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Open Forum


Worsley Street Parking
Concerns were again raised in relation to local garages parking vehicles in the area, making access to driveways difficult for residents.  GMP stated ‘difficulties’ do not constitute an obstruction.  In the absence of parking restrictions the local authority is unable to take any enforcement action.  The MP suggested that a Council Officer could visit the premises with a Police Officer to discuss the concerns of residents and to encourage the business to be a good neighbour, whilst explaining the options open to the Council in terms of parking restrictions which would have a negative impact on all that work and reside in the area.
Action 5: Arrange visit to premises with local Beat Officer (Rachel Hudson)
Some positive information was given with regard to initiatives recently led by residents in the ward, they include:

·           Clean up with the Canal & Rivers Trust.  The Trust has agreed to clean up the canal tow-path on a quarterly basis.

·           Discussion with Morrisons and TfGM resulting in their agreement to cut back the shrubs and clean up the path between the tram stop and the store.

·           Talking to the Council about receiving assistance with clean-ups, in terms of lending equipment and removing bags of collected rubbish.

There were concerns that rubbish bags are being rifled through and their contents left strewn on footpaths and tow paths.  The concerns were particularly in relation to whether the activity is being carried out by homeless people looking for food.  It was acknowledged that there are many reasons why this could be happening and it shouldn’t be assumed it is related to homelessness.

Kingsway Retail Park – The area at the rear of the retail park is untidy, dirty and unsightly.  The MP asked that a letter be written to the landlord to ask them to liaise with the businesses and to require them to take responsibility for the rear of their stores.
Action 6: Write to landlord on behalf of the area forum (Rachel Hudson)

Residents were encouraged to report grot spots direct to the Council which would allow the hit-teams to be deployed: email, telephone 0300 303 8884.

Milnrow Road/Kenworthy Street – Additional Bin
Councillor Ali supported a request for an additional litter bin in the vicinity of the off licence; preferably one with a lid to stop litter blowing around the streets.
Action 7: Arrange installation of additional lidded litter bin – agree location with Councillor Daalat Ali (Rachel Hudson)

Kenworthy Street Alley Gates
Fly-tipping at the rear of Kenworthy Street is a recurrent and unacceptable problem.  Residents were informed that this problem is not something that the Council can clean up or enforce.  There were also safety concerns regarding the alley gates; one will not lock and the other appears unsafe.
Action 8: Speak to Environmental Management to see whether properties can be leafleted regarding fly-tipping (Rachel Hudson)
Action 9: Refer alley gate concerns to Burglary Reduction Officer (Val White)

Information concerning future Area Forums – Email notifications only
As a direct result of the Council’s savings proposals it will no longer be possible for the Township Office to post letters and agendas for area forums.  Residents were encouraged to supply their email address to receive notifications of dates of future meetings, agendas and minutes.  Also information can be accessed via the Council’s web site