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Minutes from the last meeting/updates


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and the followingupdates were provided.

Eon lighting issue
Residents stated lighting on both Upper Hayes Close and Rosefield Crescent was inadequate.  Eon advised (email received after the forum) they had
arranged for night time photometric testing to be carried out on the streets and the lighting was installed to the required standard.

Newbold Street & Newbold Hall Drive parking on pavements
GMP advised if there was a 1m gap to the pavement so a pram/pushchair can pass, and there is no obstruction in the main road, the Police would not take action.  Action could be taken if a vehicle had no tax/insurance.

Weston Avenue/junction of Broad Lane - cars parked on both sides of road
GMP advice as above.

Newbold Street lineage
Lineage has now been completed.

Jubilee Park fly tipping
Rochdale Council’s Environmental Management Department has passed this matter over to the Forestry Commission who stated they will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Belfield Lane fly tipping
Rochdale Council’s Environmental Management Department attended the location.

Update report/stats requested on incidences of fines issued/prosecutions for fly tipping
Rochdale Council’s Environmental Management Department confirmed they keep lists of offenders and actively seek to prosecute.  The cost of removing fly tipped waste is £353.61 per tonne (plus officer time).

Weston Avenue missed bins collection on a weekly occurrence
This issue was escalated to Rochdale Council’s Environmental Management Department.

Weston Avenue/Stiups Lane junction grit bin
A request for a new grit bin on Weston Avenue/Stiups Lane junction was refused as the location did not meet criteria as it was on a gritter route.

Top of Croxton Avenue/Newbold Moss grit bin
A request for a new grit bin at the top of Croxton Avenue/Newbold Moss was refused as the location was a duplicate within 200m of another grit bin.

Albert Royds Street Fire Site hours of demolition works and noise
This matter was addressed with site contractors by Rochdale Council’s Environmental Health Department.

Medina Mosque ASB

This issue was escalated to GMP and the Council’s Community Safety/Cohesion Deptartment

Albert Royds Street/Rochdale Road dangerous crossing corner
The response from the Council’s Highways Department was read out to the forum: “On the three uncontrolled arms of the junction, the existing pedestrian islands are too narrow to accommodate/provide controlled pedestrian facilities.  Therefore the whole junction would require substantial changes both geometrically and operationally which will cost a significant amount of money (a six figure sum).  During the peak periods this is further exacerbated and as a result there are often significant queues on all approaches.  If controlled pedestrian facilities were provided within the existing geometry of the junction it would require an 'all red phase' which would mean for pedestrians to cross the road all vehicle movements would have to be stopped.  This would result in a significant increase in the length of queues on all approaches to the junction depending how often the pedestrian crossing is activated.”

Croxton Avenue request for lineage/signage/speed restrictions
An update from the Council’s Highways Department was read out to the forum: “the repainting of ‘Give Way’ signs on Croxton Avenue has been added to the lining list.  We will need to ascertain the need for extra ‘Give Way’ lines.  The request for speed humps has been forwarded to the Traffic Safety Section for their consideration.”

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