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Catley Lane Head Conservation Area for final designation

To consider the designation of Catley Lane Head as a conservation area and adoption of the Catley Lane Head Conservation Area Appraisal.


The Township Committee considered a report of the Director of Economy which sought approval for Catley Lane Head Conservation Area, taking into account the comments received as a result of consultation.


The Committee noted that the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 imposes a duty on local planning authorities to survey and keep under review in their district areas which are of special architectural or historic interest, the character of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance, and to designate those areas as conservation areas. This duty is an ongoing requirement of local authorities.


Conservation area appraisals are produced in order to identify the special architectural and historic character of significant areas, to guide development and to inform effective management plans.


Catley Lane Head was recommended for conservation area designation in order to provide a framework for controlled and positive change in the hamlet. Establishing a conservation area would help to protect the heritage of this well preserved and relatively sensitively restored hamlet by bringing attention to its unique landscape and architecture as well as providing the local community with strong sense of identity and pride.


Alternatives Considered – To not have undertaken a detailed conservation area appraisal at this time would have resulted in a lack of appreciation of the heritage value and leave the area vulnerable to further erosion of character by demolition and inappropriate development of its physical fabric and rural setting.


The Chair permitted Ms F Healey, a Trustee of the Rooley Moor Neighbourhood Forum to address the Committee in respect of this item.



1.    That the designation of Catley Lane Head as a conservation area and adoption of the Catley Lane Head Conservation Area Appraisal be approved.

2.  That the consultation responses outlined in Appendix 1 to the submitted report be noted.

3     That the change made in the recommended conservation area border compared to the consultation document in relation to the exclusion of  Hunger Hill Farm and the industrial buildings next to Smallshaw Farm from the conservation area be noted.


Reason for decision: Catley Lane Head is considered to be an area of historic and architectural interest worthy of preservation and enhancement. The production and consultation of a conservation area appraisal established the intrinsic heritage value of the area and its setting. Local feedback established that there are some questions about what the designation would mean to property owners, with both strong objections and strong support from the local community.


Catley Lane Head demonstrates vernacular architecture which reflects the historic industries along the line of historic routes. The evolution of the hamlet is still evident in the built environment and landscape, including mill ponds and farmland. The general character of the suggested conservation area is typified by its use of vernacular architecture and materials and its rural setting. This applies not only to the buildings themselves, but also to the historic Cotton Famine Road. The conservation area designation was recommended by the Rooley Moor Neighbourhood Association. The attached Conservation Area Appraisal gives a detailed overview of reasons behind the recommendation for designation.


Eligible for Call-in: Yes


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