Agenda item


a)     Middleton Town Centre Management

b)     Friends ofMiddleton View

c)     Friends ofJubilee Park

d)     Friends ofWince Brook

e)     Green Volunteers

f)      Friends ofAlkringtonWoods

g)     Friends ofBoarshawCemetery

h)     Friends ofHopwood WoodsNature Reserve

i)       Absolute Angling

j)       Friends of Bowlee Community Park

k)     Friends of Mellalieu Street

l)       Status4All

m)    Middleton Lads & Girls Football Club

n)     Middleton Civic Association

o)     Middleton Roundtable

p)     Middleton Cricket Club

q)     Middleton In Bloom

r)      Any othergroups/events


Middleton Town Centre Management Company
Victoria advised that she and Adam take monthly walk-arounds of the Town Centre and report any issues such as graffiti or cleaning to the relevant departments.  During a recent visit Gerard Proudman (new Streetscenes Operations Manager) met with Victoria and agreed that the benches within the Town Centre required cleaning and varnishing.

Victoria explained that part of her role is to remove any illegal signage/banners, etc. from the Town Centre.  The issue was discussed and Victoria requested that an email be sent to the Public Realm Inspectors to arrange a meeting.  (Action: Lauren to liaise with Public Realm Inspectors’ Team Manager and request a meeting)

Councillor Nolan queried if the market canopies/covers could be cleaned, as they are looking very dirty.  Victoria advised that new canopies have been ordered and these will be much easier to clean than the older style canopies.  An image of the new covers was passed around to attendees at the meeting.

Friends of Middleton View
No representative present to provide an update.

Friends of Jubilee Park
Sharron explained that the group feel that there is a lack of support from Rochdale Borough Council:

·           Broken promises from colleagues in Environmental Management, such as when the old plants were stolen it has taken over 12 months to get new plants ordered and they still haven’t been put in.

·           The new pathway that was installed is still not finished.  There were also concerns raised about this due to the lack of consultation with the Friends of group from Environmental Management Officers.

·           The shrubbery from the sides of the Exedra was removed earlier this year, and despite requests this has still not been replaced.  Howard advised that when it rains the earth around the structure is just running off and as such in the long term this could affect the stability of the Exedra.

·           Volunteers from the Friends of Group feel they are not supported by Environmental Management Officers with excuses being given continuously whenever work is requested.


Following the above conversation it was agreed that Councillor Nolan will arrange to meet with the Friends of Group to support them and liaise with Environmental Management colleagues regarding the requests from the group.  (Action: Councillor Nolan to meet with the Friends of Jubilee Park)

Sharron advised that the group are looking to arrange a Christmas Market at St. Leonards Square and Rochdale Ladies Choir have already said they are happy to attend.  Councillor Nolan again offered to support the group.

Friends of Wince Brook

No representative present to provide an update.

Green Volunteers
No representative present to provide an update.

Friends of Alkrington Woods
No representative present to provide an update.

Friends of Boarshaw Cemetery
No representative present to provide an update.

Friends of Hopwood Woods Nature Reserve
Keeley O’Mara advised that the ‘Forest School’ has been delayed due to issues with the contractor, but is hopeful works will start very soon.

A new pathway has now been installed near to Oaken Bank Woods; Councillor Nolan thanked the group for all their hard work.

Absolute Angling
No representative present to provide an update.

Friends of Bowlee Community Park
The group had sent apologies to the meeting and provided a written update, which was read out by Lauren:

·           From discussions with members, I believe the Altus proposed school bid has been made to the DfE, and we are awaiting the outcome.  We are not aware when this might be!

·           Our group has been working with Councillor Sue Smith and other groups interested in Bowlee to consider a vision for Bowlee.  This is a bottom up approach with consultation across a wide a spectrum as possible!  Early days but we will share when early thoughts become clearer.

·           On the poppy seeding we are now seeing a good number of flowers where people have left them alone.  Unfortunately, the car boot has meant many of the early seedlings were flattened by cars riding on the edgings.  Lesson for the future.

·           The wild flowers failed to germinate.

·           The fruit trees are all growing.

·           Our spring tree planting has been a big success with very few failures.

·           The car boot appears to be going strong.  One of the big challenges is the clean up after.  This needs not only the road sweeper but hand picking where litter has blown, or often dumped in the grass and bushes.

·           We had a spring litter pick aided by the Green Volunteers and Mike Cummings (thank them all).  Mike took away a huge amount of rubbish.


Councillor Smith advised that due to the unprecedented hot weather conditions the pond has dried up.  Luckily the community worked together and removed all wildlife to other areas/private ponds, etc. in order to stop it dying.

Friends of Mellalieu Street
Sharron raised concerns about the works being carried out at the Rectory on Mellalieu Street and requested that contact be made on behalf of the group with colleagues in Planning.  (Action: Details to be passed to Lauren who will liaise with Planning Enforcement)

As discussed in Matter Arising, Sharron Stevens queried progress on the Mellalieu Street ‘Resident’s Only Parking Scheme’.  Lauren advised that she would ask colleagues in Highways to contact Sharron with an update.  (Action: Lauren to request colleagues in Highways to provide an update to Sharron Stevens)

The group raised concerns about the speed of vehicles travelling on Mellalieu Street, as previously discussed, and Lauren advised that she has chased up Highways regarding the commissioning form and a scheme will be submitted to the next Middleton Township Devolved Funding and Devolved Services Sub Committee meeting on Wednesday 24 October 2018.

Councillor Smith advised that the judging for ‘It’s your Neighbourhood’ takes place on Tuesday 24 July 2018, and wished all the entrants good luck.

Councillor Smith will update on other projects at the next meeting.

Middleton Cricket Club
No representative present to provide an update.

Middleton Lads and Girls Football Club
Councillor West had submitted a written up date which advised that work is ongoing.  She advised that a meeting took place with Anthony Fletcher, Gerard Proudman and herself and discussions are ongoing regarding the funding needed to assist with drainage and a request will be made to Township as soon as possible.

Middleton Civic Association
No representative present to provide an update.

Middleton in Bloom
Keeley advised of the following:

·           Judging for the Middleton in Bloom route will take place on Tuesday 24 July 2018.

·           The narrowboat which has been installed at Slattocks has been a great success and a lot of positive feedback has been received.

·           Discussions are ongoing about possibly installing some kind of train feature at what was the old Train Station on Townley Street; the group are hopeful this can be carried out in time for next year’s In Bloom competition.

·           Discussion are also taking place about installing some kind of horse and cart feature in Middleton Gardens; they are working with Ian Trickett and Middleton Town Centre Management on this project.

·           Work is taking place on a flowerbed on Mellalieu Street.

·           The cabin at Rhodes Lodges used by the angling group has been painted and looks fantastic.

·           The flowerbeds near Barclays Bank have been planted up and similar is due to happen in advance of the judging, in some of the Town Centre flowerbeds.

·           The group is hoping to include Jubilee Park on the route for judging next year.

·           The pubs in Middleton have been asked to help the ‘In Bloom’ team by installing hanging baskets.  Some of the pubs have installed hanging baskets and others haven’t been able to or haven’t been willing to fund the hanging baskets.  This initiative will worked on further for next year.

·           Mike White asked that his praise be noted concerning the ‘roundabouts’ as these are looking fantastic.