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Audit and Governance Committee

This page lists proposed meetings of Audit and Governance Committee and historic meeting dates with agendas and minutes.


Information about Audit and Governance Committee

Audit and Governance Committee

    To discharge non-executive functions as set out in Part 3 to the Constitution relating to:

    Statement of accounts, pensions etc

    Miscellaneous functions

    For example constitutional matters (including contract rules, designation of statutory officers etc); electoral matters, maladministration etc)

    Standards/Code of Conduct issues

    In exercise of the functions of the CIPFA recommended ‘audit committee’

o  To approve the Annual Governance Statement and monitor achievement

o  To approve the Internal Audit Charter; to review and approve the Internal Audit Annual Plan and the Risk Management Strategy, considering the effectiveness of  the proposed audit programme in providing adequate assurance over arrangements for governance, risk management and internal control; to consider Internal Audit reports arising from the Internal Audit Annual Plan, ensuring that adequate management responses are made in respect of the findings of audit investigations, and particularly monitoring the outcomes of responses to individual significant adverse reports on financial management and internal control; to consider the Internal Audit Annual Report and to ensure the implementation of appropriate action.

o  To review the adequacy of the Anti-Fraud and Corruption Strategy, and related policies and procedures, to ensure their application and effectiveness;

o  To consider the External Audit Plan, the external auditor’s annual letter, relevant reports and the annual report to those charged with governance on issues arising from the audit of the Annual Statement of Accounts; and

o  To review the Council’s Risk Registers