Agenda item

Greater Manchester Police - PACT meeting


Sgt. B. Walsh attended, providing the following statistics for the period June to September 2018:

Crime Statistics
Burglary dwelling:                        36

Burglary other:                             18

Taking of motor vehicle:              11

Taking from motor vehicle:         21

Robbery:                                        3

A new Beat Officer will be working in the Kingsway Ward from 1 October 2018.  Sgt. Walsh informed the forum that a male arrested for a number of offences involving motor vehicles and possession of an offensive weapon has been jailed for four months.  Whilst some members were disappointed that the sentence is quite short, Sgt. Walsh explained the process in relation to release and re-call.

ASB Newbold & Metrolink
Operations continued throughout the summer and the TravelSafe team prioritised the area.  Traffic PCSOs are also being asked to visit to carry out operations.

There were a number of reports of vehicles parking on pavements, leaving no access for prams, etc.  The forum was informed that resources are low and priorities have to be identified.
Action 1: Sgt. Walsh to request PCSOs to give some attention to pavement parking/obstruction.

Bins on pavements
There were reports that bins are constantly left out on Percy Street/Crown Street, and also Weston Avenue.  A resident stated that she had reported the Weston Avenue bins on four separate occasions.
Action 2: Request enforcement action concerning the bins on Percy Street, Crown Street and Weston Avenue.

Speeding/Driving Offences
A long discussion took place with regard to speeding on Milnrow Road, and general driving offences.  A resident provided a copy of a letter he had written to Baroness Hughes in relation to these issues, and a response that confirmed that the content has been referred to Rochdale Council Parking Services.  Whilst residents understood that there are similar reports on most main roads in the Borough, they stated that they believe it is far worse on Milnrow Road, and that they have repeatedly asked GMP to carry out a speed survey, as the survey carried out previously was in the wrong place, hence the results.

Residents asked for statistics with regard to fines specifically for motoring offences be brought to the next meeting.

Residents expressed dissatisfaction with the ‘unfair’ distribution of parking warden resources; it was felt that the Town Centre receives far too much attention in comparison with other areas.  There was also frustration with regard to the lack of responses when issues of illegal parking are reported, and a question about what time parking attendants work until, and who upholds the law after they finish.
Action 3: V. White to ask GMP to carry out a further speed survey on Milnrow Road, between Albert Royds Street and Witley Road.

Action 4: Sgt. Walsh to make enquiries regarding speeding fines and bring to the next meeting.

Metrolink ASB
There were reports of ongoing incidents, and bricks being thrown into gardens.  Residents were encouraged to report all incidents to assist Police with intelligence gathering.  Rob Morrow, Lead Youth Work Officer, was present and confirmed that the Youth Service is doing detached work with the TravelSafe Partnership around Metrolink and Morrisons.  Sgt. Walsh advised that there has been a decrease in the number of incidents.  Patrols will be increased during the Halloween/Bonfire night periods, and joint patrols with the Youth Service will be carried out.

Dark Nights
The forum was reminded to use lights and timers during the winter period, as darkness attracts crime.