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Open Forum


Kiln Lane Traffic
A Council Highways Officer has met with Ward Councillors to discuss residents’ traffic and safety concerns. As a result they have produced a short, medium and long term options paper (made available for the meeting).

Short term – upgrade and replace any existing damaged warning signs on the approach to Kiln Lane.
Medium term – re-model the junction of Wildhouse Lane/Kiln Lane by acquiring the cottages and modifying the road layout. Funding would need to be identified to move this forward (plan supplied).
Long term – development of a long term plan to identify a possible relief road to encourage traffic from Littleborough/Todmorden to use an alternative route to the M62 avoiding the B6225.

The forum was advised that the use of rumble strips is not an option due to the close proximity of residential properties.

A discussion took place regarding the number of accidents involving drink drivers. It was understood that the Council cannot legislate for this.

A resident said that in their opinion the medium term option would exacerbate the dangers as vehicles would increase their speed knowing that they don’t have to stop at the junction.
Action 4: Feedback resident’s comments to Highways (Tracey Knight)

Broomfield Terrace Rat Run
Broomfield Terrace has become a rat run since the installation of traffic lights at the Huddersfield Road/Newhey Road junction. The resident is concerned that it is a residential area and the increase and speed of traffic is a danger and is becoming worse.
Action 5: Report to Highways and request their advice (Tracey Knight)

Silver Hill Blind Bend
A resident expressed her concerns regarding the blind bend on Silver Hill. She believes it is dangerous and could cause an accident.
Action 6: Report concerns to Highways and request their advice (Tracey Knight)

Willows Lane/Princess Road Traffic Issues
A resident reported speeding vehicles in this area. She believes it would help the situation if it was made one-way traffic with vehicles entering Princess Road and exiting Willows Lane via Heatley Road.
Action 7: Report to Highways and request advice regarding one-way system (Tracey Knight)

Princess Road Chemical Smell
It was reported that there is a strong chemical smell in the area.
Action 8: Speak to Councillor Blundell for further information and take the appropriate action (Tracey Knight)

Rochdale Road Pavements
It was reported that there are potholes on the pavement outside 155 Rochdale Road, Firgrove. The resident was made aware that there is specific criteria regarding the depth a pothole needs to be before it is filled.
Action 9: Report to Highways to request action as necessary (Tracey Knight)

Milnrow Clock
An update was provided for the meeting by a resident – ‘the Milnrow Council Offices Clock Tower was made part of the Butterworth Hall conservation area in 2006, this was after a planning application was submitted to reduce/demolish said tower, soon after that the application was withdrawn by the applicant. Not only the tower is covered but the whole building which includes the old fire station, the old police station and the library. I am reliably informed that if any structural work is requiredthere will have to be a planning application submitted’.

A resident expressed their concern regarding the lack of progress updates available. It was agreed that it would become a standard item on the agenda and the Friends of Milnrow Clock and Ward Councillors would be notified and asked whether they would provide an update on progress at each meeting.
Action 10: Add Milnrow Clock to the agenda as a standard item and pass on the forum’s request for progress updates to those involved (Tracey Knight)

Crossgates School Road Safety
Concerns were raised regarding the lack of a replacement “lollipop lady” at Crossgates school in Milnrow. Residents are worried about the safety of the school children and the impact of the situation on the school Head Teacher who is trying to assist with crossing patrols.
Action 11: Establish when/if there will be a replacement (Tracey Knight)