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Minutes from the last meeting/updates


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and the following updates were provided.

Milnrow Road and Croxton Avenue Speed Surveys
The surveys have now been carried out and the results are:

Conclusion - Milnrow Road Survey
The results show that at both sites, the average speed was below the 30mph speed limit, at 29.2 and 28.9mph.  Outside no.186 the 85th percentile was 33.5mph and outside No.219 it was 33.4mph.

Location: Outside 186 Milnrow Road

Percentage of vehicles over the 30mph speed limit by:










Location: Outside 219 Milnrow Road

Percentage of vehicles over the 30mph speed limit by:










Conclusion – Croxton Avenue Survey
Croxton Avenue already has traffic calming measures in place by way of speed cushions and a speed limit of 20mph.  The results show that the average speed was above the 20mph speed limit at 24.1mph.  The 85th percentile was found to be 28.4mph.


Percentage of vehicles over the 20mph speed limit by:

0% (20mph)

5% (21mph)

10% (22mph)

15% (23mph)






Residents commented that they did not feel that the speed cables on the road were located in the correct place and it would serve better to be placed at the location of just past Newbold Tyres up to Rosefield Crescent.  Councillor Brosnan requested a proactive approach to the speed concerns of residents and to request a permanent speed camera to be installed by the Council’s Highways Department.  GMP advised that plain clothed officers using a mobile speed camera and a spotter monitored the area over a period of 4-5 hours but didn’t record high speeds, ie top speed of a vehicle was 37mph.
Action 1: Make enquiries with Highways on possibility of installing a speed camera in the area (Rachel Hudson)

Unauthorised use of premises – Milnrow Road
The forum was informed that Planning Enforcement have issued a Planning Contravention Notice to the owner of the property.  They are monitoring the property and can only take action when the vehicles present at the property do not belong to the owner and give rise to suspicion of possible business use.
Action 2: Make enquiries with Planning Enforcement for feedback on this notice served and next course of action (Rachel Hudson)

Belfield Lane/Dale Street - street lights
The forum was informed that an inspection was carried out at the above locations by Eon and conifer trees have been cut back to allow more light emittance.

Bertha Road indiscriminate parking
Residents requested Parking Services attend the junction of Bertha Road area again.
Action 3: Request Parking Services visit area again (Rachel Hudson)

Milnrow Road surface problems
A resident stated Milnrow Road is still in need of resurfacing due to break-up of the surface layer resulting in vehicles causing vibrations to neighbouring properties.  Townships have previously escalated this matter to the Council’s Highways Department.

Worsley Street parking
Concerns were previously raised in relation to local garages parking vehicles in the area, making access to driveways difficult for residents.  GMP advised a beat officer had attended and spoke to the proprietor.  He agreed to park vehicles at the side of the garage and GMP had two other vehicles removed.

Kingsway Retail Park
The area at the rear of the retail park is untidy, dirty and unsightly.  The Council’s Environmental Management attended and removed all rubbish and addressed this complaint with the businesses.

Milnrow Road/Kenworthy Street additional bin
A bin has been requested.

Kenworthy Street alley gates
Fly-tipping at the rear of Kenworthy Street is a recurrent and unacceptable problem.  Residents were informed that this issue is not something that the Council can clean up or enforce.  There were also safety concerns regarding the alley gates; one will not lock and the other appears unsafe.

Local Councillors are running another bulky waste amnesty.  The Burglary Reduction Officer attended the site and resolved all matters.

Supporting documents: