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Community Centre Monitoring


The Committee considered a report of the Interim Head of Customers and Corporate Services updated Members on the community centre monitoring process for the first two quarters of 2014/2015 (April – June 2014 and July - September 2014).


The Committee was advised that a community centre monitoring process had been developed in consultation with the Community Base Network and had been implemented in April 2012. In April 2014, the following information was also requested: an action plan highlighting how the activities and services of each community centre will meet the priorities of the Council; a signed funding agreement between the Council and the governing body of the community centre; a copy of all the policies in place at each community centre; and a copy of the most recent annual accounts


This is followed up by a request of the following information on a quarterly basis: a spreadsheet with information of forecasts for outputs and outcomes for each quarter and figures for what has been achieved; a distinction of whether the activities are those developed by staff at the community centre or those where the community centre is also hired; and a breakdown for the funding used in each quarter is also provided.


Monitoring information has been received from the following community centres: BACP, Castlemere Community Centre, Deeplish Community Centre, KYP, North Area Partnership, Rochdale Women’s Welfare, Sparth Community Centre, Spotland Community Centre, Sudden Community Centre and Wardleworth Community Centre Monitoring Visits were also taking place to verify and enhance the community centre monitoring process.  


In respect of Castlemere Community Centre Members were advised of a carbon monoxide leak that had occurred at the Centre. Members of the Committee expressed their concerns at this and requested that a report be presented to a future meeting of this Committee detailing safety issues at this Community centre.


DECIDED – That (1) the report be noted;

            (2) a report be presented to a future meeting of the Committee detailing safety issues at Castlemere Community Centre.

Eligible for Call-in: No.

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