7pm in Milnrow Cricket Club (to be confirmed)

    24 March 2016 at 7pm in Milnrow Cricket Club