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Planning and Licensing Committee

This page lists proposed meetings of Planning and Licensing Committee and historic meeting dates with agendas and minutes.

Note: In the light of the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the consequent limited capacity of many of our meeting rooms, members of the public are strongly encouraged to contact Committee Services to register your attendance. All attendees will be required to adhere to safety protocols

Information about Planning and Licensing Committee

The Planning and Licensing Committee is responsible for exercising the development control and regulatory powers and duties of the Council under the Town and Country Planning Acts (and any Regulations or Orders thereunder) including considering planning applications. The Committee exercises all the functions of the licensing authority that relate to the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005.

Further information on planning applications is available on planning applications online which allows you to view all the details and comment on applications.

Further information is available on applications for Licences and licence holders.

The full terms of reference for the Committee are detailed along with the Scheme of Delegation for Development Control within the Council’s Constitution.  The Committee is appointed by the Council in accordance with the political balance of the Authority.