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Minutes from the last meeting/updates


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and the following updates were provided.

Waithlands/Witley Road Junction
Sign missing from the signpost has not been replaced.  Highways have them on the list for order.

Waithlands Road
Residents reported the sign (directing to the canal) on the footpath has not been replaced.  Highways have them on the list for order.

Milnrow Road
Parking Services Update - a joint enforcement operation with GMP and the Civil Enforcement Officers has now been arranged, however, for obvious reasons the dates and times cannot be disclosed in advance.  There was positive feedback both from the Police and the Civil Enforcement Officers last time and therefore it is anticipated this operation will prove to be as beneficial.

GMP further update – PC Walsh has spoken to the Safety Camera Team regarding: deploying a mobile speed camera van.  Unfortunately, there is a strict criterion which has to be met in order for a site to be approved by the local authority and enforcement to take place and the location mentioned at the forum doesn’t meet the criteria at this stage.  This criteria includes a certain amount of incidents involving serious injury or death in a particular time period and speed surveys showing a certain percentage of vehicles going well above the speed limit.  He was advised however, that the traffic PCSOs may be able to deploy with a speed gun to areas of local concern so this has been requested on Milnrow Road, Croxton Avenue and Sir Isaac Newton Way.  If they are able to do this any results will be collated and reported back to future area forums.
Action 1: Request that parking around the Premier Store near Charlotte Street be included in this joint operation (Rachel Hudson)

Milnrow Road and Croxton Avenue Speed Surveys
These surveys have been carried out and we are awaiting the results.

Belfield Lane Street Lights
The forum was informed that an inspection was carried out on Belfield Lane columns 10, 11 and 12.  Residents disputed the response in particularly regarding column 12, which they say is affected by the presence of a conifer that stops the light shining down onto the highway.
Action 2: Request follow-up inspection with recommendation to view from the bridge towards the column (Rachel Hudson)

Unauthorised use of premises – Milnrow Road

The forum was informed that Planning Enforcement have provided an update to state that they are monitoring the property and can only take action when the vehicles present at the property do not belong to the owner and give rise to suspicion of possible business use.  At present there are no breaches of planning.  Residents were unhappy with this response stating that there is clearly an operational business at these premises, and requested that alternative enquiries take place.  The MP suggested that this issue could be taken as an opportunity to demonstrate effective partnership working and that enquiries could be made with other authorities around how they tackle similar issues.
Action 3: Make enquiries with regard to Trading Standards, Business Rates, Planning and Environmental Health (Rachel Hudson)

Milnrow Road Surface Problems
It was confirmed by a resident that repairs had been completed but only a small patch around a grid; the wider surface area is still in need of repair and the surface around Reservoir Street (Albert Royds Street) is also in need of attention.
Action 4: Request inspection and any necessary repairs (Rachel Hudson)

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