Agenda item

Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising


The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true record.

The following action updates were given.

Kiln Lane Traffic Issues
A meeting has not yet taken place due to the poor health of the resident concerned.

Milnrow Memorial Clock Update
It was clarified that the meeting with the HLF, referred to at the previous meeting, was a general meeting to discuss a number of projects not solely about Milnrow Clock.

In the absence of the Chair of Friends of Milnrow Clock, Irene Davidson gave the following updates:

·           Smith of Derby (bespoke clock makers) have said that they would like to be a part of the clock restoration; they have been back to take additional photos. They initially reported that the clock is in a good condition, however, the access steps do have rot in the joists.

·           The owner has now given the group and Smith of Derby permission to access the clock tower at any time. Irene has been given a key.

·           As part of the project the security door needs to be replaced.

·           There are seven levels in the tower which need to be made safe. The metal ladder has rusted and rotted away at parts.

·           Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has indicated that they would be interested in the project. They have suggested that there is an element of education which could possibly include working with the library to produce story boards.

·           HLF has advised that the appropriate grant fund would be Your/Our Heritage which is for grants up to £100,000.

·           The 1960’s clock is electric, and the existing bell won’t chime because it is in a residential area. As the bell will be redundant, the forum was asked for suggestions on how to re-use it. Some suggested it was used to chime at 11 o’clock on Remembrance Sunday.

·           The forum were advised that the new clock can be programmed and can be set to chime on Remembrance Sunday.


It was reiterated that the Friends of Milnrow Clock Group have written permission, via email, from the clock tower owner to unrestricted access to the clock tower. Councillor Kelly agreed to share this information with the other Ward Councillors.
Action 1: Circulate email confirming clock tower access to Milnrow & Newhey Ward Councillors (Councillor Kelly)

Recycling Kerb Collections
Environmental Management have been in contact with the residents directly.

Rochdale Road Fly-Tipping
The fly-tipping was reported to Environmental Management.

Garage and Wheelie Bins on Rochdale Road
The resident was advised that there has never been provision for wheelie bin access in between the garages.

Car Parking Rear of Rochdale Road

The resident who was parking his car on the back, free of charge, has been written to and advised against parking in this area.

Memorial Funding for Firgrove Playing Fields
A number of Officers have been spoken to about this matter, but none are aware of any such funding.

Damaged Fencing on East Street
Pennines Township Funds have now funded a replacement fence.

Parking Issues on Railway Street
The residents were advised that Railway Street itself does not have any parking restrictions on it, other than the yellow line which extends around the junction of Huddersfield Road onto Railway Street, therefore, as a local authority there is no restriction we are able to enforce.  Double parking or causing an obstruction on the Highway is a matter that the Police may act upon.  Civil Enforcement Officers do patrol the area regularly and Penalty Charge Notices are issued to vehicles where there are restrictions in force.

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