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Minutes of last meeting/Matters arising/Updates


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Nixon Street junction and lights
A resident requested the Council’s Highways Department improve the phasing of the lights at the junction of Nixon Street turning as traffic frequently miss the lights.  Another resident raised the matter of an obstruction causing an issue when exiting Partington Street.  The matter was raised by Councillor Hornby with the Highways Department and she is awaiting an update.

Chaucer Street blocked gullies
It was reported that three grids/gullies needed flushing/cleaning out as they were causing flooding on Chaucer Street.  The matter was escalated to the Council’s Highways Maintenance Department requesting they contact the resident.  The update received after the forum was they had cleaned the gullies on Chaucer Street in December 2017 and they are clear and running.  The request appears to refer to the gullies in the alley at the side of the property.  This location is not public Highway and they have been informed it is private.  As such any drainage would be the responsibility of the land owner and the Highways Maintenance Department are not able to clean these gullies.

Heywood Road street lights
Issue raised stating a conifer tree is hindering the illumination near to the children’s play area/Sackville Street.  The matter was escalated by D Lodwig, Public Realm Officer.

The site of the former Co-op
A matter was raised about the future planning proposals for this site.  A request was made to Councillor Hornby to call the planning application in so that Members can insist that hours of construction/working can be specified and also that a S106 agreement can be factored in to ensure the site will be tidied up, neighbouring property side elevations bricked up and the adjacent pavement reinstated.  Councillor Sheerin advised the meeting that the newly submitted planning application will be being scrutinised.  It was drawn to his attention to also request that the owners/developers make the site safe.

Castleton Home for the elderly
A resident requested an update on this matter from the Council.  Councillor Sheerin advised there may be an interested party wishing to purchase these premises.

Manchester Road junction with Heywood Road
It was reported that cars are parking on double yellow lines after 5pm at this location.  The matter was escalated to the Council’s Parking Services to increase enforcement patrols in this area.

Cherrington House, Cherrington Drive
A resident raised concerns about the condition of the road near to Cherrington House on the bend of the road.  The matter was escalated to the Council’s Highways Maintenance Department requesting they inspect the area.  Update received was the condition of the road does not meet the Council’s remit or criteria for requiring repairs.  The resident was not happy with this response and wishes for the matter to be raised again.

Chesham Park
A query was raised as to the future development plans for the park.  Update received from the Council’s Environmental Management Department: ‘in 2015 we got together with the local community, did some consultations and worked hard on a project pulling funding in from various sources to improve the play area.  Any future improvements will depend on us getting a source of funding such as S106 funding; if there is a housing development for example, or if Township wishes to fund a specific extra improvement.  If the community want to come together and form a Friends of Chesham Park Group, we can support them to get it off the ground with a constitution and work with them to obtain external grants that we can’t access as a statutory body’.

Stakehill Warehouse
A query was raised about the Council’s recent purchase of the warehouse on Stakehill Industrial Estate to be rented out to acquire revenue.  Question posed - what percentage of these profits made would be ploughed back into the ward of Castleton? 
Update received from the Council is the income generated from the Council’s property investments is not earmarked to the location of the asset, but contributes to balancing the overall Council budget, which is utilised to fulfil the Council’s statutory obligations and provide services for the benefit of the residents of Rochdale Borough as a whole, of which Castleton ward forms a part.

Thornham Road/Thornham Lane
A resident expressed concerns about a fly tipping issue in this area.  The matter was escalated by D Lodwig, Public Realm Officer.

Springfield Park
A query raised about the chained off children’s play area within Springfield Park – when will it be fixed/re-open?  The area is Brimrod not Castleton.  The children’s play area was fixed a couple of weeks before the date of the last forum and is open.

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